In this post: A round-up of the best podcasts about raising bilingual children and bilingual parenting. From personal stories and interviews, to expert advice and resources.

Bilingual parenting can be a challenging journey.

Hearing from other families about how they approach raising bilingual children, and learning about strategies for success, empower and encourage us to keep going.

This round-up shares the best podcasts available today about bilingual parenting.

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Bilingual Parenting Podcasts

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Podcasts in English

The Bilingual Parenting Podcast

The Bilingual Parenting Podcast


Hosted by bilingual mama and founder of Bilingüitos Spanish Immersion Kaila Diaz.

I absolutely love the quality content in this podcast: there is a really great balance between research based strategies and personal bilingual parenting interviews.

Some of my favorite episodes from the two seasons are:

It was an absolute honor to feature and be interviewed by Kaila! We discussed the tools we use to raises bilingual children as non-native speakers.

Here is a snippet from the Bio for the Podcast:

‘We exist to encourage and equip families who desire to give the gift of bilingualism to their children.’


Building Bilingual Families Podcast

Building Bilingual Families

This is podcast is hosted by Adrienne Babbitt and Juan Mendoza. Adrienne is a mama of 5 and creator of Learn with Me Languages.

Adrienne’s family is on a mission to help families build bridges by learning a second language together and reaching out to different cultures in their communities. Their Bilingual Bus is just awesome as they travel around the US sharing about their family language exchange program.

The podcast shares their journey plus interviews with other families raising bilingual children.

Listen to my interview “Success after the Silence”, as we discuss the ups and downs of my family’s journey raising bilinguals and some big moves made in the process!


Cereal Dates: The Bilingual Family Podcast

Cereal Dates Bilingual Family Podcast


I love this dynamic duo with Daniela and Jon Perieda, hosts of Cereal Dates. They discuss their bilingual parenting journey with a focus on Montessori and child development. Expect lots of practical tips and a sprinkling of humor!

Daniela is the founder of Bilingual Family and the Español Juntos program that guides families raising bilingual children.

Some of my favorite episodes are:

  • 5 Ways to Incorporate a Second Language at Home
  • The Key to Learning a Second Language- Comprehensible Input
  • Montessori at Home – Practical Life


Entre Dos Podcast

Entre dos podcast

Monika and Paula, two journalists and moms, are the dynamic duo behind the Entre Dos Podcast– with new episodes being released every 2-4 weeks.

It includes a range of topics under the umbrella of raising bilingual kids: from personal stories and experiences, to interviews with experts and the science of bilingualism, as well as recommended resources and tips for learning Spanish at home.

Some of my favorite episodes include:

  • Bilingualism and Speech Delays: Dispelling Myths
  • Raising Bilingual Readers
  • A Matter of Exposure

Here is the bio for the podcast:

“We’ve discovered that raising bilingual and bicultural children may seem straightforward, but it’s far from it, particularly in the US. Plus, there are a lot of myths and misinformation around bilingualism that may discourage parents or make them feel lonely in their pursuit.

We started Entre Dos to share resources and answers to questions that we ourselves had about bilingual parenting.”


The Latina Mom Legacy


The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast

Launched in September 2019, the Latina Mom Legacy podcast is hosted by Janny Perez, a Colombian born, Miami raised mami to a 4 year old.

Some of my favorite episodes are:

  • Kids Bilingual Gift Guide
  • Bilingual Book Review ‘Es La Hora de los Esqueletos’
  • Day of the Dead Facts and Interview

Here is the bio for the Podcast:

Join Janny Perez as she helps Latina and multicultural moms raise bilingual children, talk about madrehood, growing up Hispanic, and interviews everyday Latina moms for recommendations and even recipes.

My Bilingual Family

My bilingual family podcast

Hosted by Dr Elaine Laforteza, My Bilingual Family is a fairly new but well produced podcast based out of Australia.

It focuses on sharing the struggles and experiences of families living in English-dominant countries who are trying to pass on their native language to their kids. It also has a good dose of professional advice, encouragement and authenticity. I am really looking forward to listening to more episodes!

Top episodes so far:

  • When the Going gets Tough with Bilingual Parenting
  • Bilingual Parenting in the Early Years
  • The Different Methods of Raising Bilingual Children

Here is a short excerpt of their podcast bio:

There’s no handbook on how to raise bilingual kids. It can take a lot of effort to pass on language to your children. But you’re not alone. Join host Dr Elaine Laforteza to hear the stories of families struggling with passing on language, and get helpful advice and practical tips from experts including speech pathologists and linguists. 


Read Conmigo Podcast

Read Conmigo Podcast

Launched in July 2019, this is also a fairly new podcast with a large bank of episodes to check out already.

The award winning program Read Conmigo is on mission to promote bilingual literacy, one family at a time by providing FREE digital bilingual children’s books and literacy resources for children in preschool through 5th grade.

You can subscribe to access their Free digital bookshelf here.

Some of my favorite episodes are:

  • How to Raise Bilingual and Bicultural Children
  • How to Make Story Time Fun for Kids
  • Teaching Bilingual Children + Homeschooling Tips

Here is the bio for the Podcast:

The Read Conmigo Podcast inspires and enables you to raise bilingual, bicultural, and kindhearted kids. Each episode is filled with tangible tips and real-life stories of students, educators, and parents sharing their bilingual journey and how they are making a difference today.


Podcasts in Spanish

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Mamás 411 Podcast


Mamas 411 podcast

Mamas 411 podcast is hosted by a latina trio! Hosted by mamás: Maritere Bellas (author of the bestselling book about raising bicultural kids: Arroz con Pollo and Apple Pie) from Puerto Rico and Erica Mirochnik, from Argentina.

They share their experiences about raising bilingual and bicultural children. Episodes range from personal stories and those of other parents who have had success raising bilingual children, to interviews with experts.

Some of my favorite episodes are:

  • Consejos para practicar un idioma en casa
  • El rol de la maestra en la crianza bilingüe
  • Las celebraciones que se preservan y las que se adoptan de otros países.

Their goal is to ‘informar, motivar e inspirar a familias que se han comprometido a criar ciudadanos listos para competir en una sociedad global.’

Reto Bilingue Podcast

Reto Bilingue Podcast

I’m not sure if this podcast is still active on all platforms. It is hosted by bilingual Mexican mama Minerva Ortega.

Some of my favorite episodes are:

  • Mi hijo no quiere hablar el segundo idioma
  • Entrevista con una Mama profesora de idiomas criando bilingüe
  • Entrevista con mi pequeño bilingüe, las ventajas de ser bilingüe desde su punto de vista

Here is a snippet from the Bio for the Podcast:

‘Cómo criar y educar niños bilingües en inglés- español de manera natural y divertida.’


Bilingual Avenue

Bilingual Avenue Podcast

No longer active: The most recent episode dates back to December 2018 but there is still a wealth of relevant knowledge and advice within the episodes. 

I have enjoyed several of Marianna’s episodes. She has some fantastic ideas and inspiration that I have applied to my family’s bilingual journey. I was so sad when her podcast went silent but I still go back and listen often.

Some of my favorite episodes are:

  • How to host a bilingual play date
  • 8 toys to help you teach baby Spanish in a fun way
  • Five easy strategies to teach preschoolers Spanish

Here is the bio for the Podcast:

The Bilingual Avenue podcast is a guide on what to do, how to do it and what to expect when working with multilingual children. Tune in for insightful interviews with experts and parents as they share best practices, failures, obstacles and inspiration to guide your journey with bilingual children. If you are looking for resources, strategies and actionable tips, Bilingual Avenue is for you!


Well that’s all I got for you! I hope you can pick a couple of these to tune into. If you discover any more podcasts about raising bilingual children I’d love to hear about it!

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