In this post: We’re giving you the vocabulary and resources to teach your kids all about the weather and seasons in Spanish.

Language learning at the Preschool level should cover early learning concepts: topics and vocabulary that we refer to as Spanish fundamentals. They are the building blocks and foundation of language learning.

Spanish vocabulary list weather

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Learning these fundamentals helps us to better grasp everything that is taught afterward so it’s essential to understand them well. Some that we’ve already covered in our previous blogs are counting, shapes and days of the week

In today’s post, we’re tackling another and giving your all the tools to get your kids started on talking about the weather and seasons in Spanish. 

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Preschool Spanish lessons weather

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What are the seasons in Spanish?

When talking about the seasons in both English and Spanish, it’s necessary to remember the importance of the country you’re referring to and the time of year. You’d understand this more clearly in a bit. 

As we know, the four seasons in the northern hemisphere are winter, spring, summer and fall which in Spanish are invierno, primavera, verano and otoño respectively.

When we consider the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed. For example, spring in Chile and other countries  in the southern hemisphere starts in September while in the United States, it starts in March. 

Additionally, countries near the equator don’t experience the four seasons, instead, they have two main ones, a dry season and a wet season referred to in Spanish as la estación seca and la estación lluviosa respectively. 

What’s common in all instances is that we associate certain types of weather with the season. For instance, sunny skies in summer, cold during winter and rain during the wet season. 

Talking about the seasons in Spanish

The Spanish word for ‘season’ is ‘estación’ and if you want to ask and talk about which season we’re in you can use either of the following:

  • ¿Qué estación es? – What season is it?

To respond you say ‘Es’ followed by the name of the season. For example, es invierno (It’s winter) or es otoño (It’s fall).

  • ¿En qué estación estamos? – What season are we in?

To respond, you say ‘Estamos en’ followed by the name of the season. For example, estamos en primavera (We’re in spring) or estamos en la estación seca (We’re in the dry season).

Talking about the weather in Spanish

Though it’s seen in lots of movies, people don’t always walk around asking or talking about the weather as much as we may think. However, when the time comes, ensure that your kids know how to ask what the weather’s like in Spanish. 

For that, we use the question: ¿Cómo está el clima? – How’s the weather? 

Now here’s a handy list of vocabulary you can use to respond: 

Spanish  English 
Hace sol / Está soleado It’s sunny
Llueve / Está lluvioso It’s raining 
Hay nubes / Está nublado It’s cloudy 
Nieva / Está nevoso It’s snowing
Hay tormenta / Está tormentoso There’s a storm / It’s stormy
Hay viento/ Está ventoso There’s wind / It’s windy
Hay niebla / Está neblinoso There’s fog / It’s foggy
Hace frío It’s cold 
Hace calor It’s hot 
Hace fresco  It’s cool 
Hace buen tiempo The weather is good 
Hace buen / mal tiempo The weather is bad 

Now take look out the nearest window and answer the question, ¿Cómo está el clima?.

Spanish Weather and Seasons Books for Kids

We love bringing you our book recommendations and we hope you take advantage of these to help your kids learn all about the seasons and the weather in Spanish. 

Spanish books about seasons and weather
  1. ¡Haga el tiempo que haga! Series

Get your five senses involved and explore each of the four seasons with this series of board books. Each one is 12 pages long. 

Nieve by Carol Thompson and Teresa Mlawe 

Lluvia by Carol Thompson

Sol by Carol Thompson

Viento by Carol Thompson

  1. Diversión en el clima de otoño by Martha E. H. Rustad

Using this book, your kids will gain a greater appreciation for the season of fall and get a better understanding of many of the changes that take place when it comes to the climate, food, animals and more. It also includes comprehension questions to encourage critical thinking skills. 

  1. The Meteorologist in Me: La Meteorologa En Mi by Brittney Shipp 

Follow the journey of a young girl who dreams of becoming a TV Meteorologist. This inspirational story can teach kids about the weather as well as the value of tenacity and working towards your goals.

  1. Un día de nieve by Ezra Jack Keats

Grow your kids’ vocabulary on winter through Pedro’s story as he goes exploring on a snowy day and enjoys observing all that takes place around him including the children playing with snowballs. He also discovers the joy of making snow angels. 

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  1. Días y días by Ginger Foglesong Guy

In this bilingual book, get a detailed look at each of the four seasons and learn useful vocabulary  including descriptive adjectives, months and a child’s seasonal wardrobe.

  1. El clima by Kristin Rattini

This book is part of the National Geographic Readers for Kids. If there’s anyone we can trust when it comes to nature and learning about the weather, it’s them! The author takes complex weather-related topics and provides simple yet interesting explanations. 

  1. Me gusta la lluvia by Sarah Nelson

This book has rhyming text which makes it fun and playful. Get answers to some of the questions your kids may ask about the weather as it relates to the benefits of rain, the origin of rainbows and more. 

  1. Cambia el tiempo, cambian las estaciones by Alejandro Algarra Pujante

Join in the curious musings of two siblings as they ponder on many aspects of each season and the changes that occur. This book is suitable for older kids, ages 6 and up, and includes a parent guide. 

  1. Habbi Habbi: Book of seasons

This bilingual book talks all about the months, seasons, and weather-related vocabulary. For a more immersive experience, purchase the reading wand and you can use it to hear readings, explore the illustrations further and listen to the conversations of the characters. 

  1. The Weather/ El tiempo by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza 

This bright and colorful book is specifically geared towards engaging pre-schoolers and helps them to learn the different types of weather conditions. 

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