An honest review of Curio Book Box, a subscription service for families raising bilingual children in the USA.

I am always on the lookout for high quality and authentic Spanish resources that support families raising bilingual kids here in the USA.

Curio Book Box Review Llamitas Spanish

Over the years I have found that one the most effective, yet simplest resources are stories. Storytelling is a powerful way to develop language acquisition and an appreciation for culture, values and diversity.

I believe so strongly in the storytelling method for teaching children a foreign language that it’s at the heart of our latest Llamitas Spanish curriculum level

So when a company that aligns with this method comes my way, they have my attention!

That’s why I’m delighted to share about Curio today, a curated book club for bilingual kids! It’s an award-winning company founded by Hera Li, a mom and businesswoman who is living and breathing bilingual parenting.

Raised bilingual (in English and Mandarin), she is now passing on that gift to her own two young bilingual children in New York.

Understanding the importance of nurturing bilingualism in our ever global world, Hera offers a much needed foreign language book box service that supports parents in fostering a love for reading in Spanish and also Chinese (more languages may also be on the horizon!)

Their book boxes empower bilingual kids through the magic of good stories that are rooted in culture and socio-emotional themes.

Stories Rich in Culture and Language

Even in today’s culture of screens and constantly needing to be connected, the beauty of reading aloud to your children is timeless. In fact, as technology grows in the language learning industry, I find myself turning more and more to curated services like Curio, that offer beautiful, screen-free and family-focused resources. 

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Curio recognizes the need for a personalized service that celebrates bilingualism and encourages a lifelong love for reading. Their book club boxes create an immersive experience for children, bringing together authentic literature, language and culture. 

selection of four Spanish books in a Curio box

Curio has developed an extensive collection of children’s stories that are carefully handpicked to cater to a wide range of ages, interests and reading levels. From vibrant picture books to hands-on crafting books, you can expect to receive high quality and culturally rich titles, expanding your little linguist’s horizons.

For their Spanish boxes, Curio primarily sources books from Latin America and Spain. This is not only key for the accuracy of the Spanish text but also provides authentic stories that develop cultural appreciation.

What’s Included in a Curio Box?

Typically 3-4 carefully curated books are included in your box that ships quarterly.

The titles aim to foster the joy of reading, cultivating a curiosity about different cultures, and facilitating deep and meaningful learning through stunning illustrations and captivating storytelling.

I love that Curio provides different boxes for different reading stages! Your child can grow with Curio as they develop their reading fluency. Choose between:

  • Bud Box (ages 0-3)
  • Sprout Box (ages 4-6)
  • Bloom Box (ages 7-10)

We received four beautiful books in our Sprout box.

I have had my eye on one of these books for years and somehow never managed to get my hands on a copy: ‘Waiting for the Biblioburro / Esperando el Biblioburro’. A gorgeous true story about a traveling library on donkeys in Colombia.

We also received ‘Los lunes de colores’, a very similar story of a traveling library but in a truck in Honduras (el bibliomóvil). As well as a fun and courage inspired book called ‘La Escalera Roja’ (more on that in a moment) and a fantastic crafting book called ‘Animales americanos a mano’.

I was blown away by how beautiful the books were. The vibrant colors and authentic illustrations were stunning. The stories were perfect for my children’s ages and interests. 

Los lunes de colores book

The crafting book was a fun surprise as I was expecting to just receive picture books. These animals are all indigenous to Latin America and I can’t wait to craft with the kids! Of course, we’ll start with the llama!

Curio book box

How is Curio Different from Other Language Learning Book Boxes?

What truly sets Curio apart from others is their focus on specific social-emotional development themes for each box. Their inaugural box centers around the theme of Courage, while the second box delves into the realm of Emotions

One of the books from our first box was “La escalera roja” which is a story about facing fears and discovering one’s abilities and capabilities, perfectly aligning with the “Courage” theme!

I also want to point out that their book selections definitely support bilingual families, as opposed to families learning a language from scratch.

I love this as it helps fulfill a niche in the market for supporting native and heritage Spanish speakers looking to enrich and strengthen their child’s biliteracy. Or non-native families like mine, with at least an intermediate level of Spanish. The reading guides and glossaries can support non-native families too.

Other Resources from Curio

Curio also offers a YouTube channel, which can be found at It’s a fantastic resource for families who may not be as proficient in the language. This channel offers free access to a wealth of valuable content.

In addition, you can find many resources in their Learning Resource Library with printables and reading guides, coloring sheets, translation guides, word glossaries and audio recordings to support you in accessing and navigating the boxes.

Children completing coloring activity sheets

They even have comprehension questions that pair with each book to develop the child’s literacy skills!

Choose your Book Subscription with Curio 

Ready to join this authentic language learning book club? You can visit Curio’s shop here and subscribe to their newsletter to receive a 20% discount!

Pick your language and age, then sit back and eagerly await its arrival at your doorstep! Each box includes a theme rooted in socio-emotional development and ships every quarter.

Want to give something special for a bilingual family? Curio also offers gifting options! Send a one-off box or gift up to 4 boxes!

One other detail worth mentioning: If you’re a bibliophile like me (aka book hoarder!) and worry you may get a duplicate of a book you already own, Curio has a guarantee that they will work with you to swap it out! 

This is a sponsored post. Rest assured, all opinions are my own and I only share about the products that have been tried and tested by mi familia, and that I believe will also support you in raising bilingual kids.

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