In this post: A round-up of the best educational musical books in Spanish for young children.

Singing songs is a wonderful way to expose your child to language.

Rhythm and repetition in songs support language acquisition by helping your child retain words and speech sounds much more effectively.

Combine songs with books to read aloud and you have the perfect resource! Musical Spanish books are a fantastic tool for nurturing a love for literacy and music.

We have enjoyed dozens of beautiful music books over the years and this post rounds-up our absolute favorite picks.

Musical Spanish Books for Babies and Toddlers

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Let’s dive in with our top finds for educational Spanish music books for babies and toddlers.

Coco Learns Spanish

We were gifted all three of these gorgeous musical books with the character Coco. My 4 year old is totally obsessed.

They include a mix of traditional and authentic Spanish ‘rimas’ as well as translations of popular English nursery rhymes.

They are so engaging, super sturdy (perfect for toddlers!) with fun buttons that relate to each page and trigger the song.

I love how soothing and relaxing the music is. Sung by a native speaker with a beautiful voice and soothing instrumental music, this is not your typical electronic toy~ they are perfect for unwinding at bedtime!


Binibi Spanish books for young children

We were gifted all four of the beautiful Binibi sound and music books. They are absolutely beautiful and perfect for little hands.

Binibi offers both interactive sound books, including La playa (beach) and La granja (farm), and musical books with a series of authentic Spanish nursery rhymes.

They offer a beautiful collection and I LOVE that they are a Latina mom- owned business.

Binibi is a must have for every toddler’s bilingual bookshelf!

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Lufi & Friends Musical Books

We have the full collection of these gorgeous musical Spanish books by Lufi & Friends. They are super affordable and beautifully illustrated.

These titles have a very special place in my heart because they were one of the first Spanish resources I ever purchased when I started raising bilingual kids over 5 years ago.

I love how each book has a theme, from lullabies (canciones de cuna) to traditional folk songs (canciones tradicionales) and even a book with songs about animals (canciones de animales).

The music is gentle and sweet. Lufi & Friends makes the perfect gift for bilingual babies and toddlers!

Canticos Happy! ¡Feliz!

We are huge fans of the Canticos bilingual YouTube channel and really enjoy their music for kids!

This book is a great option for fans of the characters in Canticos. It includes 8 songs that can be switched from English to Spanish so it’s truly bilingual.

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Spanish Nursery Rhymes by Cali’s Books

We just recently got our hands on the Spanish set of 3 musical books by Cali’s Book Store! I love the variety of songs offered in these books, including some classics like ‘La vaca Lola’ and very authentic ones like ‘Cucú Cantaba La Rana’ and ‘La gallina turuleca’.

With both Spanish and English lyrics on each page, these beautiful books are another great option for both native and non-native speakers raising bilingual babies!

Definitely check them out for another fun option for educational musical books for babies and toddlers!

I hope to keep adding more and more to this post over the coming years!

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