In this post: A round-up of the best Spanish Christian resources and Bible lessons for kids.

Are you teaching your kids Spanish in a Christian home? Do you want to teach them about Jesus and Bible stories while practicing Spanish?

We are a family of faith. However, sadly there is a gap in the market for Christian Spanish resources for kids. I have had the hardest time finding quality Spanish resources over the years.

Fortunately though, some quality resources do exist! I’m rounding up the best Bible lessons and Christian Spanish resources that my family has enjoyed.

Best Spanish Christian Resources for kids

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Spanish Children’s Bible

Let’s start with the most important resource- the word of God! We have used several different Spanish children’s bibles over the years.

Relatos Ilustrados de la Biblia

This remains our top pick! It is a fully illustrated collection of the familiar stories from the Bible. It is also available in English.

The stories include Noah’s Ark, Joseph and the Dreams, Jonah and the Whale, The Story of Baby Jesus, The Easter Story and many more.

This Spanish children’s bible is stunningly illustrated and perfect for kids aged 4+. As with all Usborne books, the pages are sturdy and the quality is extremely high.

The text is longer (think chapter book) and uses a range of tenses, which is why I would not recommend for beginner Spanish learners. It is better suited for intermediate and above.

spanish children's bible

La Biblia Para Principiantes Bilingüe

This is also a great option for bilingual families as the text is in both Spanish and English. I prefer the beautifully illustrations of the Usborne Bible, but I do think this one is more suited to beginners. It can be read in either language!

Spanish Christian Picture Books

Jesús es mi Amigo by Sherelle Gaston

This diverse title is a beautiful reminder to thank God in all things.

TJ is a fourth grader who goes about his daily routine, going to school and sharing meals with his family, while speaking to Jesus throughout. My children really enjoyed this book and the message about developing a life long friendship with Jesus. It is also available in English: Jesus Is My Best Friend.

Sherelle is passionate about helping children discover their true identity of heirs to the kingdom of God.

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Kai the Missionary Sea Turtle

This beautiful bilingual (English-Spanish) Christian children’s book teaches about missions from the perspective of Kai the missionary sea turtle.
Kai has reached bestseller status and has over a 100 reviews. It has also been added to homeschooling curriculums in Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico.
This bilingual book is written by Natalia Sepúlveda, a bilingual bestseller children’s book author, translator and editor. The book reflects her family’s life and helps children understand how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone.
Natalia is also the cofounder of the Panem Project that supports missionaries across the globe.

You can find FREE activity pairings to go along with her book on her website

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Libritos for the Heart

This is a beautiful collection of bilingual biblical board books.

Libritos for the Heart was founded by bilingual mama Bianca Cerrato. Her books are perfect for babies and toddlers as they are similar to first word books.

The series was inspired by Proverbs 22:6:

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

The bilingual books are an early introduction to familiar characters from story’s of the Bible, like Noah’s Ark, the Birth of Jesus and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. On the back cover, each book contains a short memory verse from the book of the Bible in which the story is told.

For every book sold, 10% is donated to missionaries around the world.

Eva: a Bilingual Baby Devotion

Another beautiful Spanish board book for babies and toddlers. Author Kayla Alonso is the founder of the Christian blog Baby Devotions, which guides parents how to explore scripture through play.
Eva is Kayla’s first title in the Baby Devotions series. It teaches children about the parts of the body while also exploring how we are all created in the image of God.
I really love the diverse illustrations in this book and the short, bite size chunks of Spanish vocabulary throughout.

El Jardín, la Cortina y la Cruz

I was delighted to discover this beautiful series from the Tales that Tell the Truth, in Spanish!

This title takes the reader through garden of Eden to the Easter story. It explains why Jesus died and the significance of his rising again. The reader will discover that because Jesus conquered sin and death, we have the most beautiful garden to look forward to.

El amigo que perdona

I was delighted to discover this beautiful series from the Tales that Tell the Truth, in Spanish! This story is about how Peter failed and Jesus forgave and the illustrations are just stunning. We are collecting all the titles in this gorgeous series.

El Rey Prometido

Another title in the Tales that Tell the Truth series. This is the story about the arrival of the Promised King! Your child will learn about the true meaning of Christmas and how God fulfills his promises.

La Gran Idea de Dios 

Also included in the Tales that Tell the Truth series. This time our readers learn about God’s delightfully different family! It teaches about the beauty of diversity and how every person is made in God’s image.

Adiós a los adioses

Finally, to complete the series, this title is about Jesus, Lazarus and an empty tomb! It also introduces the readers to Mary and Martha. The overall theme is how Jesus came so we could say goodbye to goodbyes- he makes all the difference and gives life after death.

Busca y encuentra

This sturdy and vibrant book guides kids through pages of the Old Testament as they seek and find. It’s also great for counting practice and keeps your readers engaged with al the searching! Each page points towards Jesus as ¡el gran Tesoro del Antiguo Testamento!

El Mejor Día: El Camino del Amor para Niños y Niñas

This Christian Spanish picture book by Roger Hutchison, shares the important rhythms that reflect a Jesus-centered life.

The illustrations are colorful and bright and take the child through a series of practices including how to Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest every day as a follower of Jesus.

Spanish Christian Podcasts for Kids

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Podcasts are one of our favorite ways to enjoy learning Spanish!

Recently, we have been enjoying a few new ones that teach about the bible in Spanish. Unfortunately, I have yet to find one for beginners. However, the following are suitable for intermediate and advanced Spanish learners.

I actually listen to several of these myself, even though they are recorded for children. It’s great Spanish input!

Biblia Viva Para Niños

This podcast is very professionally put together and engaging, with plenty of exciting voices and theatrical sounds. Each episode is less than 5 minutes long, making for a really quick but fun and intense story!

Cada día con Cristo

These episodes are beautiful meditations (under 10 minutes long) with a focus on scripture memory.

Alcance Kids’ Podcast

This podcast is perfect for a quick errand in the car, or for a morning devotion. Each episode is just 5 minutes long and spoken in clear and fairly slow Spanish.

Su Historia- Historias Bíblicas

Such a great podcast for slower and clear Spanish! Each episode focuses on a story from the bible to show God’s glory and His love for us. The introduction is very theatrical, but the rest of the podcast is more suitable for older kids.

christian learning activity preschool

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Spanish Christian TV Series

Los Guarda Historias

I grew up watching this show in English (The Story Keepers~ Los Guarda Historias) and therefore I was over the moon to find the Spanish version!

The Story Keepers is about a Christian leader and his family’s adventures living in Ancient Rome, during the 1st century when Christians were persecuted. It is very child-friendly and perfect for learning about Jesus’s stories and the values of Christians. It is dubbed but it’s not off putting.

Veggie Tales en Español

Another great series is Veggie Tales in Spanish (again, it’s dubbed). It’s not as focused on bible stories as Story Keepers, but it does share plenty of Christian values and has a more silly tone with plenty of songs.

Have I missed any Christian or Bible resources in Spanish that you love? I would love to hear from you! You can comment below!

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