Llamitas Spanish Level 2 Curriculum

NEW RELEASE! We are delighted to announce the launch of this INTERIM level 2. Perfect for students that have completed Level 1, OR have at least 1 year of formal Spanish education.

Introducing LEVEL 2


With Bilingual Scripts

Simply open the lesson, read the teacher scripts and complete the activities on page! 

No separate teacher/ student books! Everything is open and go!

You can facilitate the lessons in the language you feel most comfortable in and switch later if you need to: Spanish is in blue font, English is in purple.

The content

What Academics are Included in the Lessons?

1. Phonemic awareness

Phonics & Spelling

Building on level 1, your child will develop more advanced phonics through beautiful texts, stories and unit vocabulary. Native speaker audio is included to support pronunciation!

2. building on the math in level 1

Math in Spanish

In Level 2, they will review concepts taught in Level 1 like counting, 2D shapes, and master a few new concepts including:


Cuentos Cortos Infantiles

Your child will continue to develop foundational reading skills in Spanish, and start learning basic grammar concepts in context. This is key! No drilling, no verb charts.

4. Songs, nature, and influential latinos

Cultural Studies

Your child will learn more beautiful and culturally authentic folk songs and traditions in Hispanic culture.

6 thematic Units and 6 Authentic CHILDREN'S STORIES

Plus, You'll also get

Additional Resources in our Course Platform

music & audio playlists

Thematic Music Playlists

Book Menus

Thematic Book Lists for optional reading


Digital PDF flashcards for the unit vocabulary

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You've got questions? We have answers!

Level 2 assumes your child has completed Level 1, or has at least 1 year of dual language / formal Spanish education.

For non native speakers: ages 6-10.

For native speakers: ages 6-8.

Level 2 is most correlated with ‘primer grado’ for CCSS en Español.

Take our Placement quiz if you are unsure. Our curricula is sequential!

Level 2 is made up of 6 thematic units with 12 lessons per unit.

Each lesson takes 20-30 minutes to complete.

We have designed Llamitas Spanish to support both native and non native speakers.

If your child is a complete beginner, we highly recommend you start with Level 1.

We do provide lots of support for parents that are learning alongside their child:

~ The textbook provides scripted lessons in both English and Spanish. English is in purple. You would read the purple only.

~ We also provide native speaker audio tracks, and pronunciation guides.

~ The anthology of short stories is also bilingual.

Everything is setup to support you so your experience is fun and stress free!  

If you choose the printed version you do not need a printer. Everything is printed for you.

If you choose digital only (print at home) you will need to print:

  • Level 2 Textbook: 300 pages (150 sheets)
  • Level 2 Readers: 38 pages (19 sheets)
  • Level 2 Anthology: 48 pages (24 sheets)

We recommend printing the textbook unit by unit as you go. Print the readers and anthology all in one go.

Each unit is about 40-50 pages (20-25 sheets). It is manageable! But the printed option is there for you if you want to hit the easy button!

Yes! You can choose between two payment options: The digital-only course (print at home) OR the digital + physical (printed spiral bound course book + anthology+ readers).

No. Everything is open-and-go.

Instructions are provided on page for parents / teachers to read. The student then completes the activities on page in the same book.

Yes. The Llamitas Spanish Levels do not include any religious teachings or biblical content.

Secular does not mean we are anti-religion. It simply means that we don’t include faith based content. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us

Our Holiday and Seasonal Bundle includes content that pertains to the Christian cultural celebrations in Spanish speaking countries. This is not part of our curriculum levels.

We do! We love working with Charter Schools and Homeschool Co-ops.

Please visit our Charters page for more information.

This curriculum course is for your own personal, non-transferrable use only as per your agreement to our website’s Terms and Conditions.

You may use the materials within your own home or your own class of up to 10 students only.

You may not share your course login with other parents or teachers. The copying, distribution, publication, and reproduction of it without permission is a theft of the author’s intellectual property. 

If you wish to share with a larger Co-op (more than 10 students), or school, please review our Extended Licenses.

We ship to U.S states and territories.

We can ship internationally but the rate is much higher. For an international shipping quote, please contact info@llamitasspanish.com and provide your full mailing address for an accurate quote.

Yes! We ship to APO addresses with USPS. Please contact us so we can arrange this for you.

Due to the digital nature of our curricula, all sales of digital products and/or services are final. No refunds will be issued.

Physical Products: We do offer a 30 day return policy for the physical portion of your order provided it is completely unused. The digital portion of your order is still non refundable.

You can read our full shipping and returns policy here.

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