Llamitas Spanish Level 1 Curriculum

Does this sound like you?

~ You know the benefits of bilingualism and want to teach your child Spanish, but you need a done-for-you program to show you how?

~ You want to keep your native or heritage language alive at home but need support in providing Spanish language input?


An Open & Go Spanish Curriculum

With Bilingual Scripts

Simply open your lesson, read the teacher scripts out loud and complete the activities!

You can facilitate the lessons in the language you feel most comfortable in and switch later if you need to: Spanish is in blue font, English is in purple.

The content

What's included in the lessons?

1. Phonemic awareness

Phonics & Spelling

Your child will learn to identify letters in the Spanish alphabet, and associate them with their accompanying speech sounds and syllables using the audio playlists.

2. Early Math

Counting & Classifying

Your child will learn to count to 100 in Spanish, classify and complete simple problems.

3. Emergent literacy

Listening Comprehensions

Your child will develop listening skills with native speaker audio and build comprehension with sequencing and matching games.

4. Fine motor skills & art

Art Studies

Your child will discover famous paintings and complete crafts and recipes to develop fine motor skills.

5. Gross Motor skills

Music & Movement

Your child will consolidate their vocabulary learning through songs and games 

12 thematic and sequential Unit studies

Plus, You'll also get

Additional Digital Resources in the Course Portal

music & audio playlists

Thematic Music Playlists and 300+ Audio tracks!

Book Menus

Recommended Thematic Book lists from Beginners to Advanced

Montessori Cards

3 Part Cards to practice the unit vocabulary

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This curriculum does require parental participation but we make it easy for you! The Course Book provides step-by-step, scripted lessons so you can easily facilitate the activities.

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You've got questions? We have answers!

The Llamitas Spanish level 1 curriculum teaches the foundations of the language taught in Spanish immersion Kindergarten. 

As a general guide: if your child is learning Spanish as a beginner, they will benefit from the level 1 program up to age 8 or 9. The math will be a little easy, but remember- the challenge comes by doing it in Spanish!

For families that are bilingual already, the content may be too easy for children aged 7+. Level 2 would likely be a better fit.

You can always take our placement quiz to find out!

Level 1 is made up of 12 thematic units with 6 lessons per unit.

If you complete 3 lessons a week, you will complete the course in about 6 months.

However, we encourage you to follow the child and progress accordingly. You have lifetime access so there is no rush!

Actually our program is very popular amongst native and heritage Spanish speakers because we provide scripted lessons in Spanish (read the blue ink), written by a native Spanish speaker. This allows you to use the program as complete immersion.

Your child may already know the thematic vocabulary but will develop foundational skills in Spanish phonics, early math, reading and more.

We go beyond learning vocab! This is a comprehensive and academically robust curriculum.

Of course! We have a lot of parents learning Spanish alongside their children.

The Course Book (Libro de actividades) provides scripted lessons in both English and Spanish. You would read the English scripts in purple.

We also provide native speaker audio, and pronunciation guides.

Everything is setup to support you so your experience is fun and stress free!  

Yes! You can choose between two payment options: The digital-only course (print at home) OR the digital + shipped.

Yes. Level 1 is secular meaning it does not include any religious teachings or biblical content.

However, the main curricula writers of Llamitas Spanish are women of faith.

Please feel free to reach out via our Contact form if you have specific questions related to the content.

Please also note that the Seasonal Bundle (another course that we offer) includes holiday units such as Easter, and Christmas.

These seasonal units do include Christian related content since it is such an important part of Hispanic culture. This is a separate mini course.

We do! We love working with Charter Schools and Homeschool Co-ops.

Please visit our Charters page for more information.

Usually the process to request funding from your school is very straight forward.

Here is a helpful ‘Letter of Support‘ that will make this step easier. The school will then process a Purchase Order upon approval. We will get you set up upon receipt of this.

This curriculum course is for your own personal, non-transferrable use only as per your agreement to our website’s Terms and Conditions.

You may use the materials within your own home or your own class of up to 10 students only.

You may not share your course login with other parents or teachers. The copying, distribution, publication, and reproduction of it without permission is a theft of the author’s intellectual property. 

If you wish to share with a larger Co-op (more than 10 students), or school, please review our Extended Licenses.

For the Printed edition, we ship to US states and territories for a flat rate of $9.95.

We can ship internationally but the rate is much higher. For an international shipping quote, please complete our contact form.

Yes! We ship to APO addresses with USPS. Please complete our contact form so we can arrange this for you.

Due to the digital nature of our curricula, all sales of digital products and/or services are final. No refunds will be issued.

We truly believe in giving more than receiving and each of our products and services is designed by keeping this core principle in mind.

Physical Products: We do offer a 14 day return policy for shipped products, provided they are unopened.

You can read our full refunds and returns policy here.

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