In this post: We recommend some of the best resources for finding Spanish audiobooks for kids. These are an easy, stress-free way to improve listening skills.

Are you looking for Spanish audiobooks for your kids, but not sure where to find them?

Whether you’re homeschooling your child in Spanish or just want to give your kids some extra exposure to the language, audiobooks are an easy, stress free way to improve listening skills!

Spanish audiobooks for kids

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There are many, many Spanish audiobooks for kids out there for you to check out.

Some of these are completely free, while others are available with a paid subscription, app, or player. Some are screen-free, while others include text, illustrations, and even interactive games and activities.

Whatever you’re looking for, there are plenty of options available. Keep reading for our round-up of the best Spanish audiobooks for kids!

The Benefits of Spanish Audiobooks for Kids

When you’re teaching Spanish to your child at home, Spanish audiobooks can have so many benefits. For one, you’ll want to make sure your kids are getting plenty of exposure to their target language. This is essential for developing listening skills.

This is especially important if Spanish isn’t your primary language at home or in your community. The more they can hear native speakers in their target language (in this case Spanish), the better.

If your schedule is already hectic—as is often the case when you have kids—or you’re just figuring out how to add a foreign language to your homeschool curriculum, audiobooks can be a great time-saver.

Popping on a Spanish audiobook for your kids to listen to requires no planning or prep for you. You can even listen on the go if you’re really short on time!

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FREE Spanish Audiobooks for Kids

There are so many great free resources for families learning Spanish, and that includes Spanish audiobooks for kids. You can find podcasts, apps, and books on tape all without spending a penny.

Podcasts and Spotify Audiobooks

Podcasts and Spotify audiobooks provide loads of opportunities for kids to practice Spanish listening skills for free! On Spotify, you can find podcasts that tell children’s stories in Spanish and entire albums of Spanish children’s stories.

Here are some of the most popular choices you can check out right now:

Keep in mind that many of these podcasts and audiobooks are available from more than one service (Spotify, Apple, Audible), so you should be able to access them on any device you have.

This article has even more great suggestions for Spanish audiobooks on Spotify!

spanish audiobooks for kids

Unite for Literacy

Unite for Literacy has a wonderful library of narrated picture books for kids online available in both English and Spanish. When you visit the site, just be sure to switch the language to Spanish.

Your kids can “flip” through the pages while the story is narrated to them completely in Spanish! This is a great way for older kids to work on their reading skills, too, since they can read along with the text.

Unite for literacy

The Fable Cottage

The Fable Cottage has a collection of traditional stories translated into a variety of languages, including Spanish. Geared toward language learners, the stories are narrated clearly and slowly by native speakers of your chosen language.

This site has a mix of free and paid content. So, check out some of their free stories and chapters—and if you love it you might want to consider a membership.

The fable cottage

Cuentos x Contar

Cuentos x Contar is a website with free children’s stories in Spanish. Your kids can listen and read along, or just listen to the audio if you want to use it to focus on listening skills. Each story also includes trivia questions to answer at the end.


Library Apps (Hoopla, Libby)

Your local library likely uses a library app like Hoopla or Libby, which you can use to borrow audiobooks, ebooks, and other materials. This is another great way to search for free Spanish audiobooks for kids!

To use one of these apps, you’ll need to have a library card, which you’ll use to connect to whichever one (or both) that your library uses. 

Books on Tape and Vox Books

Even if you don’t use a library app, your library likely has a collection of books on tape, or audiobooks, that you can check out. Look for simple Spanish children’s stories in audiobook form or audiobooks designed for kids who are learning Spanish.

Another option to look for are Vox Books in Spanish. These are read-along picture books that include a built-in recorded narration. Vox Books has titles in both English and Spanish, but what you can find will depend on what’s available at your library.

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Popular Spanish Audiobook Subscriptions for Kids

Paid audiobook subscriptions are another great option if you want to be sure you have plenty of high-quality options to choose from. 

Audible on Amazon

Audible on Amazon is a great option for Spanish audiobooks for kids, and you can get this subscription for as low as $7.95 a month! They even have an Audible Latino service that caters to bilingual listeners. This service offers a huge catalog of Spanish and English content.

Whichever option you choose, there are many Spanish translations of titles available as well as bilingual audiobooks. Just to give you an idea, we’ll list a few of the most popular titles below.

English-language audiobooks in translation:

English-Spanish bilingual audiobooks:

FabuLingua App

FabuLingua is an awesome kids app for learning Spanish through interactive stories and games. Your kids can read along to beautifully illustrated stories in Spanish. What a great way to put your kids’ screen time to good use!

Fabulingua Spanish app for kids

This subscription-based app is more than just a collection of Spanish audiobooks for kids, though. Your child can read along or listen to Spanish kids’ stories, play games, and even practice pronunciation with the fun CopyCat feature.

The interactive element of this app is perfect for encouraging your child’s language learning.

Try it free for 30 days!

Yoto Screen-Free Audio Player

If you haven’t seen the Yoto screen-free audio player before, these are sure to pique your (and your kids’) interest. Once you have these adorable-looking audio players, you purchase cards that contain stories, songs, and more!

Yoto player

They have a small collection of Spanish cards available for purchase, along with their many English titles. You can choose to pay for a subscription or individual cards. You’ll get some freebies too once you purchase the player.

Overall, if you’re looking for something screen-free, this is a fantastic option that your kids will seriously love.

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Audiobooks in the Llamitas Spanish Curriculum

Our Llamitas Spanish Curriculum is designed for ages 3 to 6, and includes loads of short stories and audio materials that will encourage your child’s Spanish listening skills.

This is an open & go program that provides everything you need to teach your little one Spanish (offered digitally or printed).

With our curriculum, you’ll get 24 bilingual first readers. There are two per unit, which include audio for your child to listen to as they read along.

Plus, each unit includes short Spanish immersion stories. These are thematic short stories, and they include comprehension questions, too.

Not only that, but we include a whole range of songs, games and phonics and math activities with native speaker audio too, to immerse your kids in the Spanish language in a fun and engaging way!

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