In this post: Have fun exploring these jungle-themed lessons and resources in Spanish!

Teaching your kids Spanish at home is one of the best ways to take the pressure off, making it an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. 

Rooted in thematic learning for the early years, we love to develop dynamic curricula at Llamitas Spanish that provide ample opportunity for a mixture of indoor fun, outdoor activities, practical life skills and more. 

One of our more adventurous themes in the level 1 curriculum is about the jungle. If you enjoy being outdoors and had fun with our lessons on the garden and the forest, you’re sure to love this one! 

Then once you’re ready for the next level, join us in also exploring the Amazon rainforest in level 2 in a much more in-depth geography study.

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Jungle Animals Vocabulary in Spanish

The jungle is home to more animals than we can count but let’s take a look at some of the most common ones you can expect to find. If your kids already love animals, they’re sure to be familiar with a few on the list. Now they can learn all the names in Spanish! 

Spanish  English
tigre tiger
tucán toucan
serpiente snake
leopardo leopard
guacamayo macaw
orangután orangutan
oso hormiguero anteater
capibara capybara
mono monkey 
perezoso sloth
rana frog
cocodrilo crocodile
armadillo armadillo
margay margay
jaguar  jaguar
gorila gorilla

Spanish Worksheets about the Jungle 

Worksheets help to supplement lessons and reinforce fundamentals. Not to mention they’re quite fun! Our Spanish worksheets on the jungle include hands-on activities with tracing, counting, matching, songs, games and more. 

The jungle lessons fall into unit 6 in our 12 unit Level 1 curriculum. Our units are sequential and at this stage your child will be learning to count from 41-50, the letter Tt for tucán, and learning thematic vocabulary.

Llamitas Spanish jungle unit lesson samples

Get creative with some fun crafts like ‘Sally Serpiente’ where you get to make a colorful paper snake. We’ve also included some additional printables for practicing tracing and phonics. Get this and more in our Level 1 Curriculum. 

As for Level 3, there’s a unit about nocturnal animals. In this unit, we dive deep into a cultural journey of the Amazon rainforest! Students learn to tell the time, talk about when animals wake up and go to sleep, learn about the different layers of the Amazon rainforest and much more!

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Jungle theme Spanish lessons

Spanish Books about the Jungle

  1. Esto no es una selva by Susanna Isern
Esto no es una selva

The funny story of a girl called Paula who loves to tell her parents “no”. Then one day her house transformed into a jungle! Have a read to see what story she learns. 

  1. La siesta perfecta by Pato Mena
La siesta perfecta

Having to wake someone up can be a big responsibility. Find out why in this colorful and fun page-turner by Pato Mena, author of ‘Onsen: ¿Qué hacen los monos?’ which is featured in our curriculum!

  1. El loro Tico Tango by Anna Witte
El loro Tico tango

Tico Tango wanted all the fruit in the forest though it belonged to all the animals. Would he soon learn right from wrong? Through this book, kids will appreciate the value and importance of sharing. 

  1. La selva de Zonia by Juana Martinez-Neal
La selva de Zonia

This book is all about a girl named Zonia who lives in the rainforest of Peru. Every morning she explores her beautiful surroundings and one day stumbles upon a surprise! Would you like to know what she found? Find out by reading this stunning picture book! 

  1. Cha, cha, chá en la selva by Stella Blackstone
Cha cha cha en la selva

Movement, song and dance are at the heart of this rhythmic book set in the Indian jungle. Great for learning jungle animals, colors and command words.

  1. Omar el jaguar by Andrea Olatunji

Meet this guest author in our curriculum! Take a trip through the Amazon forest and learn to celebrate diversity with this award-winning picture book. We also love this video for a read-aloud version that helps with pronunciation. 

Spanish books about the jungle

Spanish Songs about the Jungle

  1. Cuando yo a la selva fui

Get moving and dancing with this song by Pica-Pica as they describe the unique animal they encounter on a trip to the jungle. You won’t be able to stop singing this catchy tune!

  1. Camino por la selva

Take a virtual stroll through the jungle to discover the names of different animals and the sound each one makes. From elephants, snakes and monkeys to lions. 

  1. Soy una Serpiente

Sing along and join the adventure of this snake as he goes searching for a part of his tail. Will he find it? 

  1. Animales de la Selva

The jungle is indeed a special place! Learn why with this upbeat song by Doremi which talks about the wonderful flora and fauna. 

Spanish Homeschool Curriculum 

If you’re looking for fun and dynamic resources to teach your kids Spanish at home, we’ve got it at Llamitas Spanish! We offer 3 programs to expand learning with a structured open-and-go approach that’s culturally rich and includes a variety of academic units.

Llamitas Spanish curriculum book

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