In this post: A round-up of the best children’s Spanish books for beginners, including board books for toddlers and picture books for preschoolers.

Do you want to start reading in Spanish to your child?

Reading aloud is an effective way to increase a child’s target language input but finding quality children’s books that are age and level appropriate in Spanish can be a challenge.

So this post focuses on the best Spanish books for beginners from toddlers to preschoolers and elementary.

Best Spanish Books for Beginners

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Spanish First Words Books

These are SO fun for introducing basic vocabulary on a variety of topics, and a great addition to a bilingual bookshelf.

The books are differentiated by level:

1- 3 Years: My First Spanish Word Book

4-8 years: First Hundred Words in Spanish

8+ years:  First Thousand Words in Spanish

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First Words Spanish Books

Spanish Nursery Rhyme Books

As toddlers and preschoolers learn faster and more joyfully with music, I have included music based books here also.

We have found music and songs to be a great tool for vocabulary acquisition.

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Canticos Board Books

We love the Canticos bilingual books which are all based on classic Spanish nursery rhymes!

Visit the Canticos World website to learn the tunes if you are unfamiliar- they are super catchy and easy to sing along to.

Canticos Little Chickies / ...Shop on Amazon

Pio Peep 

A beautifully illustrated collection of traditional Spanish and Latin America nursery rhymes.

This is truly the most precious, culturally rich, bilingual book that I have come across yet. AND it includes a sing- along CD! We have learnt so much about Latinx traditions and heritage.

What I love most about this bilingual book is that the English translations are not always literal, which allows for them to also be read as rhyming, lovely poems. ‘De colores’, ‘Tortillitas para mama’ and ‘Cucu’ are some of our favorites.

Pio Peep! Traditional Spani...Shop on Amazon

Mis Primeras Canciones

Each sing-along board book has 6 songs.

We have been BIG fans of the team at Lufi and Friends and absolutely love their sing-along books! I have always enjoyed supporting small businesses and the quality of their musical books is outstanding.

From classic lullabies, to traditional Latinx songs, you will LOVE their selection.

Binibi Books

These musical bilingual books are absolutely stunning! There are currently four books in the Binibi collection, including two sound books and two musical books.

Use coupon code MAMALLAMA to save 20% with Binibi.

child pressing the music buttons in the Binibi Spanish musical books

We have the full set of four books! They are beautifully designed and are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Spanish Board Books for Beginners

Oso Pardo

This is the board book translation of the classic ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?’

The vocabulary focuses on animals and colors, which keeps it simple and the repetition throughout of the question allows for easy recognition.

I’m also a big fan of Eric Carle’s illustrations- they are so eye catching for kids!

Oso pardo, oso pardo, ¿qu...Shop on Amazon

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Habbi Habbi Bilingual Reading Wand Books

Tappable listen & read style books with a bilingual Reading Wand!

bilingual books and reading wand from habbi habbi

Habbi Habbi provides interactive bilingual books to support bilingual parenting and education at home.

Their Reading Wand brings the books to life as your child taps on any part of the book to hear words, phrases or sentences read aloud in the target language.

The books are also thoughtfully curated with important themes of kindness, diversity, empathy and self-care being just a few they touch on.

El pastel está tan arriba

I have only recently discovered Suzanne Strasser’s books and I am super impressed.

This story repeats the phrase ¡Pero el pastel está tan arriba!.…but also repeats a sequence of animal names that climb on each other one by one in order to reach the cake. The ending is so sweet, and unexpected!

El pastel está tan arriba ...Shop on Amazon

Muy Dormido, Muy Despierto

Another of Strasser’s beautiful and funny books! We just grabbed our copy this week on Amazon and we LOVE it. Not only are the illustrations fun and eye-catching, but the story is fantastic!

My toddler giggles so much at the ending (let’s just say someone makes a pedo!) and they have learnt some great phrases that are repeated throughout, like the names of the 6 animals and ‘Están dormidos/ está despierto/ abre la puerta/ cierra la puerta’.

An absolute must have for every Children’s Spanish library!

Muy dormido, muy despierto ...Shop on Amazon

El Pez Pucheros

Perhaps my son’s favorite book ever! The Pout Pout Fish/ El Pez Pucheros is so fun and has a fantastic and adorable ending!

Throughout the book, Sr. Pez meets several sea creatures who tell him to stop pouting and cheer up.

We sure have a good laugh reading this book and I always use a different voice for each sea creature! Plus, the ending is absolutely adorable!

El Pez Pucheros / The Pout-...Shop on Amazon

Buenas Noches Luna

This is a great option to incorporate into your child’s bedtime routine. It is a sweet and soothing story about a rabbit that says goodnight to all the objects in his room. It’s a great way to building production of 2-3 word phrases.

Salí de paseo

Such a simple but cute tale of a little child who goes for a walk and sees lots of animals along the way. It is highly repetitive and predictable (in a good way!)

‘Salí de paseo. ¿Qué fue lo que viste? Esto es lo que vi. Vi a un gato negro mirándome a mí.’

It’s great for practicing first person and also animals and colors. It pairs really well with Oso Pardo.

Sal¡ de paseoShop on Amazon

La Casa adormecida

I first came across this hilarious book at our Spanish Storytime. The librarian had a HUGE version- a mega size book! This one is the regular board book. It was so funny and so engaging!

Everyone is sound asleep, that is until the flea bites the mouse, that wakes the mouse and the cat and the dog and the boy and abuela!

La casa adormecidaShop on Amazon

La araña muy ocupada

Eric Carle books in general are GREAT for repetitive phrases, and this one is our favorite. Mrs Spider is so busy making her web that she doesn’t have time for the passers-by who try to engage her in conversation.

‘Pero la araña no contestó. Estaba muy ocupada, tejiendo su tela.’ 

This is also a touch and feel book! The web is raised so my toddler loves to run her finger along it each page as it grows bigger and bigger.

I hope this serves as a great resource for those of you who are just starting out building your bilingual bookshelf!

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