In this post: A round-up of the best Christian music for kids in Spanish! Our favorite bands, worship songs and playlists on Spotify.

Are you looking for Christian songs, bands and artists for children in Spanish?

As a bilingual Spanish-speaking mama to three, I know life with littles can feel crazy! One thing that helps keep us anchored throughout our day is listening to Christian praise music.

spanish worship songs for kids

In our home we have a Spanish-only media rule to get as much of that Spanish in-put as possible. So let me tell you, it is a joy when I find a new Christian kids band en Español.

Even better is when all my kids love them, and they don’t make my ears bleed (if you know what I mean).

We’ve been on this bilingual journey for about 6 years now, so it’s given us a chance to listen to quite a few bands, and pick out our absolute favorites. The bands below are on constant repeat at our home, and I hope they can also minister to your family. 

Best Spanish Christian Bands

Más Dulce que la Miel

This easy-listening band sings scripture! Before I found this group, most of the scripture songs I found were quite dated, and neither I nor my littles love to listen to them.

Más Dulce que la Miel was a game changer. We all love listening, and as my kids sing along, it is beautiful to hear them recite God’s word in their heart language.

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Generación 12 Kids

This was the first Spanish language Christian band we fell in love with, and it is still played in our home EVERY DAY! (That’s every day for 6 years, and none of us are tired of them).

Most of their songs are actually Bible stories. From Noé to Gideon to Jesús this band covers a lot of stories, and their YouTube music videos through Pequeños Heroes actually illustrate the story.

Spanish christian music bands for kids

Su Presencia 

The Bichos Freak Album by this band is my middle little’s all time favorite! She could literally sing and dance to them all day. Sometimes she does.

Yancy Pequeña Fiesta de Alabanza

Yancy was a popular Kids Worship Leader in English, then she wrote a Spanish album and stole my heart. This album is full of Spanish versions of her most popular songs, and 90s Christian Kids will recognize the vocal talents of Jaci Velasquez bringing the words to life.

We love these songs, because most of the songs are repetitive, making them simple to memorize, and because their are English versions, it’s easy to mix the languages and adapt the songs for a Bilingual Sunday School Class.

Songs for Saplings 

Many a Christian parent has become familiar with New City Catechism (they have an app, book, and music downloads to help families memorize whole Catechisms). What you may not know is that New City Catechism actually partnered with a band called Songs for Saplings to create their memorable music.

Songs for Saplings has a heart for all littles in Every Language to know the Love of God. So they have their music in several minority languages. For families wanting to memorize Catechisms together, this is a beautiful option to learn them in the target language.

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Amy y Andy

 If your littles love techno beats like in Baby Shark by Pinkfong, well then there is a good bet they will love Amy y Andy. This fun music is perfect for a dance party.

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Biper y Sus Amigos

This group is a little more old school. I first heard them on a missions trip to Nicaragua when I was in college (forever ago). However, the kids LOVED them, and my kids love them now. The voices are very similar to Alvin and the Chipmunk, and most of their songs are upbeat. 


This Christian band takes classic Sunday School songs and gives them an upbeat remix. Many of the songs have a Latin flare. We have definitely danced some merengues to Father Abraham over here.

Papel Maché Kids

I actually came across Papel Maché while searching for a Spanish cover of Lighthouse by Rend Collective. I immediately became obsessed. So imagine my joy when I found out they have a kids album!

Canta y Rie

This is just a fun band. They have an album that explores the life of Jesus, la Salvación, and more fun music all centered on Jesus. It’s fun music for waiting in the pick-up line, on the way to the grocery store, or a day of running errands. 

Something I love about using Spotify as a listening platform is once you start listening to Spanish Praise Music, they keep suggesting similar bands.

Take a listen to the groups above and like them, or save them to your own playlist, and Spotify will continue to send the music your way, making it a very simple tool to start listening to Christian music in the target language.

Baby Devotions 

Finding and creating diverse resources in Spanish is my passion. Teaching little Spanish-speakers about God in a language they understand communicates that God loves them and hears their prayers. And when we introduce faith materials in the target language to language- learners, we offer them a better understanding of the Kingdom of God. 

We need more resources like this, so I’ve launched the Baby Devotions Bilingual Board Book Series.

The first two books are Eva & David: books focused on teaching about how God cares for us through play!

They’re available in the Baby Devotions Etsy Shop. Grab a copy and come Pray n’ Play with us. 

Baby Devotions bilingual board books

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