In this post: Start each Spanish lesson with a greeting song using our recommended resources and get your kids excited about learning Spanish every time.

Children thrive and perform at their best when they have a routine…as much as they beg to differ at times.

Any parent who has established a nighttime, bath time or any other routine can attest to that.

Greeting songs are a great way to start every lesson and establish a routine. This gets your kids excited and in the right frame of mind for learning as they know what’s coming next.

children waving and greeting

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Repetition is also powerful for recollection and often helps to make songs catchier. Along with that, adding the appropriate hand motions helps vocabulary acquisition with comprehensible input. 

Whether you’re learning the alphabet, counting in Spanish or reciting the days of the week, songs are an excellent tool to promote language learning. 

At Llamitas Spanish we start each of our lessons with a greeting song and by the end of today’s post, we hope you’ll be inspired to do the same. 

Different Ways to Say Hello in Spanish

In English, there are a number of ways to greet someone. We say hello, hi, hey, good day… the list goes on. The same is true for Spanish where there are different ways to greet someone. 

Here are some common greetings you can use: 

English  Spanish 
Hello  Hola
Good morning Buenos días
Good afternoon Buenas tardes
Good night Buenas noches
Hi there Buenas
How are you? ¿Qué tal? 
How are you? ¿Cómo te va?
What’s up?  ¿Qué pasa?/¿Qué onda?

Spanish Greetings Songs on Youtube

Learn to greet each other and start your lessons with short, catchy songs that boost your mood and give you a fun way to learn new vocabulary and master pronunciation. 

  1. ¡Hola! By Super Simple Español 

Teach your kids simple greetings in Spanish and how they can respond to the question ¿Cómo estás? (How are you?) in a number of ways by stating if they’re great, hungry, tired and more.

Knowing what mood they’re in before starting can also help you to adjust your strategies and make the most of the lesson. 

2. Hello Good Morning by Canticos

Sung to the tune of Frère Jacques, this bilingual song by Canticos is easy to learn. It covers the span of an entire day with greetings for the morning, evening and night so you can use them accordingly. 

3. Buenos días by Canta con Jess 

Join Jess in singing this delightful morning song in English and Spanish. With just four short lines, you’ll learn the lyrics and be singing along in no time. It’s the perfect way to start your morning sessions. 

4. Hola Hola by Music Box Kids 

Join a group of animals to sing this greeting song. They even include instructions for movement and dance in the description box so you can follow along with the characters on the screen. 

5. ¡Hola, hola, hola! by Melodyland Música Infantil

Sometimes your kids may be a bit tired or need a shake-up between lessons. Whip out this song to get in some much-needed movement and fun. It includes clapping, jumping and turning. 

If your kids love music, keep the good times rolling with our highly recommended list of Spanish songs for kids

Llamitas Spanish Greetings Song

Here at Llamitas Spanish, we have greeting songs at the start of each lesson. Today we’re sharing a sneak peek to one of our own welcome songs from Level 3. It’s written by our voice producer Andrea Aguila. 

Listen to a sample of our welcome song recording and follow along using the lyrics below. 

Spanish  English 
Saco una manita
La hago bailar
La cierro, la abro y digo “buenos días” y la vuelvo a su lugar.

Saco la otra manita
La hago bailar
La cierro, la abro y digo “buenos días” y la vuelvo a su lugar.

Saco las dos manitas
Las hago bailar
Las cierro, las abro y digo “buenos días” y las vuelvo a su lugar.

I take out a hand
I make it dance
I close it, I open it and say “good morning” and return it to its place.

I take out the other hand
I make it dance
I close it, I open it and say “good morning” and return it to its place.

I take out both hands
I make them dance
I close them, I open them and say “good morning” and return them to their place.

For those who aren’t yet ready for level 3, find even more greetings songs in our Level 1 and Level 2 curriculum, like ‘Hola, hola, hola‘ and the classic ‘Buenos días‘ song.

Plus, get access to our free resource library which includes free Spanish printables, games, music and more.

Spanish Curriculum for the Early Years

Greeting songs are a great help but they only go so far. Believe it or not, you can teach your kids at home even if you don’t speak Spanish. 

Consider trying our Level 1 Spanish Llamitas curriculum. It’s a structured open-and-go program with step-by-step lessons and bilingual scripts that make it easy to expand your kid’s knowledge.

They learn early math, phonics, fine motor skills and more while becoming bilingual. A win-win. 

Llamitas Spanish curriculum mockup including the textbook and curriculum box

As we mentioned earlier, using music in your lessons is one of the most effective ways to support language learning especially as it relates to vocabulary acquisition and pronunciation.

We provide 31 songs in our level 1 curriculum including 2 greetings songs and popular Latin American nursery rhymes and familiar songs your children will love.

If this sounds like just the program you need, visit our curriculum shop today!