In this post: A round-up of the top 6 Spanish apps for kids! Learn how to leverage screen time to maximize Spanish input and language learning.

Are you looking for a way to leverage your child’s screen time?

Apps are a productive and fun way to expose children to Spanish and develop their language acquisition.

They require interaction and a response- they often have a leveled approach, and adapt the difficulty depending on the progress of your child.

So here are my top 6 Spanish apps in 2022 for kids.

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Age 4+

30 day free trial then from $2.66 a month!

Magical stories that teach kids Spanish!

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FabuLingua is a story-based, authentic language learning app that your child can enjoy independently. Beautiful interactive stories and fun games from storytellers across Spain and Latin America teach your kids Spanish.

This app is the perfect combination of reading and technology, rooted in the latest language learning science around ‘comprehensible input’ to create a new interactive format that is delightful and compelling to kids.

I am a huge advocacy for building a regular Spanish reading routine into your day to nurture your child’s language acquisition. But parents often do not do this either due to their own limited Spanish language capabilities, due to lack of access to enough quality Spanish language books, or simply because they don’t have enough time in the day.

That is why we recommend FabuLingua!

Fabulingua Spanish App

What I love:

  • ‘The Fabulous Learning Path’ has increasingly challenging levels that encourage and build mastery of the story. These levels develop comprehension, pronunciation and literacy.
  • A Game Center that features lots of fun games that reinforce vocabulary, noun gender, syllabic breakdowns and spelling.
  • The Magic Sticker Book provides a highly creative area of free play for the children to enjoy the unique stickers they’ve earned as rewards.
  • The ‘Copycat’ section: your child can speak back and record their voice and compare to the native speaker audio.
  • Independent app: The comprehensible input design means they can navigate the app independently!

FabuLingua’s digital platform provides a practical, affordable solution for families everywhere that is highly effective and puts kids on a path to bilingualism and biliteracy.

UPDATE: ‘Spanish Only’ option available~ Go to settings and toggle to ‘Spanish-only’. This stops the app from translating everything into English.

Download the Fabulingua app here

(Make sure to click from your phone or tablet, not from your laptop).


7 Day Free Trial

PAID version: From $5.60 per month ($67 for the annual subscription) or pay month to month for $12.

Cancel anytime with the month to month option.

For iOS and Android 

Lingopie is an app that allows you to ‘bingewatch’ TV shows in your target language, without the overwhelm!

The tappable translation feature helps non-native speakers understand new vocabulary, while recording their progress and tracking new words. The app has shows for children and adults and the audio speed can be adjusted for beginners (slow pace), intermediates or advanced.

What I love:

  • Great way to leverage TV for Spanish learning
  • Hundreds of authentic shows from Latin America and Spain
  • Tappable translations (great for readers) and vocabulary reviews
  • Available in many languages including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Portuguese with more on the way!
  • Wide range of shows including travel, cartoons, news, telenovelas and more!

Access your 7 day FREE trial here.

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ABC Mouse

Ages 2-8

30 day free trial

Get 30 Days FREE of!

I LOVE that ABC Mouse now includes 1200+ learning activities in Spanish!

This app is a full online curriculum covering the Common Core (Reading, Math, Science and Art). It’s developed by Age of Learning Inc. for children in Preschool and Early Elementary.

My kids often play the games together since many include 2 players. It’s a fantastic app for bilingual families with super engaging and high quality animations.

You can try it free for 30 days.


Age 4+

Only version is PAID: $3.99

Demo video is the French version but it gives you a great tour of the App before you buy!

This was the first Spanish app we ever used and we have been enjoying it for a couple of years now.

It’s the best value for money since its a small one time download fee. It’s a great starting point for younger learners.

What I love:

  • Unlike many other kids’ apps that assume that the learner is able to read, this app is totally accessible for little linguists as it uses pictures and audio instead.
  • Learning happens through vocabulary games
  • Lots of topics including animals, colors, fruit, clothes, transport etc.
  • The app builds on prior learning- as the learner progresses through the levels, more unlock.
  • Their website has some awesome free printables to go along with the sister app: Gus On The Go Stories App (for learners who can read).


Age 4+

Limited FREE version

PAID version to access all 300 words and 60 levels: $4.99

Chungaboo’s Montessori-inspired approach of self-guided play and learning makes this a fun option for little linguists!

What I love:

  • The app has a decent free version covering topics like numbers, colors, shapes.
  • Rapid response time for short attention spans!
  • The activities both show and say the vocabulary in an audio format, allowing non-readers to participate.
  • Music is a key component to the learning experience.
  • Good quality graphics
  • Learners earn a Certificate of Completion at the end of the curriculum AND are able to unlock rewards along the journey!

FUN SPANISH (Studycat)

Age 3+

Limited FREE version: 2 Lessons and 14 Learning Activities

7 day full access Free trial available

PAID version: $7.99 per month OR $39.99 for a year ($3.33 each month)

What I love:

  • Great starter app for beginner Spanish learners.
  • Range of activities offered including: listening, speaking, matching, memory games, sentence building, spelling and voice recording.
  • Introduces 200 words total in over 70 activities!
  • Lots of themes including: colors, animals, house, transport, food, school and numbers.

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