In this post: We are sharing 5 ways adults can learn Spanish. From podcasts to TV shows, Youtube lessons to Online courses, improve your fluency today while having fun!

Are you trying to learn Spanish as an adult?

Staying consistent and motivated is not always easy!

…and hiring a tutor is not always affordable!

That’s why we want to share 5 ways to learn Spanish without boring grammar books!

Woman learning Spanish with headphones

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We believe language learning should be fun and engaging, and there are some incredible tools, many of which are FREE!

Learn Spanish with Podcasts

Podcasts are a very practical way to learn Spanish because you can hitch activities: such as running errands or commuting to work, with listening to an episode.

There are some excellent podcasts available today and the best part- they are totally FREE!

Our top pick would have to be StoryLearning Spanish – it is perfect for intermediate speakers.

Storylearning spanish

This podcast uses the storytelling method to teach Spanish.

Each episode features one short chapter of the story and they release one new episode every single day! Each episode includes the complete transcript so you can read along, plus helpful glossaries.

For a beginners option, choose their podcast ‘Spanish Uncovered’ alternative.

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Learn Spanish on YouTube

Did you know you can access high quality Spanish lessons for FREE on YouTube? This is quickly becoming one of the most popular options, especially for younger generations.

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You will find content for all levels from beginners, intermediate to advanced.

Learn Spanish with Online Speaking Classes

Sometimes the thought of online classes with native speakers can be intimidating. We get it!

But taking online classes keeps you accountable, motivated and progressing quickly.

Not to mention the fact that you get to actually use Spanish in context AND hear native speakers.

Usually language tutors can be expensive, but today there are several companies offering affordable options either 1:1 or in small groups.

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Learn Spanish with a Self-paced Course

To achieve quality and well structured and organized teaching, you might want to consider completing a self-paced online course.

If you are too shy to take online speaking classes, a self-paced Spanish Course may be a perfect alternative.

Spanish courses are a really important step to making a consistent, no-gaps approach to your Spanish language development. 

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Learn Spanish by Watching TV

Leveraging screen time for Spanish learning is such an easy win! Listening to Spanish TV shows and movies is a great way to work on your listening skills.

Make the most of the subscriptions you likely already have, like Netflix.

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Another great and trending service is Lingopie. This is essentially a subscription service with hundreds of TV shows from Spain and Latin America that provides guided support for language learners.

Tap the subtitles to read translations, or slow down the speed of the audio (because we all know Spanish speakers tend to speak fast!).

There you have it! 5 fun ways to learn Spanish as an adult! Which strategy will you pick today?

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5. Explore Spanish TV Shows on Netflix here.