In this post: A complete round-up of the most trending and popular Hispanic and Latino baby names in the USA.

Latino and Hispanic baby names have been on the rise in the United States, with many moving their way toward the top of the list of most popular baby names in the country. While some of these are classic Latin or Spanish names that have been steadily popular for decades, others have only recently started trending.

Whether you’re looking for a trendy international name or want to reflect your heritage, we’ve researched the most popular Hispanic baby names right now to make your search for the perfect baby name easier.

You’ll probably notice that not all of these names are strictly of Latin origin. That’s because some are just very popular in Latin America and Hispanic countries.

Keep on reading for our list of over 100 Hispanic and Latino baby names!

Baby Names Llamitas Spanish

How To Choose A Name For Your Baby

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a name for your baby. Your baby’s name will become a part of their identity and influence how others see them, which can be exciting but a bit daunting for expectant parents.

For one, you might want to consider your ancestry as well as your partner’s so the name can reflect those. If you have a multicultural or bilingual family, that can get a bit tricky. But there are plenty of names on this list that can be tied to more than one language or background, so it’s possible.

You’ll also want to think about the meaning you want your baby’s name to convey. Do you want something beautiful or strong? Should it be trendy, or would you prefer a more unique Latin baby name?

Luckily, whatever you’re looking for, there’s a wide variety on this list of Hispanic and Latino baby names for you to consider.

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Trending Hispanic Baby Girl Names and Meanings


Origin: Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Meaning: devoted to God

Isabela is the Spanish spelling of Isabella, which is super popular in the US right now. It has origins in Hebrew but strong roots in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian culture. This spelling variation is very popular in Portugal and Brazil.


Origin: Latin, Spanish, Italian

Meaning: mine

Sometimes used as a shortened version of Maria, the name Mia on its own has been popular for decades and is still going strong. This short and sweet latin baby girl name is currently among the top 10 most popular US baby girl names.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: moon

Luna is one of the most popular latina baby girl names right now. If you’re familiar with Spanish, you already know that this name literally means “moon.” Luna was also the name of the moon goddess in Roman mythology.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: wisdom

A popular variation of Sophia, this strong Hispanic baby girl name means “wisdom.” Sofia is the most popular spelling in Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries, and is among the top 100 most popular girl names in the US right now.


Origin: Portuguese

Meaning: religious servant

A Spanish variation of Camilla, this name comes from the word “camillus,” a term that described priest’s attendants in ancient Rome. Whether or not your family is religious, this beautiful name is a great choice and very popular recently.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: rival

Emilia is gaining in popularity around the world and one of the most popular US names right now. Believed to come from the latin word aemilius, which means “rival” or “to excel,” this is another strong latin name for baby girls.


Origin: Spanish, Italian, German, Greek

Meaning: shining light

A trendy variant of the name Helen, the name Elena is more popular than it’s ever been in the US right now. This international name has roots in a few different languages and is currently super popular in Spain.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: healthy, strong

Both a beautiful and strong latin baby girl name, Valentina has been steadily rising in popularity in the US for years. With its Latin origin and ties to Spanish and Portuguese, this is a great choice for a Hispanic baby girl name.


Origin: Spanish, Italian

Meaning: God is my strength

While Gabriella (with two L’s) is more popular in the US, Gabriela is extremely popular in Spain, making it a good choice if you’re looking for a Spanish baby girl name. A feminine variation of Gabriel, this baby girl name has strong biblical ties as well.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: princess

Another name with biblical connections, Sara is a timeless baby girl name that isn’t going out of style any time soon. Sarah is the more popular spelling in the US, with Sara being more popular in Spanish-speaking countries.

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50+ Popular Hispanic Baby Girl Names

  1. María
  2. Guadalupe
  3. Sofía
  4. Karla
  5. Isabela
  6. Dulce
  7. Ana
  8. Emilia
  9. Valentina
  10. Adriana
  11. Alma
  12. Nancy
  13. Daniela
  14. Margarita
  15. Camila
  16. Julieta
  17. Gabriela
  18. Raquel
  19. Carmen
  20. Luz
  21. Laura
  22. Adriana
  23. Alicia
  24. Elena
  25. Martha
  26. Luna
  27. Mia
  28. Natalia
  29. Sara
  30. Alma
  31. Patricia
  32. Martina
  33. Rosa
  34. Paola
  35. Claudia
  36. Elisa
  37. Romina
  38. Nadia
  39. Raquel
  40. Carolina
  41. Valeria
  42. Alejandra
  43. Jimena
  44. Aitana
  45. Paula
  46. Valeria
  47. Lucía
  48. Frida
  49. Leticia
  50. Alexa
  51. Nayeli
  52. Fernanda

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Trending Hispanic Baby Boy Names and Meanings


Origin: Latin, Spanish, Italian

Meaning: gift of God

A Spanish version of the English name Matthew, Mateo is almost as popular in the US as it is in Spanish-speaking countries. Meaning “gift of God,” this trending Hispanic baby boy name is also a good choice if you’re looking for something biblical.


Origin: Latin, Greek

Meaning: revered

This strong Latin baby boy name has made a huge leap in popularity in the US recently, making it into the top 20 most popular boy names in the past few years. Meaning “revered,” this historical name calls to mind the respected martyr Saint Sebastian as well as characters from classic pieces of literature.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is my strength

Much like the feminine Gabriela, this internationally loved boy name has strong connections to the Christian faith. Gabriel has been steadily popular in the US for decades, and is even more popular in France, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil.


Origin: Latin, Italian

Meaning: bringer of light, man from Luciana

While you might recognize Luca from the Disney movie with the same name, it’s been steadily rising in the US as one of the most popular Latin names for males for years. With origins in both Latin and Italian, this name is popular throughout Europe as well.


Origin: Latin, Greek

Meaning: man of Adria, rich

Despite meaning “man of Adria,” the name Adrian is also popular for girls and can work as a gender-neutral baby name. But for boys, the name Adrian is making a comeback and is super popular in several European countries, including Spain.


Origin: Latin, Spanish

Meaning: Saint James

Naming your baby Santiago, after the patron saint of Spain, is a popular choice in many Spanish-speaking countries. And now this classic Hispanic baby boy name is on the rise as one of the top 100 baby boy names in the US.


Origin: Spanish, greek

Meaning: angel, messenger

Angel is a popular unisex baby name in the US, although it’s gaining in popularity as a boy name and traditionally seen more as a masculine Hispanic name. While it can simply mean “messenger,” the religious ties to this name are obvious.


Origin: Spanish, Italian

Meaning: lion

With a meaning like “lion,” Leo makes a classic choice as a strong latin name for males. While you can go with Leo as a standalone name, Leonardo is another popular choice and means “brave lion.”


Origin: Spanish, Portuguese

Meaning: raised, who pardons

A Spanish variation of the name Joseph, Jose is a timeless Hispanic baby boy name. This name has been in the top 100 baby boy names for decades, although it’s still primarily seen as a latino baby name.


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: supplanter, who replaces

Diego is an authentic Spanish baby boy name that’s seen a drastic rise in popularity in the US recently. This latino baby boy name is popular throughout Europe, particularly in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

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Latino baby boy names

50+ Popular Hispanic Baby Boy Names

  1. José
  2. Juan
  3. Carlos
  4. Martín
  5. Manuel
  6. Ángel
  7. David
  8. Adrián
  9. César
  10. Roberto
  11. Alonso
  12. Daniel
  13. Emmanuel
  14. Diego
  15. Francisco
  16. Fernando
  17. Javier
  18. Gabriel
  19. Arturo
  20. Jorge
  21. Hugo
  22. Luis
  23. Esteban
  24. Lorenzo
  25. Miguel
  26. Matías
  27. Mateo
  28. Pedro
  29. Rafael
  30. Sebastián
  31. Raúl
  32. Víctor
  33. Rodrigo
  34. Maximiliano
  35. Ramón
  36. Raúl
  37. Julio
  38. Alejandro
  39. Lucas
  40. Álvaro
  41. Jesús
  42. Leo
  43. Luca
  44. Thiago
  45. Santiago
  46. Bruno
  47. Javier
  48. Marcos
  49. Emilio
  50. Gerardo
  51. Erik
  52. Gonzalo

We hope this list helps you find the perfect Hispanic baby name for your little one!

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