In this post: The best podcasts for adults learning Spanish. Whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced level Spanish speaker, there is a podcast option for you in this round-up!

Podcasts are a fantastic and FREE way to learn Spanish as an adult!

They help you to improve your listening skills and Spanish vocabulary acquisition while being extremely convenient as you can listen and hitch other activities, like running errands, cooking, etc.

Pick a few below according to your level: beginner, intermediate and advanced!

Top 10 Adult Podcast Llamitas Spanish

Once you’ve picked a couple, commit to listening today! Just 10 minutes listening to Spanish each day can dramatically increase your confidence and fluency.

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Spanish Obsessed

Podcast Duration: 10-20 minutes

Language Level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced (all levels available)

Lisa and Rob cohost these podcasts. Rob is English whilst Lisa is a native Spanish speaker from Colombia. They both speak Spanish clearly and slowly.

A unique feature about this podcast is that there are several to choose from according to your Spanish level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

They have a very conversational and friendly tone. Each episode centers around lifestyle topics like travel, pets, hobbies, jobs, food etc.

+ You can sign up on the Spanish Obsessed website for free access to transcripts, grammar guides and updates.

Spanish Obsessed Podcast

StoryLearning Spanish

Podcast Duration: 15 minutes

Language Level: Intermediate

Looking for a fun, brain-friendly way to improve your Spanish fast?

The Storylearning podcast uses the storytelling method to teach Spanish. The podcast tells the story of six people from different backgrounds and places, who meet by change in San Sebastián and end up on an unexpected road trip around Spain together.

Each episode features one short chapter of the story and they release one new episode every single day. Wow! Each episode includes the complete transcript so you can read along, plus find helpful glossaries.

For a beginners option, choose their podcast ‘Spanish Uncovered’ alternative.

You can also read our review of their Spanish Uncovered Language Course here.

Storylearning spanish


Podcast Duration: 15-25 minutes

Language Level: Intermediate

No doubt you have heard of the App, but did you know Duolingo has a podcast too?

This podcast tells fascinating true stories to help improve the listeners’ Spanish whilst gaining new cultural perspectives.

The style is really unique and intriguing: the stories are told in Spanish by a native, with regular ‘chiming in’ for context in English by Martina Castro.

Duolingo Podcast

Lenguaje de la Vida

Podcast Duration: 15-20 minutes

Language Level: Beginner to Intermediate

This podcast has been inactive since the host had her first baby. But it’s still a great option with several episodes on Spotify.

Lasting about 25 minutes, the podcast can be listened to by itself or you can take the next steps and download the free weekly review guide with downloadable transcriptions and comprehension questions.

In addition, there are weekly Spanish Vocab Vlogs and Weekly Spanish Guides (Short Readings) which are so fun and a great way to get to know her!

Most of her resources are free to her subscribers. However, there are also paid, more extensive packets available.

lenguaje de la vida Icon

News in Slow Spanish

Podcast Duration: 5-10 minutes

Language Level: Intermediate

“News in Slow Spanish features native speakers discussing current events and culture at a pace you can understand.” 

You’re not only practicing Spanish by listening, but also keeping up with world news. The enunciation is extremely clear and slow enough that intermediates can easily follow along.

This is a partially free podcast that averages around 8 minutes of podcast content. Then, there are subscription options for access to the entire podcast, as well as transcripts, flashcards, grammar and expression lessons. You can also select ‘Latino’ or ‘Spain’ speakers.

News in Slow Spanish Latino

Coffee Break Spanish

Podcast Duration: 10-20 minutes

Language Level: Intermediate

Hosted by a friendly, personable Scottish guy who is completely fluent in Spanish! He uses a nice mix of English and Spanish to make it accessible and comprehensible for learners.

The podcast centers around interviews with native speakers about a topic- food, hobbies, travel etc. There are also plenty of cultural insights.

Coffee Break Spanish

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The Unlimited Spanish

Podcast Duration: 15-20 minutes

Language Level: Intermediate to Advanced

“Learn with your ears, not with your eyes.”

Oscar, a native speaker from Spain, is the host of this podcast that focuses on improving your listening skills.

He believes that traditional grammar, textbook learning does not work. His approach to teaching is the ‘Conversations Simulator’ -engaging in a Q&A conversational approach.

The podcasts include language and cultural information as well as a nice balance of anecdotes.

Affordable, paid courses are also available on his Unlimited Spanish website: from a complete beginners ‘Crash Course’ to advanced.

Unlimited Spanish Podcast


Podcast Duration: 30 minutes

Language Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Another dynamic duo! This time with Nate and Andrea who co-host this podcast. Andrea is the native speaker and has a very clear accent.

The Podcast has a conversational style and spoken 99% in Spanish, which immerses you fully in the target language.

“The topics are fun and interesting, sometimes controversial, and always educational. We believe that discussing deep and meaningful topics will increase your vocabulary as you learn new and practical words for everyday living.” -Andrea.

espanolistos podcast

Tres Cuentos

Podcast Duration: 20-30 minutes

Language Level: Advanced

“The bilingual literary podcast dedicated to the traditional narratives of Latin America.”

This podcast, hosted by Carolina Quiroga-Stultz, a Colombian Storyteller performer. The stories she tells, in both Spanish and English, are myths and tales brought to life through her theatrical and poetic style.

Transcripts are available on the website as well as several video stories.

Tres Cuentos Podcast

Radio Ambulante

Podcast Duration: 30-50 minutes

Language Level: Advanced

“Radio Ambulante is a narrative podcast that tells uniquely Latin American stories in Spanish.” 

Distributed by NPR, and with a team of 21 people, and 9 seasons of episodes, this award winning podcast features incredible stories from across Latin America.

It is most definitely for the proficient Spanish learner: Download the transcript to follow along.

radio ambulante podcast

Which podcast will you be tuning into this week to learn Spanish?

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