In this post: A review of FeppyBox: a bilingual English-Spanish language subscription box for children that makes learning languages fun and interactive!

Are you raising a bilingual child in Spanish and English? Maybe you want to start teaching your kid Spanish but you are not bilingual yourself?

Creating an immersive environment with fun and engaging language materials is at the heart of successful bilingual parenting.

Finding those authentic resources can be a challenge though. That’s why I’m so excited to have discovered FeppyBox~ a company that wholeheartedly believes that kids learn the best while they have fun.

subscription box contents for Feppy

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FeppyBox was designed to support families raising bilingual children through play-based language learning.

I received the Sol, Luna y Estrellas (Sun, Moon and Stars) box to review with my kids and share here on the blog. Plus, read to the end for an exclusive discount on your first box!

About FeppyBox

FeppyBox was founded by bilingual mompreneur Ronit Shiro. From her own bilingual upbringing and experience raising bilingual children, she values the gift that bilingualism is in our globalized world. Her team is passionate about supporting families in raising open-minded, global citizens and the content supports that.

What struck me on opening our FeppyBox was how beautifully everything was presented: from the quality of the materials, to the graphic design and branding. A large team of bilingual educators, design creatives and even a Latin Grammy nominee artist carefully curates each box. 

Wondering what the name Feppy means? So was I, and the answer is adorable: It turns out, it is a blend of the words ‘feliz’ and ‘happy‘! They are on a mission to empower kids to grow feppily bilingual! Yes, it’s officially a word now.

Feppy Review Bilingual Subscription box

Why Bilingual?

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Bilingualism has incredible benefits; from powerful neuroscience to sociocultural advantages, our children are receiving an incredible gift when being exposed to other languages. The work FeppyBox has done to make that process easier and more joyful is commendable.

I love that Ronit recognizes and supports the fact that you don’t have to be bilingual to raise bilingual kids. As a non-native speaker raising bilingual children successfully, I am also a strong advocate for this. It is possible!

That said, it is not an easy journey and my family relies heavily on materials like FeppyBox for sufficient target language input and exposure.

Creative environments raise smart kids

The materials that a FeppyBox provides help you nurture a fun and rich bilingual learning environment at home.

Every piece of literature and component is bilingual, meaning whether you are already a bilingual family looking to engage your child in enriching educational material, or your family is starting from scratch with learning Spanish, you can enjoy and access this subscription box.

What comes in a FeppyBox?

So let’s dive in! Each FeppyBox comes with:

  • A bilingual Parents Guide with useful tips and activity introductions.
  • A themed bilingual book and *NEW* video-audio book so you can hear the native speaker pronunciation.
  • A themed authentic bilingual song and lyrics.
  • Stickers to support vocabulary acquisition.
  • A play-based activity and game.
Bilingual Subscription Box Feppy Box

These FeppyBox materials are categorized according to three core elements: Feppy Books, Feppy Music and Feppy Play.

Feppy Books

The bilingual book comes in both a beautifully illustrated paperback format, as well as a high quality video-audio option, which you can access simply by scanning a QR code (no app download needed!)

I really appreciate the option of digital or physical books! For non-native Spanish speakers like myself, the video-audio book reduces the fear of mispronouncing a word, while providing an opportunity to tune into the language audibly.

I am also a huge fan of leveraging screen time with Spanish resources and I love that FeppyBox has provided a means to do that well.

I was impressed with both the illustrations and the content of the story ‘El Sol ahumado (The Smokey Sun)’. My children not only learnt Spanish vocabulary in this beautiful tale, but they also learnt about the importance of caring for our planet, the effects of pollution and how we need to be responsible citizens.

Each double spread in the physical book includes both languages, with beautiful and creative full page illustrations. I really appreciated the feature of having the core vocabulary highlighted in bold. This is also a great way to help beginners differentiate during their reading time, by picking out the key words, as opposed to reading cover to cover.

The same core vocabulary is repeated in the music and play components of the box, allowing for the child to hear and see the words repeatedly in different contexts.

This is an excellent language acquisition strategy that really made this box a highly effective language learning tool for my family.

UPDATE: Feppy has just released a brand new series of interactive bilingual books

bilingual books for kids

Feppy Music

This section truly blew me away. Music is sticky and my kids respond really well to learning through song. So I was excited to see that Feppy had included music in their box, which so far, I have not been able to find in Spanish subscription boxes.

I was so impressed with the rhythmic and authentic music that Feppy has produced. The songs are unique and created by the company, and so professionally done. You can stream the song by scanning the QR code. Options to listen on different platforms then come up, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music and more.

The lyrics to the song are provided on a printed card in the box. The song in our box was called ‘Sol Solecito’. 

Feppy Play

My kiddos absolutely loved this hands-on learning section of the box!

Feppy Play provides yet another opportunity to reinforce the themed vocabulary for the box. It includes a sticker set as well as a game. In the Sol, Luna y Estrellas box, we received a memory game/ matching game.

What I loved about this was there was no prep on my part, it was simply open and go. The kids are familiar with memory games, so they knew what to do and enjoyed a little sibling rivalry!

Again, the quality of the product is excellent. The cards are well made, sturdy and beautifully illustrated. So we can enjoy them over and over again, without fear of heavy handed toddlers destroying them.

Who is the Feppy Subscription Box for?

FeppyBox is designed for children ages 3-6, but I think children as old as 10 would enjoy the materials in this beautifully curated subscription box.

Due to the fact that all the materials included are written in both English and Spanish, it is a suitable resource for native speakers and non-native speakers alike, from beginners to bilingual families.

The story does include a range of tenses and intermediate vocabulary, so the video-audio book is an excellent addition for those not confident with Spanish pronunciation or grammar.

contents of a Feppy subscription box

Join FeppyBox & Discount Code

Ready to grab a box and see for yourself?

You can shop at and get a special 20% discount by using my referral code MAMALINGUIST

You can choose to try one box or save even more by selecting a Feppy plan.

Do you have more than one child? They have you covered! You can choose a DobleFeppy for just $10 more, which provides one extra set of Feppy Play activities.

Their subscriptions have no contract and can be cancelled at any time!

Don’t forget to follow FeppyBox on Instagram @feppybox and Facebook.

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