In this post: Read on for the FOUR daily activities that will equip you to teach your kids Spanish with success!

Do you want to teach your kids Spanish, but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you are learning alongside them, or perhaps you just need the tools to make it fun and engaging?

The following FOUR simple steps will set you on the path to teaching your kids Spanish successfully!

How to Teach your Kid Spanish

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Set Realistic Expectations

But first, we need to set realistic expectations!

Do you identify with the tortoise or the hare? I have to admit I favor the hare. I’m usually rushing around and I can definitely be a productivity junkie.

But one thing I have learnt over the past few years teaching my littles Spanish is this: slow and steady wins the race. Yep, that’s right. We’ve got to identify with the tortoise.

There is no one tool or gimmick for learning a language fast. Say that out loud! It’s important to grasp that from the outset.

So now we can move on to the four key strategies for teaching our kids Spanish:

Read Aloud

The first step is reading aloud. Spend time reading Spanish books every single day. Immersing your kids in the world of children’s literacy and authentic stories, is perhaps one of the greatest joys of learning a new language.

The bonding it encourages from the physical act of snuggling up with our kids, to the treasured stories that become a core part of our childhood memories.

Bilingual Bookshelf

Our bilingual bookshelf has grown rapidly over the past few years. Many of our favorite Spanish books come from my bilingual bookshop with Usborne Books & More. These books are high quality, interactive and stunningly beautiful! Some of our favorite series include Toca Toca (for toddlers) and Un Libro para Iluminar (for 3+).

Whether you are a complete beginner, or intermediate Spanish learner, the following posts can help you kickstart your very own bilingual bookshelf.

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Spanish Music

The second step is using music! Music is sticky. It helps enormously with vocabulary acquisition and engages your child’s shorter attention span.

Learning through songs is highly effective for language learning. There are so many ways that music can become a part of your daily routine:

Screen Time

Leveraging screen time for Spanish learning is the third step. Now, there are several great age appropriate kids’ shows and movies on Netflix.

However, I do believe Apps are far more effective for learning a language. There are a lot of options but after hours of trialling different ones, are favorites are Gus on the Go and Spanish School Bus.

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Choose a Curriculum

The final step is choosing a curriculum or online class to support your child’s learning and it often takes away the prep work for you!

There are so many amazing options now- the past few years have seen a boom in high quality Spanish homeschooling courses.

I have rounded up the very best Spanish Curriculums here. Whether you want a screen based course, nature- based, high or low parental involvement- there will be one suitable for your family!

If you want to be totally hands-off and allow your child to be tutored by a native speaker online, I highly recommend TruFluency Kids. I wrote up a full review of the TruFluency Kids program here, after my 5 year old son completed 2 semesters of Spanish with them.

Learn Spanish en Casa eBook

OK, so those are FOUR really essential components to learning a language! But I want to know- are you serious about learning Spanish with your kids? Are you ready to commit?

ebook How to learn spanish

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No more hours wasted trawling Pinterest for resources. No more money wasted on books or courses that just don’t cut it. No more false starts friend!

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