In this post: Teach your kids Spanish with these awesome screen-free resources, language learning tools and activities.

Do you want to teach your child Spanish without relying on screens?

Technology can be an effective way to support learning a second language at home, especially as a beginner when pronunciation support is key. But too much screen time and it can have negative effects on our child’s behavior and development.

So you will be relieved to you hear there are many awesome screen-free Spanish resources on the market that promote language acquisition and play-based learning by keeping your child unplugged.

From books to curriculums and even our favorite language games, I’m rounding up our top picks for learning Spanish without a screen.

Screen Free Spanish Resources for Kids

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Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books

I have to start with this incredible company! Habbi Habbi provides beautiful, diverse and interactive bilingual books to support bilingual parenting and education at home.

Reading aloud is such a powerful way to learn a language unplugged, and I am a huge literacy advocate. But it can be totally overwhelming for beginners who have little-to-no understanding of how to pronounce the target language words.

These books truly take the stress out of learning a language with the magic of a tappable wand that reads aloud! I mean, isn’t it every child’s dream to own a wand?

Habbi Habbi truly blew me away with their innovative, unique and high quality bilingual books. This is a very unique and special product which we will treasure for years to come.

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Bilingual Reading Wand

The Habbi Habbi Reading Wand brings the books to life in a seemingly magical way, allowing your child to tap on any part of the book to hear words, phrases or sentences read aloud in the target language. How genius is that?

My children were absolutely obsessed with the wand and I love that every part of the book is tappable. So even if they are not touching the words, they are still learning and hearing the target language with hidden words and sounds.

Whether you have a reluctant reader or you are simply looking for screen-free activities that keep your kids engaged, Habbi Habbi is an investment worth making for your child’s language learning and socio-emotional development.

Habbi Habbi Learn Spanish with a Reading Wand

The Habbi Habbi books + Reading Wand were gifted to me for my honest, unbiased review. I only share products from companies I love.

Values Portrayed

Another aspect of the books that really impressed me were the many values that are thoughtfully portrayed in the text and illustrations. This is something that has clearly been deeply considered by the founders, who wanted to make the messages of each book intentional and meaningful. From emotions and inclusion, to kindness and self care, there are so many important messages within the titles.

The illustrations are diverse, with representation of different cultures and skin-tones being consistent throughout the titles, allowing the characters to reflect a global community.

You can shop Habbi Habbi by going to

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Spanish Morning Binder

Having a gentle introduction to the day with a morning binder helps establish routines and rhythms for language learning.

I had come across several morning binders in English from homeschooling companies, but I just couldn’t find something equivalent for Spanish. So I created one! It was a labor of love but we use it every day along with hundreds of other families now.

This Spanish Pre-K digital bundle includes over 180 nature inspired printables and alphabet flashcards to help your child work on their early years Spanish language vocabulary and fine motor skills such as letter tracing, letter recognition, early math and phonics.

The binder is designed to be used with dry erase pockets and markers, so you can print once and use over and over again. Each unit should take just 15-20 minutes to complete.

It is by no means a full curriculum (more on that next), but it does provide a solid foundation in core Pre-K level vocabulary and skills.

boy learning spanish

Yoto Player Spanish Audio Stories

Our Yoto Player is by far our favorite audio input for language learning and audio books. You can purchase little cards that slot into the top of the player.

They having a growing Spanish collection and our favorites include ‘Canta con Sonia’ (authentic and beautiful hispanic music) and ‘Spanish 0+’ (great for beginners!). Recently they also released ‘My First Words in Spanish’ which we just ordered to add to our collection!

Yoto player

I love that the Yoto Player provides screen free entertainment through storytelling, while developing my kid’s listening skills. It really is the perfect audio tool and I highly recommend it for all ages. They have cards from 0-12+!

Screen-Free Spanish Curriculums

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Another really effective way to learn a language is by following a curriculum. Often this takes away the stress of planning and allows your target language time to have a focus.

So many Spanish courses for kids are video based. However my family have used and reviewed THREE incredible screen-free curriculums to enrich our children’s language development and play-based learning.

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Llamitas Spanish

Our authentic Llamitas Spanish curriculum is rooted in traditional Spanish music, art and literature. It is thematic in nature and includes 12 beautifully illustrated units covering topics like ‘La granja’ (farm), ‘La familia’ (family), ‘La selva’ (jungle) and more!

The Open & Go format with bilingual scripts means you can literally open a lesson and go! Facilitate the lessons in the language you feel most comfortable in: Spanish or English.

Llamitas Spanish curriculum box and textbook mockup

Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish

The CM Simple Spanish curriculum is accessed through a google drive link and a series of units with printables that you then download. It really is simple in a good sense!

The Charlotte Mason approach to language learning puts an emphasis on speaking and listening activities. This course uses QR codes with native speaker Spanish audio to help your child with the pronunciation of new vocabulary. This is a really neat feature and works seamlessly with the unit materials.

The CM Simples Spanish course also includes the Gouin series: three set phrases taught consecutively:

Tomo el libro

Abro el libro

Cierro el libro

Another unique and beautiful feature of this curriculum are the poems and bible verses included, as well as the beautiful living book recommendations.

Read my full review of Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish here.

Niños & Nature: Bilingual Nature Play

Another fantastic option is this bilingual play-based course which gets young learners outdoors and learning Spanish in nature.

Hands-on learning, songs and lots of nature play are at the heart of this early years course. If you enjoy crafts and working with natural materials, this is the curriculum for you.

spanish curriculum ninos and nature

This is also a perfect course for beginners- adults and children alike. It includes tutorials for parents including pre-recorded pronunciation guides with a former Spanish teacher to teach parents while the parents teach their children so that the learning doesn’t stop when the online class stops- but becomes a part of their everyday life.

Read my full review of the Niños & Nature Spanish course here.

Spanish Games

There are so many fun Spanish vocabulary games you can play as a family! Honestly, you can turn any games (like chutes and ladders) into a Spanish speaking opportunity, but I prefer games that focus intentionally on vocabulary practice.

Memory Games: We love using these FREE animal vocabulary cards to match the pairs.

Veo Veo: This is the timeless game of I spy! You can play just about anywhere, but I particularly enjoy playing this game using these Veo Veo books.

Scrabble Spanish: For older kids. This game is so nostalgic for me! I grew up on this game and love that there is a Spanish version!

Spanish Bingo: Another classic! Our favorite Spanish version for kids is this one by Lil’ Libros.

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Palabras Secretas: This is a fantastic game to play with kids who are learning to read. It works on high frequency words with letter chips. It is really quite genius and a perfect game for 4+.

For even more ideas- 101 to be exact- of easy Spanish activities at home read this post by Spanish Mama.

Spanish Podcasts and Music

Finally, we regularly tune into podcasts on car rides and my kids particularly enjoy Eat Your Spanish. It is a music based podcast for beginners that is Montessori inspired. We have listened to all the episodes several times. We honestly can’t get enough!

There are several other podcasts that I have reviewed and recommend. For a full round-up read Spanish Podcasts for Kids. 

Music is also almost always on in our home, usually in the background as my kids play. Music is sticky and I have seen my children absorb an incredible amount of vocabulary from Spanish songs. 1,2,3 Andrés remains a strong favorite in our home for a more modern collection of Spanish music, and José Luis Orozco for traditional and authentic music.

If you want a quick win- check out my popular Spanish Spotify playlist.

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