In this post: A round-up of the best virtual Spanish classes for adults. Discover the top rated and most affordable Spanish lessons with native speakers.

Are you serious about learning Spanish and improving your conversational fluency fast?

Taking online language classes with native speakers is hands-down the best investment for learning a foreign language.

Dozens of companies are now offering live video classes from the comfort of your own home. While this provides plenty of options, it can quickly become overwhelming!

From cost to schedule, there is a lot to consider. This post will help you narrow down the best options, so you can find the perfect online Spanish class for you.

>> Looking for a self-paced online Spanish course instead? Check out the top-rated options in this post.

woman wearing headphones and learning Spanish on computer

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Why Should You Take Spanish Classes Online?

Do you love learning Spanish but then freeze when it’s time to speak it?

Speaking is often the skill that language learners lack confidence in. Even students who are well versed in the grammar of a foreign language can stumble when actually speaking it in real life.

It can be intimidating speaking a foreign language but it’s the most important skill because communication is what languages are all about!

Being able to use the imperfect subjunctive (go you!) in theory, isn’t going to serve you if you stumble over basic conversations.

The best way to learn a language is to speak it.

Most of us can’t just jump on a plane and immerse ourselves in the language- wouldn’t that be fun? So online classes are the next best thing! 

What to consider when choosing an online Spanish class

Choosing the ‘best fit’ online class or language school can be overwhelming. Start by considering some important factors:

  • What are your language goals? Are you looking to take classes more as a hobby, or do you need a deep-dive, immersive experience in preparation for moving abroad, or for a job?
  • How many hours can you commit weekly? Are you able to commit to daily classes or just weekly? Be realistic!
  • What is your budget? Online classes can quickly add up and so it’s important to choose the most cost-effective program for your goals and the quantity of lessons you want.
  • How are the classes structured? Some companies provide a comprehensive curriculum and are highly structured. Others are very flexible with little to no set program. 

This post will break down the features of each company for you, so you can choose the best option for your needs, budget and lifestyle.

How Much do Online Spanish Classes Cost?

Learning Spanish online is an investment, but one that will pay dividends if you commit to your goals.

The cost of online Spanish classes vary considerably with some as low as $5 per hour up to $60+ for highly qualified tutors.

Monthly memberships, like Baselang, can help bring the cost down per class even further, if you are able to maximize your lesson hours.

Keep in mind that more affordable resources like Spanish learning podcasts can support foreign language acquisition, but fluency comes by speaking the language.

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Best Online Spanish Classes for Adults

Best Overall: Baselang 

Baselang spanish classes for adults

Enroll in Baselang and get 7 days for $1 >>

A Gym for your Spanish

Baselang provides the most value for serious language learners.

They are the only company that offers unlimited online Spanish classes with a complete curriculum.

Baselang operates on a monthly membership fee which allows you to access as many Zoom classes as you want to exercise your language brain!

Unlike many other languages schools, Baselang only offers Spanish classes. With 450+ native speaking tutors in Latin America, they are highly specialized.

My tutors were based in Venezuela. I appreciate the introductory videos that they provide in the teacher’s profile so you can get a feel for each tutor’s personality and hear their accent.

baselang teacher profile

Who is Baselang for?

Baselang is best suited to anyone wanting to take advantage of an affordable, intensive program.

If you have a busy schedule or you are not sure if you are ready to dive in, then you would probably benefit more from a pay-as-you-go option like italki.

What’s included in Baselang?

Not only do you receive unlimited hours, but you can follow the highly structured Real World Baselang curriculum with your tutors. How much you stick to the curriculum depends on you: your tutor establishes what your personal goals and topics of interests are in the first lesson.

During your first class, you will complete a placement test. This was the most thorough and accurate one I completed and was fully directed by the tutor.

It was quite grammar focused and allows the tutor to assign you to a level. I think if you are a complete beginner, this test could be a bit intimidating but since I’m a language nerd, I really enjoyed it.

An incredible bonus is that Baselang also provides the DELE program for FREE with the Real World program. This includes intermediate and advanced level grammar lessons, DELE prep and electives (topics like travel, food, politics etc).

Finally, you also receive full access to Memrise (a flashcard learning tool) in order to review your lesson vocabulary.

How much are Baselang Classes?

You cannot pay per class. The membership is $179/mo and includes unlimited classes.

Baselang choose teachers

I really love how easy it is to schedule classes even at the last minute! This is not possible with most language classes. If you need an ultra flexible schedule, Baselang would be ideal for you.

Things I liked…

  • UNLIMITED classes (there is no limit!)
  • Private 1:1 lessons
  • Free access to DELE and Memrise
  • Highly structured curriculum
  • Native speaking tutors only
  • Ability to pick and change your tutor(s)
  • Can schedule literally at the last minute
  • Choose from 30 minutes up to 3 hours for each class duration

Things I didn’t like…

  • Some lessons felt a little grammar heavy
  • Couldn’t find a tutor in Spain
  • Currently no app

Bottom Line:

Baselang is a monthly membership with unlimited classes. Baselang is an extremely good option for students who are serious about becoming conversationally fluent fast, but also want a solid foundation in grammar.

Enroll in Baselang and get 7 days for $1 >>

Most Customized: TruFluency

Enroll in Trufluency and take a discounted trial lesson >>

Rooted in the Bellieu Method, TruFluency believes:

“conversation is the cornerstone of fluency”.

Hands down, this company offers the most personalized and professional lessons, but you will pay more for that privilege.

TruFluency offers the smallest but most highly trained team of native speaking tutors. Currently their Spanish team has 11 Spanish coaches that are 100% vetted, with 10,000 teaching hours, and fully trained in the Bellieu Method.

Progress reports are also provided quarterly and you can choose between 4, 8 or 12 hour subscriptions per month. Your hours never expire and you can cancel anytime.

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Who is Trufluency for?

Trufluency is great for professionals who need bespoke type classes with specific language training. Lessons are completely tailored to your need.

Need to talk to patients? Your TruFluency coach will practice hospital conversation scenarios with you. 

Trufluency would also benefit anyone who prefers upfront scheduling. I know I prefer this for accountability and routine. Although flexible, the calendar is designed so you pick classes in advance and complete them at the same time weekly.

What’s included in the Trufluency program?

You can expect custom classes that get you speaking the language for real life situations. The classes are engaging and interactive and always 1:1.

You will also receive quarterly progress reports from the tutor.

How much are Trufluency classes?

Classes start at $44, although you can take a trial class for $35.

Things I liked…

  • 100% vetted tutors with 10+ years experience
  • Native Speaker tutors
  • Most personalized classes
  • Ability to pick your tutor
  • Choose subscription packages: 4, 8, or 12 hours
  • Quarterly progress reports

Things I didn’t like…

  • Slightly less flexible as fewer tutors
  • Costly per hour

Bottom Line:

TruFluency excels in personalizing their lessons for each student. Very small team that are highly trained and vetted. Each Spanish coach has 10+ years teaching experience! Classes are most expensive per hour.

Enroll in Trufluency and take a discounted trial lesson >>

Most Affordable: italki

italki language classes logo

italki is the giant in the online language class world, offering over 150 languages with 20,000 tutors!

Reviewing the languages available, I didn’t even know half of them existed! It is truly incredible to see so many languages on offer.

italki is also the the only platform that does not have a curriculum.

With italki each teacher uses their own materials and sets their own prices. View italki more as the Vrbo for language classes. They are the middle man and help match students with teachers.

The teachers have full freedom to teach using their own style and create their own lessons.

This then begs the question: with such an incredible scale, how consistent is the quality?

I found the language placement test the least accurate for italki. I received 100% after about 10 grammar questions which were all multiple choice. As a result, they ranked my level as C2 (the highest).

My grammar is strong but my overall fluency is not C2. I would consider myself more at B2 in all honesty. It was a weak placement test.

Who is italki for?

italki is ideal for students who need full flexibility to schedule as many or as little classes as they want.

With italki you can upload credits (1 credit = $1) onto your account, enabling you to pay-as-you-go instead of committing to monthly fees.

What’s included in the italki program?

There are no curriculum materials. However, italki does provide an app that allows you to see your lessons, teachers, view your credits etc.

The app also allows you to access the free italki community where people share questions, ideas and general language nerd fun.

How much are italki classes?

italki has the largest range of prices because the tutors are able to set their own rates. They do offer some of the lowest priced classes from $5, although most are above $10 per hour.

If you are on a super tight budget, italki would be the best option for you.

Things I liked…

  • Free app with an italki community
  • Native Speaking Tutors
  • Private classes
  • Pick your Teacher
  • Flexible Scheduling with over 20,000 tutors
  • Pay-as-you-go system (No monthly charge)

Things I didn’t like…

  • No set curriculum
  • Not sure how vetted each teacher is
  • Huge range in cost from $3 up to $60 per hour!

Bottom Line:

italki is the largest platform for finding online language classes and offers from the lowest prices. However, there is no set curriculum as each teacher is using the site to advertise their personal teaching services. 

Enroll in italki here >>

Concluding Thoughts

Overall I think Baselang provides the best value for serious Spanish learners who want to advance quickly.

If you are looking for highly customized lessons for your professional development, then Trufluency is for you.

If you are on a tight budget and don’t know how many classes you can commit to, then start with italki.

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