In this post: A round-up of the best Spanish children’s books to enjoy during the winter season. Cozy up and enjoy these adorable seasonal stories.

Winter is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy more books with your children. The colder weather just beckons us to huddle together and read stories.

If you love thematic learning like we do at Llamitas Spanish, then this round-up of winter themed Spanish books provides plenty of fun options.

winter spanish books

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From learning about hibernation, to making snow angels and exploring seasonal changes, let’s dive in!

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How do you say ‘winter’ in Spanish?

The Spanish translation for ‘winter’ is ‘invierno’ (een- byehr– noh). We often associate the winter season with the holidays and snow!

Other useful winter themed vocabulary includes:

Nieve (nyeh-beh) = snow

Copo de nieve (koh-poh deh nyeh-beh) = snowflake

Muñeco de nieve (moo-nyeh-koh deh nyeh-beh) = snowman

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FREE Spanish Winter Flashcards

A great activity pairing for the following books is this collection of 16 winter themed Spanish flashcards. Download them for FREE in our Free Resource Library.

Spanish winter flashcards

Spanish Winter Picture Books

Now let’s dive into our round-up of our favorite winter themed Spanish books for kids!

La marmota Pancha y el zorro

This adorable picture book shares a very funny story about ‘una marmota’ (a groundhog) who emerges from his hibernation only to see his shadow. A hungry fox is lurking nearby and tries to gobble him up, but the groundhog manages to distract the fox and postpone him. A clever and beautifully illustrated wintery tale!

Diez maneras de escuchar la nieve

A stunning new title about a snowy day and a visit from ‘abuela’. This beautifully illustrated picture book explores the beauty and calm of snowy surroundings and a day at home with family.

El mitón

A stunning and beautifully illustrated ‘libro vivo’ (living book) about many animals in the forest who discover Nicki’s lost mitten. A must-read for this winter season!

Tren de Invierno

The Spanish translation of the popular ‘The Winter Train’ picture book.

As winter approaches, many forest animals catch the train to head to warmer lands. This is a fun story about friendship, co-operation and solidarity.

Un día de nieve

It’s a snowy day and Pedro discovers all the exciting things that snow provides. From snowball fights and snow angels to footprints in the snow, there is so much to enjoy here!

My Snow Day: Mi día nevado

A lovely bilingual story about siblings who enjoy a snow day and working together to build a snow woman! The illustrations are stunning in this book and we loved the focus on sibling relationships.


Filled with all the senses experienced in winter, this is an essential board book for your seasonal themed bookshelf. Ideal for toddlers, it is a sturdy title with lots of big illustrations and forms part of the ‘¡HAGA EL TIEMPO QUE HAGA!’ collection.

In Winter/ En Invierno

With vibrant photos throughout, this bilingual story is a great option for Spanish learners! It provides plenty of winter thematic vocabulary and phrases. It is part of a series of seasonal books.

Los animales en el invierno (Animals in Winter)

Learn all about how the animals adapt and cope with the cold winter weather. We love the beautiful real life photos in this title. It’s the perfect option for early readers and Montessori families.

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Si yo fuera un pingüino

We just love this series! It’s great practice for the subjunctive and conditional as you read about what you would do if you were a penguin.

El invierno (Las estaciones) 

Another great option for early readers, this title has simple text and vibrant photos about winter. Discover all the things that winter brings in this seasonal book.

¡El invierno ya está aquí!

From the four title series on seasons comes this winter themed title! Discover all the fun changes that winter brings in this beautifully illustrated picture book.

Oso no para de roncar

Follow the forest animals as they try to take shelter from the cold, only to find a hibernating bear in a deep deep sleep! What happens when they have a party and accidentally wake him up? This is a fun story with lots of beautiful rhymes throughout.

¿Cuánto es un millón?

From my bilingual bookshop, this sweet story is about little Pipkin the penguin who is fascinated with the concept of ‘a million’. He goes on the hunt to try and find that amount! Although not strictly about the winter, it is set in the Antarctic and features lots of illustrations about the polar animals and habitat.

Un poema para cada día de invierno

A stunning anthology with winter themed Spanish poems. Ideal for intermediate to advanced Spanish learners, and adults can enjoy them too. This collection is perfect for dipping into daily over a nice mug of hot cocoa.

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I hope you this post has inspired you to rotate your children’s books and you enjoy lots of fun thematic reading this winter!

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Llamitas Spanish Navidad unit

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