Meet the llamitas spanish team

Founder and CEO

Corrie is passionate about supporting families who want to gift their children a bilingual education.

She has a Masters in Spanish and a Masters in Education. She has teaching experience in the UK, Spain, and the USA.

She is a dual citizen and mom to two bilingual kids. Married to her husband Ryan for over 10 years, they live a Spanglish lifestyle in sunny San Diego, California.

Operations Manager

Head of all things operations and finance at Llamitas. He handles the boring but super important aspects of running a business! Ryan has a Masters in Human Resources and Economics. He is married to Corrie and loves staying active, surfing and SoCal Mexican food.

Curriculum Writer

A bilingual teacher and native speaker from the picturesque city of Puebla in Mexico, Ade is a core member of the curriculum development team at Llamitas Spanish. She is a bilingual education advocate and a devoted mother to two bilingual boys.

Curriculum Writer

A lifelong language learner with over 15 years of experience learning and teaching in Spanish, Kate has worked both in English as a Second Language programs as well as Dual Language programs. Married to a Costa Rican for 10 years, she now homeschools her children in Spanish, directs a local homeschool co-op, and freelance writes Spanish curriculum with bilingual homeschoolers in mind.

Marketing Team

A marketing specialist from Costa Rica, now living in Texas, Andreina loves working with Llamitas because it allows her to connect with her roots and share her native language with people around the world. She’s passionate about creating fun and engaging content that helps  build a bilingual community. She finds it so rewarding to see kids learning a new language while having fun! Head over and say hola on Instagram!

Marketing Team

A Pinterest manager, who loves creating content that promotes our Llamitas Spanish products, freebies, and blog content, Nancy’s goal is to help reach more homeschool families and help them through their child’s bilingual journey. She’s a former bilingual teacher with more than 10 years of experience in education. She currently lives in Texas with her husband and together are raising three kids to be bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural. Follow us here on Pinterest!

Artist & Illustrator

Amalie lives in Copenhagen and works part time as a swimming teacher and part time with illustrating. She loves painting, drawing and sewing, and also really enjoys sports and hiking. She specializes in watercolor graphics which are so iconic in the Llamitas Spanish® curricula. 


Content Writer

Kimberly is a freelance writer from Trinidad and Tobago who was always fascinated by language and holds a B.A in Spanish with a minor in Linguistics. She considers herself to be a multipotentialite due to her many interests and a few of her favorite things include coffee, pasta and scented candles.

Content Writer

Lydia specializes in parenting and education articles for the Llamitas Spanish® blog. She previously taught English as a second language and enjoys sharing her love of language learning with her children. Her articles are full of encouragement, guidance and helpful tips!

Content Writer

Maya is an artist and writer from Cuba who has worked in Art Education, Language Education, Simultaneous Interpretation, Subtitling, and Literary Translations. She is also a Mom and Abuela, committed to providing resources for homeschooling parents (such as her own daughter!) and to all who value the conservation of her beautiful, native Spanish language.


More talent...

From illustrators to voice actors, editors to tech gurus, we have worked with many creators and experts to create Llamitas Spanish®. A special thanks to:

Voice Producer Andrea Aguilar

Illustrators Audie Case and Ekaterina Ilina

Voice Actors Yojeveka Meyer, Sheila Abigail, Mauricio Lopez Figueroa, Eduardo Colfer, Vanessa Zorrilla, Adelina Martinez, Santiago Rodriguez Lira, Irma Monsalve Botero, and Daniela Rivera.

Editors Ana Karolina Banda, Lauren Kroll, and Lucia Zabala.

Graphic Designer Pablo Riili. 

Website Team Sean Koole

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