In this post: A round-up of the best Spanish Homeschool Curriculums for toddlers, Pre-K and Elementary aged kids.

Are you looking to introduce Spanish to your homeschool education? Or maybe you are looking for a more structured way to support teaching your kids Spanish?

With so many curriculums on the market, it can be an overwhelming endeavor to compare them all.

This post will narrow down the search for you and help you choose the one that best fits your child’s learning style, saving you lots of research time- because I know how that is!

different homeschool Spanish curriculum textbooks and online courses

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Llamitas Spanish

Llamitas Spanish curriculum mockup including the textbook and curriculum box

Llamitas Spanish® is our very own academic, authentic and beautiful Spanish curriculum with levels for Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary. We serve thousands of homeschooling families and work with Charter schools in the USA.

Rooted in wholesome Hispanic literature, art and music, it gently introduces early childhood academics through phonics, early math, literacy, art, music and movement.

Each thematic unit is in a ‘Libro de actividades’ (Course Book) which is truly open and go. It includes bilingual instructions, so both native and heritage speakers, and beginners alike can access the material: read the blue font for Spanish, or purple for English.

Llamitas Spanish Elementary level Curriculum

Price point: $$

Llamitas Spanish® is easy on the wallet and is a one-time payment for lifetime access. No monthly membership fees here!

Parental Involvement: High

This curriculum does require the parent to facilitate the lessons. Step-by-step instructions and scripts are provided for each unit, making our curriculum truly ‘open and go’ and easy to use.

Screen Based: No

There are audio files for each unit, that include songs, pronunciation guides, short stories and more. There are also audio-videos for level 2. However, the vast majority of the curriculum is screen-free.

Learn more about Llamitas Spanish here

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Homeschool Languages

homeschool languages curriculum box with books and puppet

Homeschool Languages offers open-and-go, play based lessons in many foreign languages including Spanish. Their levels are perfect for complete beginners and parents learning alongside their kids starting from scratch.

Their program is scripted (instructions come in English only) with pronunciation support throughout. Lessons teach vocabulary through games, art appreciation, puppetry, readers, flashcards and lots of culture.

Price point: $$

One-time payment with lifetime access! This course is available as digital only (PDF print at home) or as hard copies shipped to you.

Parental Involvement: High

This is no-prep, open-and-go but does require parents to facilitate the lessons.

Screen Based: No

This is a screen-free curriculum with a focus on play and interactive learning.

Learn more and download the first four lessons for FREE!

The Cultured Kid

The Cultured Kid is an immersive video-based Spanish beginners course for children, created by founder Shannon Kelly. It’s perfect for parents who don’t speak the target language and want to learn alongside their child.

The Cultured Kid

Price point: $$$

This course is pricey but the video quality is outstanding. You can save by paying upfront for the annual subscription, or pay $29 monthly.

Parental Involvement: Low

This is no-prep! Aside from printing and laminating our flashcards each week, it really is press play and go.

Screen Based: Yes

The main lesson is through a weekly 5 minute video which presents the vocabulary in a play-based sequence of scenes. After that, each lesson provides suggested activities to reinforce the vocabulary learnt in the video.

You can access a trial week here for just $1!

Read my Full Review of the The Cultured Kid Course here

Con Mi Familia

Empowering all families to learn Spanish together without relying on a screen. Hands on learning, songs and lots of nature play!

Con Mi Familia is a beautiful play-based Spanish course for beginners aged 2-6. Created by founder Naomi Noyes, a former Elementary teacher, this course is the perfect companion for any nature-loving mamas.

spanish curriculum ninos and nature

Price Point: $$

For a one time payment of $59 you receive a full series which entails 6 weeks of quality activities for play and nature-based Spanish learning. Or bundle all three series and SAVE $30!

Parental Involvement: High

Naomi does a beautiful job of encouraging you throughout your journey on this course, and she is very open to the fact that this course is hands-on! Although it is low prep, it does rely heavily on your involvement. A weekly pronunciation lesson is included to support you, as the grown-up, in learning the language alongside your children.

Screen Based: No

Naomi’s whole thing is ‘screen free Spanish’. The only component that is screen based is Naomi’s weekly story time ‘read alouds’ which is actually one of my children’s favorite parts of the course- she is so engaging and fun!

Explore Con Mi Familia here

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Read my Full Review of the Con Mi Familia course here


TalkBox.Mom offers a series of fantastic homeschool curriculum boxes in several languages that the whole family can enjoy.

It’s perfect for complete beginners, or intermediate learners who want to learn as a family as is focused on speaking the language.

Talkbox Mom Curriculum Homeschool
Photo Credit: Talkbox Mom

Price point: $$$

This curriculum box service is pricey, starting from $82 per box. There are 9 total in the series. However, the resources are extremely high quality and thousands of families have joined the Talkbox.Mom family. You get access to this private support group and a native speaker app.

Parental Involvement: High

The whole concept is that you are learning a language together as life happens with the visual aids of vocabulary guides, flashcards and fun activities. So parents are supposed to partake, although older children would be able to use the materials independently too.

Screen Based: Just the app

Most of the materials are printed but you do need to use an app to hear the native speaker pronunciation and track your progress.

You can learn more here

Use code mamallama20 for $20 OFF your box + phrasebook bundle.

Read my full review of TalkBox.Mom here

Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish

Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish is a full year, 26-unit program inspired by the pedagogy of Charlotte Mason. The curriculum incorporates authentic latinx songs, poetry, Gouin series, living literature, Bible verses and psalms with an overall focus on nature.

Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish COVER

Price Point: $

With a year’s worth of content (26 units), this course is priced low. It does not rely on course hosting platforms nor high tech, which I believe allows the founders to keep the prices very low. Everything is accessible through a Google Drive link to download.

Parental Involvement: High

Sarah guides you through how to approach the curriculum and provides both informal and formal lessons. The native speaker audios can be scanned through QR codes.

Screen Based: No

Explore CM Simple Spanish here

Read my Full Review of CM Simple Spanish here

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Mango Languages

This is a computer based option for homeschooling at Elementary through High School, with each package providing access for up to five students and one teacher.

I love that you can actually choose between Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish. Plus each course offers a specialty topic based component, such as flamenco dancing!

This course is pretty grammar heavy, so it’s more suitable for older Elementary in my opinion. I believe our little learners need play-based and fun resources to thrive in learning, and this course is not going to be a good fit for that.

Mango Languages

Price point: $

The course is very reasonably priced, starting at $7.99 a month for access. This may increase as you add a homeschooling group as opposed to an individual.

Parental Involvement: Medium

Your participation is required and personalized transcripts for parents are provided. However, assessments for grading and a super organized 5-day curriculum is provided, meaning there is little to no prep.

Screen Based: Yes

This course is 100% screen based.

You can access the course here!

Song School Spanish

This might be my wild card, but it really peaked my interest! Classical Academic Press have a song based Spanish curriculum for K- 2nd grade. It looks really unique and I love that it focuses mostly on vocabulary acquisition, with chants and songs being the main focus, and grammar being very mildly and gently introduced.

The book contains 30 weekly chapters, including review chapters, and a fun CD with 42 songs/chants. The course includes a student workbook, instructor’s guide, DVD (or online video access) and flashcards.

Songschool Spanish

Price point: $$

The course is priced well at $92.95, especially considering that you receive physical products in the mail. You can opt for the online version instead to save $10.

Parental Involvement: Low

Screen Based: There is a streaming video option which comprises 24 episodes with a native Spanish maestra who teaches vocabulary, skits, and grammar lessons.

You can access the course here.

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