In this post: A comprehensive round-up of the best FREE Spanish resources that can support your child’s language learning at home.

Teaching your kid Spanish shouldn’t break the bank. The high cost of language resources such as private tutors, immersion schools, and many online programs make it a challenge for parents who want to provide a comprehensive, engaging learning environment.

Free Spanish Resources for Kids

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Spanish learning apps, free Spanish lessons online, and even attending a bilingual school or preschool may be only a starting point in helping a student acquire the fluency of a native bilingual speaker. 

We are passionate about making Spanish learning resources affordable and accessible for all familias and their budgets. In fact, we’re here to help you discover all the ways that kids are learning Spanish for free online!

Affordable Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

Ideally, providing a structured, comprehensive curriculum such as Llamitas Spanish Curriculum will help your student make much more consistent and intentional progress.

Our curriculum is among the most affordable, offering lifetime access with no monthly or annual memberships!

We also offer all parents and teachers access to our FREE Spanish Resource Library with printable, screen-free materials, music, games, and much more! New content is added monthly to keep your little student entertained while improving their Spanish skills. 

The drawbacks to many ‘free’ resources online is that they usually won’t make your child fluent, but they can supplement learning well. Sometimes, the quality may not be as high and the materials may lack the structured, sequential nature of paid curricula. 

But the good news is: if you combine all of these resources, particularly as complements to the Llamitas Curriculum, you can actually provide a varied enough set of resources to help your child learn Spanish de muchas maneras.

We’ve put together a list of free Spanish resources to help you round out your child’s Spanish language education while having a wonderful time learning new songs, rhymes, and stories in Spanish.

Free Spanish Lessons for Kids 

Check out our Free Spanish Resources for Kids to find Free Lessons, Games, Flash Cards, Songs, and other great educational resources for kids learning Spanish.

Free Spanish Learning Websites for Kids

There are hundreds of free Spanish learning websites for kids out there, but if you’re looking for fast, free resources, consider these FREE and fantastic Spanish websites for kids:

This 100% free site offers great Spanish games and resources, as well as a variety of fun quizzes and tests, help you monitor your child’s learning progress.

A free general education site with Spanish lessons for kids from Pre-K to Grade 6 with material that teaches through entertainment. We love their Spanish Word Bingo and it’s a great tool for building vocabulary.

The site provides educational videos, games and activities for kids from age 3 to older teens, with useful tools such as Spanish phonics lessons, games, and even recipes!

For learners who already have a fair amount of Spanish under their belts, this free website is designed to help kids and adults master Spanish verb conjugations. Started by a Spanish school teacher, the site provides language games to enhance grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and pronunciation. 

A totally free site designed to strengthen basic concepts such as numbers, colors, and shapes, with built-in audio to enhance listening comprehension.

Ideal for middle school aged kids the site provides students with an array of interactive games and activities to practice greetings, verb conjugations, units of time, and other essential concepts.

This free site provides a gamut of games strengthening specific skill sets, with audio to demonstrate proper pronunciation, a Spanish word of the day feature, and four levels of achievement for kids to progress through.

This site’s Oh Noah! videos help build Spanish vocabulary through activities, games, and stories featuring the main character who lives in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood with his Abuela.

Designed for native Spanish speakers, this site teaches through fully immersive Spanish programming with entertaining and educational games, stories, printable materials, audio and video resources, and much more. 

This renowned learning site is run by teachers, animators, computer programmers, and musicians, and teaches through a series of songs, games, worksheets, and videos, as well as an illustrated dictionary. There is lots of free content on the site in addition to activities and features that you can purchase.

Featuring free beginner Spanish lessons with audio, this site provides classic children’s stories read in Spanish by a native speaker, free Spanish lessons, and reviews of Spanish courses. 

This site features a wide assortment of resources such as printable worksheets, songbooks, Spanish listening exercises, and even jokes! Sophisticated content is curated around topics such as Earth Day and Black History Month to keep your child’s Spanish education relevant to daily life.

Free Apps for Kids Learning Spanish 


With over 300 million users worldwide and designed for users of all ages, this app provides simple, accessible language lessons using a gaming-style challenge and reward structure. The app’s sophisticated algorithm repeats sections that your child is struggling with until they master the challenge.

We also invite you to check out our list of our favorite low-cost Spanish Apps for Kids.

Free Trial Offers & Other Freebies

This paid membership app is ideal for ages 5-12 and offers a generous 30 day free trial. You can access one free story: “Rani & Sapi Mi Familia” which provides hours of interactive learning- and your child will certainly know all their family members by the end of that story! 

They also have a fabulous YouTube channel which provides a wonderful peek inside to their award-winning app!

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This paid site is more geared for teens and older students and has a 14-day free trial version that provides excellent Spanish videos featuring ‘real world content’ such as world news, music videos, and other relevant and entertaining videos. A great site for you and your teen to learn together.

This paid site uses storytelling to teach Spanish, and offers a free digital Story Box to help you decide if you want to subscribe to their content that features a variety of reading, writing, listening and speaking activities. Each story begins in English and ends in Spanish and features an accompanying audiobook.

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Play and Learn Spanish Resources


While not totally free, you can take advantage of subscriptions you already have to find great Spanish language content for your kids and add it to your educational arsenal.

Real Life Spanish Conversation and Immersion

Of course, the best way to integrate your child’s Spanish language skills into their daily life will be to provide regular opportunities for them to be immersed in environments such as the following: 

  • Find or start a local bilingual playgroup
  • Attend bilingual children’s theater productions or produce your own
  • Attend Hispanic/Latino cultural events in your community
  • Eat at a Hispanic/Latino restaurant and order your meal in Spanish
  • Travel to a Spanish-speaking country and converse with the local people

With all of these resources within your reach, you can feel confident that you’re offering your child a well-rounded educational experience that can genuinely turn your little learner into a bona fide bilingual linguist!

To learn more about helping your child learn Spanish with the Llamitas Spanish Curriculum, simply subscribe to our site and start taking advantage of the many FREE lessons that we offer to enhance your child’s language learning experience.

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