child praying and eating a meal in Guatemala

Giving Back

Llamitas Spanish® has partnered with Javesca Feeds to work towards the goal that Everyone is Fed. 

A portion of our profits goes to Javesca Feeds, who uses these resources to provide meals to impoverished people around the world.

Since 2014, Javesca Feeds has provided over two million meals to people struggling with malnutrition and food insecurity in places like La Promesa School and its community in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. As well as in parts of Burundi, Cambodia and the U.S.

For us, the door to Javesca Feeds was initially opened through the delicious coffee of Javesca Coffee Roasters.

As we drank the coffee, we found out about the mission behind it. That mission, of seeing everyone fed, has already provided millions of meals to those who are in need.

We know helping the least of these – the vulnerable and the poor- is important work.

Every time you purchase a curriculum from us, you are joining in the fight against hunger. Together, we can work to see that Everyone is Fed

woman carrying a food parcel on her head and a baby in Guatemala.