We know choosing the perfect Spanish curriculum for your family is important. Please review our FAQs below and if we don’t answer your question, contact us here. We would love to hear from you!

Yes! If you’re on the fence about which level to pick, try this placement quiz.

We know every child’s language development, fluency level, academic skill set etc is unique. This tool seeks to serve you in placing your child accurately.

At the end of the quiz we will match you to one of our curricula levels. If we don’t think your child fits any of our curricula levels (this could be due to age / fluency level / or a combo of both), we’ll tell you in the results and provide other recommendations.

No. We are a specialized Spanish language curriculum provider. 

Yes! We just launched level 2 (lower elementary) in the summer of 2023.

Level 3 (upper elementary) will launch in 2025. We often get asked  if a middle school curriculum from Llamitas is on the horizon. We don’t have a decision just yet, but we will keep you posted!

We run seasonal small sales throughout the year and offer coupons from time to time.

We truly believe in giving more than receiving and each of our products and services is designed by keeping this core principle in mind. 

All our courses offer lifetime access. This means each individual course is a one-time payment with no recurring fees.

We have outstanding parent testimonials and the prices are intentionally kept low as compared to market value to support as many families as possible.

You may use the materials in small classes up to 10 students with your personal licence provided you are the teacher.

The login for the curriculum may not be shared with other parents. 

Classes with more than 10 students or more than 1 teacher require an ‘Extended License’. 

See more details here.

The Preschool Spanish Morning Binder is designed as a gentle introduction to Spanish first concepts. Essentially, a PRIMER to Level 1.

It develops foundational skills such as learning the Spanish alphabet, introducing syllables, counting 1-20, shapes, colors, animals, weather etc.

It is ideal for younger learners who are not quite ready for a formal curriculum, but can manage simple ‘printables’. Many families use both simultaneously.

The binder is less structured and easier to pick up and put down throughout the homeschool week. 

Level 1 is a complete and academic curriculum for Preschool and Kindergarten.

It is a comprehensive program that offers much greater depth in terms of literacy, math and phonics content. Counting goes up to 100 and includes basic addition and subtraction with number bonds. There are far more audio comprehensions, games, songs, art appreciation and stories, all taught through 12 thematic units.

Yes. You can jump straight into level 1 if your child is ready for a more formal curriculum.

Please see the previous FAQ about the difference between the two programs.

Our levels are sequential. If your child is a Spanish beginner, they must complete the Level 1 Curriculum, even if they are in grades 1-3.

Level 1 lays the foundations in Spanish phonics, math and beginning to read in Spanish. 

Primaria Baja (Level 2) further develops the concepts taught in level 1 and brings in newer, higher level math and phonics for grade levels 1-3.

Students in Grades 1-3 who are already bilingual or have an intermediate Spanish level can jump right into level 2.

Older students up to age 12 may also benefit from Primaria Baja. It is academic and provides many literacy benefits (like the beautiful anthology full of stories), as well as cultural studies from Spanish speaking countries.

Our program is very popular amongst native and heritage Spanish speakers because we provide bilingual scripts, meaning you can facilitate the  lessons in Spanish (read the blue ink), written by a native Spanish speaker. 

Your child may already know the thematic vocabulary but will strengthen foundational skills in phonics, early math, comprehension, and more, through materials rooted in Hispanic art and literature. 

Of course! We have a lot of families learning Spanish alongside their children.

The Course Book (Libro de actividades) provides scripted lessons in both English and Spanish. English is in purple, which is what you would read.

We also provide native speaker audio, and pronunciation guides for vocab, songs. Even transcripts for the longer audios!

Everything is setup to support you so your experience is fun and stress free!

Due to the digital nature of our curricula, all sales of digital products and/or services are final. No refunds will be issued.

Physical Curriculum Box: We do offer a 14 day return policy for the physical products provided they are unopened. After receiving the return, we will issue a refund (minus the shipping and $4 restock fee).

If you would like to return a physical product, please make a copy of the packaging slip and return the copy with the product to:

400 N. Geneva Road
Lindon, UT 84042

Damaged Shipment: In the unlikely event of damage during shipment, please contact us.

Returned to Sender

If your curriculum box is deemed to have an invalid or incomplete address and returned by USPS to Vervante, we will contact you to request a new address. There is a $4 processing fee + an additional $9.95 shipping fee which will be invoiced to you when the new box is sent out.

Missed Sales or Coupons

We cannot offer refunds or validate coupons from missed sales. We do understand the frustration that this can cause because it has happened to all of us. But please be understanding that we cannot make exceptions.

You can read our full terms & conditions here.

While our curricula levels do acknowledge, and partially align with, the ‘Common core standards en español’, our levels do not match public school grade levels. Llamitas Spanish® is an independent program. Our levels maintain extremely high standards and are academically robust, rooted in Hispanic culture, music, art and literature.

We offer digital only (print at home) or digital + printed combo (shipped to you).

Our lessons are formatted for double sided printing.

For the Morning Binder you will need to print:

  • Course Book: 180 pages / 90 sheets.
  • 30 flashcards

For Level 1 you will need to print:

  • Course Book: 268 pages (134 sheets)
  • Readers: 50 pages (25 sheets)

For Level 2 you will need to print:

  • Course Book: 400 pages (200 sheets)
  • Anthology: 36 pages (18 sheets)
  • Optional Readers: 26 pages (13 sheets)

We ship to US states and territories for a flat rate of $9.95. Or $14.95 with additional books added such as sibling sets.

We can ship internationally. Shipping usually costs $50+. Contact us for a quote and please provide a full shipping address.

Yes! We ship to APO addresses with USPS. 

We also provide a 10% military discount.

Please contact us here so we can arrange this for you.

We totally understand some families want to order multiple curricula levels in print under one transaction (for example, the Preschool Binder + Level 1).

Our shipping for printed products is calculated based on weight + processing fees per product. We also integrate with Thrivecart which does not offer a ‘cart’ feature, so we have to process orders on a course by course basis. 

For these reasons purchases for the curricula levels must be made separately.

If you need everything on one invoice, please contact us and we can assist with this by creating a custom order.

Thank you for your understanding

Yes. The Llamitas Spanish levels do not include any religious teachings or biblical content.

Our Holiday and Seasonal Bundle (another course that we offer) includes 7 holiday units with some religious content, since it pertains to the cultural celebrations in Latin America and Spain.

We do! We love working with Charter Schools and families.

Please find more information here.