Llamitas Spanish Level 2 Curriculum

Are you committed to raising a bilingual and biliterate child but need a solid academic program to support you?

Our Level 2 “Primaria Baja” is a beautiful and authentic Spanish curriculum rooted in Hispanic literature, music and culture!

Prerequisite for beginners: Level 1 Curriculum


An Open & Go Spanish Curriculum for
Grade Levels 1-3

With Bilingual Scripts

Simply open the lesson, read the teacher scripts and complete the activities on page! 

No separate teacher/student books! Everything is open and go!

You can facilitate the lessons in the language you feel most comfortable in and switch later if you need to: Spanish is in blue font, English is in purple.

The content

What's included in the lessons?

1. Phonemic awareness

Phonics & Spelling

Building on level 1, your child will develop more advanced phonics through beautiful texts, stories and unit vocabulary. Native speaker audio is included to support pronunciation!

2. building on level 1

Lower Elementary Math

Your child will begin to solve more complex word problems in Spanish and develop the following math skills:

3. Building reading fluency

Bilingual Folktales Anthology

Your child will develop their biliteracy with our beautifully illustrated anthology! The Course Book includes a series of accompanying lessons for each story!

4. The Arts

Music and Movement and Art Studies

Your child will study beautiful paintings, complete crafts and learn catchy songs rooted in the Hispanic culture.

5. cultural Appreciation

Geography, History and Culture

Your child will develop an appreciation for the diversity and beauty of the Hispanic culture.

6 thematic Units and 6 Authentic folktales

Plus, You'll also get

Additional Resources in our Course Platform

music & audio playlists

Thematic Music Playlists and 250+ Audio tracks!

Book Menus

Recommended Thematic Books for intermediate Spanish learners


Digital PDF flashcards for the unit vocabulary

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Is Level 2 Right for You?

Our curricula levels are sequential. If your child is a beginner, you must start with level 1.

Like all our curricula, it also requires parental participation but we make it easy for you! The Course Book provides step-by-step, scripted lessons so you can easily facilitate the activities.

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You've got questions? We have answers!

Primaria Baja (Level 2) is for Grade levels 1-3 or approximately ages 7-10. 

Our curricula is sequential. If your child is a Spanish beginner and they have not completed the Level 1 Curriculum, they must complete this first, even if the child is in grades 1-3.

Bilingual students, or those with an intermediate Spanish level, in grades 1-3 can jump right into level 2.

Older students (10+) may also benefit from Primaria Baja. It provides many literacy benefits, like the beautiful anthology full of stories, as well as cultural studies from Spanish speaking countries.

Level 2 Llamitas Spanish curriculum is made up of 6 thematic units with 12 lessons in each unit.

Each unit takes about 4 weeks to complete and is 60-70 pages long.

However, we encourage you to follow the child and progress accordingly. You have lifetime access so there is no rush!

Remember to take advantage of the additional resources in the course platform too, such as music playlists, book menus, videos and more!

If you and your child are complete beginners, we highly recommend you consider starting with Level 1.

We do provide lots of support for non-native speakers:

~ The Course Book (Libro de actividades) provides scripted lessons in both English and Spanish. English is in purple.

~ We also provide native speaker audio, and pronunciation guides.

~ The anthology includes stories in English and Spanish.

Everything is setup to support you so your experience is fun and stress free!  

Yes! You can choose between two payment options: The digital-only course (print at home) OR the digital + physical (printed spiral bound course book + anthology).

No. Everything is open and go and designed for homeschool families or small groups.

Instructions are provided on page for parents / teachers to read. The student then completes the activities on page in the same book.

Yes. This Llamitas Spanish Curriculum does not include any religious teachings or biblical content.

Please also note that in the bilingual anthology there is a story about Maya gods. We keep the ‘g’ lowercase and teach it in the context of cultural beliefs from an ancient civilization.

Our Seasonal Bundle (another course that we offer) includes 7 holiday units.

These seasonal units do include Christian content, since it pertains to the cultural celebrations. This is a separate mini course and not part of level 2.

We do! We love working with Charter Schools and Homeschool Co-ops.

Please see our PO page here.

This curriculum course is for your own personal, non-transferrable use only as per your agreement to our website’s Terms and Conditions.

You may use the materials within your own home or your own class of up to 10 students only.

You may not share your course login with other parents or teachers. The copying, distribution, publication, and reproduction of it without permission is a theft of the author’s intellectual property. 

If you wish to share with a larger Co-op (more than 10 students), or school, please review our Extended Licenses and contact info@llamitasspanish.com with any further questions.

For the Printed edition, we ship to US states and territories for a flat rate of $9.95.

We can ship internationally but the rate is much higher. For an international shipping quote, please contact info@llamitasspanish.com and provide your mailing address.

Level 2 has more content and materials!

Despite having less units, (6 units instead of 12 like level 1) the units are much longer. The Level 2 course has 120 more pages than level 1. Plus additional materials like an anthology and audio-videos.

Yes! We ship to APO addresses with USPS. Please contact us here so we can arrange this for you.

Due to the digital nature of our curricula, all sales of digital products and/or services are final. No refunds will be issued.

We truly believe in giving more than receiving and each of our products and services is designed by keeping this core principle in mind.

The prices are intentionally kept reasonably low as compared to market value to provide affordable curricula and resources.

Physical Products: We do offer a 14 day return policy for the physical portion provided it is unopened. After receiving the return, we will issue a refund (minus the shipping and $4 restock fee).

If you would like to return the curriculum box, please make a copy of the packaging slip and return the copy with the product to:

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Damaged Shipment: In the unlikely event of damage during shipment, please contact customerservice@vervante.com

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Llamitas Spanish Curriculum

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