In this post: A review of TruFluency Kids and their interactive online Spanish classes for ages 4-17. Plus, an exclusive discount to the program!

Are you looking for affordable online Spanish classes for your child?

More and more families are turning to the internet today to find language resources for their kids. But can fluency really be acquired from apps and computer software?

TruFluency Kids has been getting kids fluent since 2011 with their immersive live online classes and trademarked Bellieu method.

From beginners to dual language and full immersion, TruFluency Kids deliver LIVE native-speaker led, online Spanish classes for ages 4-17.

TruFluency Kids Learn Spanish Online

This post was sponsored by TruFluency Kids. All opinions are my own. Please read my Disclaimer for more information.

Before we dive in, I wanted to disclose that my five year old son received two full semesters of Spanish lessons with TruFluency Kids before I wrote up this review.

I have also partnered with TruFluency Kids to provide you with a 20% discount on their classes when go to and use coupon code MAMALLAMA20. 

Trufluency kids coupon

The Bellieu Method

Micah Bellieu is the founder of TruFluency and coined the term The Bellieu Method for achieving fluency in a language. A method supported by linguist Stephen Krashen’s PhD work with second language acquisition.

She is fluent in Spanish and French, and she is also learning Japanese using her very own method. She has worked with many companies to provide language training, including the giants of Amazon, Google and Samsung.

When I met with her on a Zoom call, her passion for languages was contagious, as was her enthusiasm for her company and the teachers that she employs and equips to teach using her method. I couldn’t wait to start our journey with her company!

The Bellieu Method TruFluency

Micah believes that true fluency happens through speaking the language. Having lived in Spain for a year, I totally agree that conversation is the cornerstone of fluency. She says:

Reading and writing is important, yes, but kids learn to SPEAK before they learn to read and write. That’s why we focus on listening and speaking, getting the kids confident responding to basic, every day questions and topics – using real language.

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BEFORE a TruFluency Kids Class

I did set an alarm on my phone for 10 minutes before his class, so we could get him situated at the computer. However, I was really impressed with the communication and reminders from TruFluency Kids.

Accessing the class couldn’t be easier. You receive an automated email with the zoom link (which stays the same for the entirety of the course).

TruFluency Kids Classes Spanish

I have removed half of the link for privacy/security reasons. However, there is a button underneath in orange that let’s you in. Or you just click the link.

The teacher will let you in when the class is scheduled to start.

DURING a TruFluency Kids Class

The classes are very interactive, especially in the younger years, and include plenty of music and movement, laughter and vocabulary repetition.

Your child will be speaking Spanish straight away! No, really, my son was repeating vocabulary within the first minute of his first class!

Thematic Lesson Format

The lessons are thematic. This is another reason why we love the program since we are firm believers in this approach for teaching languages, since it is at the heart of the Llamitas Spanish Curriculum!

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The classes build on each other, meaning key vocabulary and topics are revisited briefly and then expanded so further progress is made.

Key phrases and target vocabulary are presented through song video clips, actions and plenty of teacher- student repetition, always keeping it fun.

TruFluency Kids teachers use the call and response method. This is highly effective and I noticed it meant my son was always actively engaging and learning.

TruFluency Kids Live Online Spanish Classes

During the class, the teacher really does an amazing job at engaging your child and encouraging them. My son would beam from ear to ear as Maestra Perla would cheer ‘¡Excelente Micah… muy bien!

Keeping your child motivated and praised throughout the class is key to them engaging fully and TruFluency Kids teachers do this really well!

Parental Role

In terms of your role as the parent/caregiver during the session, you are actually encouraged NOT to hover or supervise your child. It can be tempting to correct their pronunciation, or want to help them if they get confused.

TruFluency Kids encourages you to TRUST the tutor to do their job. Trust me- walk away and let the teacher take the reigns!

I was pleasantly surprised and after a couple of classes, I got used to popping the kettle on and having a quiet cuppa, listening in from the kitchen! I would rarely interfere, except on occasion, to take photos/videos for my Instagram page! There is a highlight there you can check out for more LIVE footage! Look for LIVE CLASSES.

AFTER a TruFluency Kids Class

I was really impressed that after every class I received a follow up email from the teacher with a summary of what my son had learnt that day. A printable was also provided for further practice at home.

These printables are very simple and mostly just vocabulary sheets with some graphics, but it was a nice bonus and kept us motivated until the next class.

Here is an example of a follow up email I received:

Spanish class rockalingua resources


A HUGE perk of this company is that they provide your child with a login for the premium language learning Rockalingua website and app so they can re-watch the videos from class and consolidate their learning.

As you will read further down, the TruFluency Kids classes are already priced low, so I was not expecting to receive this perk- they truly provide unbeatable value.

Class Schedule

The class schedule is remarkable- with many many class options to choose from.

There is no doubt that you will find a class that fits in with your schedule.

The classes are scheduled in central time, so you will need to keep that in mind when selecting for your child.

You can also filter by age and time, making it easier than ever to find the perfect course for you.

Some classes ‘meet’ online x3 a week, while others are just x2.

You will notice there are different options for level including Beginners, Dual Language and Native Speakers.

TruFluency Kids schedule

Classes typically run for 25 minutes for younger kids which is, in our experience, a perfect choice. My son was able to fully engage for that length, but any longer and I would worry he would lose focus or need a snack/ a toilet break etc.

Older kids and teens will typically meet for 50 minutes since their concentration span is more developed!

You can see below some examples of classes you can select for middle and high school aged students.

Honestly this is just a snippet- they really do cater for all levels and ages. TruFluency Kids is a very established program that works with you and your needs.

TruFluency Kids Teenagers Spanish Lessons


Will my child be able to understand?

The conversation level is adjusted so that it meets your child’s level. My son’s teacher did an amazing job at rephrasing questions when he didn’t understand and providing two options for him to choose the correct answer.

Are the classes 1:1 or in groups?

Our classes were 1:1 but it depends on how many sign up for the slot you choose. There is a maximum of 6 students per class so expect there to be other students.

How much do the classes cost?

Classes start from $14 for a drop-in class or you can bundle with semesters to save more!

Will my child be fluent after one semester?

No. The method is extremely effective but to become truly fluent, a child needs an average of 300 hours for a low basic fluency. If you can commit to 2 classes a week and keep that rhythm for a couple years, they will gain true fluency. Language learning is all about consistency and motivation.

ENROLL in TruFluency Kids

Ready to gain true fluency? I cannot recommend this program enough. We will be continuing our online lessons with TruFluency Kids, even though our perks are up, because I saw huge progress in my son’s spontaneous use of the target language (Spanish).

He also had so much fun with his tutors and that is always my goal with raising bilingual children: making it fun! He had a smile on his face throughout the lessons and that brought this mama so much joy!


Use Coupon Code MAMALLAMA20 for 20% OFF

(This is a one-time use discount code and applies to packages or single lessons)

Trufluency kids coupon

Concluding Thoughts on TruFluency Kids

TruFluency Kids makes language learning fun, personal and affordable!

I observed huge progress in my son’s use of the target language, which totally fulfilled our goal of gaining more fluency. He would use the vocabulary he had learnt in class spontaneously around the home. He would also sing and hum the songs he had listened to.

But beyond that, he also gained a lot of confidence and I saw him connect with his teacher in such a way that he now appreciates the need to speak Spanish on a different level: his TruFluency Kids classes gave him context and meaning to his language journey. This is hard to achieve with other resources, like language apps!

I highly recommend TruFluency Kids as a core resource for learning Spanish and raising truly bilingual children.

Spanish online classes for kids


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