In this post: A round-up of the best Spanish podcasts for kids from complete beginners through advanced learners. These podcasts immerse your children in language learning through stories, music and fun!

Podcasts are such a practical, fun and FREE way to learn a language, but did you know there are some awesome Spanish podcasts for kids?

Whether your child is a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced Spanish speaker, you will find something for them here!

I have categorized the podcasts accordingly into Spanish levels to help you find the most appropriate quickly.

My top tip is to listen to podcasts in the car and during quiet time~ this soon amounts into many hours of Spanish language acquisition and learning!

Best Spanish Podcasts for Kids

Eat Your Spanish

Level: Beginners

If your children are beginners then this is the best podcast for them! My children are absolutely obsessed with this podcast. I highly recommend it.

The production is outstanding and we love that it is music based with a Montessori inspired, gentle teaching approach.

Many episodes also feature two very special characters, Mrs Elephant and Mr Mouse. They are adorable and your children will be begging for just one more episode!

Eat Your Spanish Podcast

Spanish Stories for Kids

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Although it still requires a good level of Spanish, the audio in this podcast is clearer and slightly more accessible than other story telling podcasts.

The stories are classic fairytales and fables like La Caperucita Roja and La Tortuga y La liebre. The podcast is well established with several months of episodes.

Episodes average 10 minutes.

Spanish Stories for Kids

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Cuentos Encantados

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

I really love this series of “magical stories.” I’m a huge fan of fairytales and we have all the Spanish Entra en un Cuento titles. There is something just so nostalgic about them. Speaking of nostalgia, I also love the accent of the speaker in this podcast- it reminds me of my time in Spain. The audio is fairly slow and clear- I actually listen to this podcast myself to keep my ear tuned in!

Episodes average 12 minutes.

Cuentos encantados podcast

Hoy Quiero Contarles

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Another high quality production! This is one of the most engaging children’s podcasts- The sound effects and music throughout make this a fun option for younger children. The stories were also very unique, and most were new to me.

Episodes average 10 minutes.

Hoy quiero contarles podcast

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Allegro Mágico

Level: Advanced

Allegro Mágico is a wonderful resource for parents wanting to introduce classical music to their children. Claudia and her daughter Paula share their passion for classical music and the tales behind each piece in this beautiful podcast. It is a great option for quiet time or leisurely car rides.

Her website is also very educational and you will find a plethora of resources and guidance for introducing a love and appreciation for music and for learning about famous classical music composers.

allegro magico podcast

Cuentos y Curiosidades

Level: Advanced

This brand new, story telling podcast is created by Adrian and Marina from Lufi and Friends. We are huge fans of their musical Spanish books!

The podcast shares a short story (6-8 minutes). Stories are told in Spanish first and then in English so you can listen to one or both languages. Stories include a fun combo of fairytales, myths, and original stories.

I love the ‘curiosidad’ element (a fun fact) linked to each episode, that sets this podcast apart.

Episodes average 12 minutes

Cuentos y curiosidades

Puro Cuento

Level: Advanced

Another fun story-based podcast with high-quality music, and in bite sized chunks- with some stories lasting just 3 minutes!

Many stories were new to me, but some were excellent translations of classic stories like ‘El pez arcoiris’ and ‘El Grúfalo’.

Puro Cuento

So there you have it! The best Spanish podcasts for kids. Which one will you be tuning into this week with your children?

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