In this post: A Round-Up of the best YouTube channels to learn Spanish for FREE as an adult!

Learning Spanish online has never been easier as more and more people are turning to YouTube for free and engaging Spanish lessons.

YouTube is an amazing platform for free education. How many times have you watched a ‘how to’ tutorial on YouTube?

Many high quality Spanish education channels are available featuring native speakers teaching the language authentically through fun and entertaining videos.

It’s no wonder YouTube is quickly becoming one the most popular and free ways to learn a foreign language today.

adult learning Spanish on his cell phone

We have rounded-up the top resources for learning Spanish on YouTube, from beginners to intermediate and advanced learners.

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Advantages of Learning Spanish on YouTube

Learning Spanish from grammar books is becoming a thing of the past. Today we have so many engaging online options that can be enjoyed from home.

Here are just a few of the advantages of learning Spanish on YouTube:

  • It’s FREE: Yes, the most obvious point, but language courses can be a significant financial investment. With YouTube, you are able to support the teacher by subscribing to their channel and liking their content, and they receive their income from ads and sponsorships. This way they are able to provide great content for free and still get paid.

  • It’s EASY: You can access YouTube on your cell phone wherever you have wifi or data. You can rewind, pause and once you find someone you like, subscribe for more of their content. It really is a convenient way to learn Spanish.

  • It’s for ALL LEVELS: You can find channels that are tailored to beginners that explain grammar concepts or meanings in English. Or you can choose more advanced channels that provide a 100% immersion experience.

  • It’s HIGH QUALITY TEACHING: Now, there are definitely hundreds of poorly recorded channels. But because the competition is high, the very best channels which we are sharing in this post are truly professional because they have had to compete with other channels.

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How to Learn Spanish on YouTube

It can definitely be overwhelming trying to find the best fit for your viewing preferences and Spanish level. There are so many channels that cater for a huge variety of niches.

Do you want funny content? Grammar focused content? Explanations in English or Spanish?

Here are a few tips for selecting the channels that will best suit your language learning needs:

  • Select Keywords: Type in multiple keywords in the search. For example, instead of ‘Spanish teacher’, you could type ‘Spanish grammar lessons beginner’. Or ‘Spanish lessons food’. Niche down your keywords so you will get more relevant content as suggestions.

  • Choose Subtitled Videos: Choose videos that provide subtitles in Spanish. I really think watching videos that are subtitled in English will not help you learn as effectively. If you are a beginner, it would be better to choose classes that explain in English, as opposed to having everything subtitled. If you are an intermediate learner, having the subtitles in Spanish will mean you are learning both through listening and reading.

  • Choose topics of interest: Do you enjoy cooking? Or are you a grammar nerd? Whatever makes you tick, watch content about that. If it interests you, you are more likely to stick with it.

So without further ado, here are our top picks for the best YouTube channels for adults learning Spanish, categorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels:

YouTube Channels for Spanish Beginners

Spanish and Go

Country: USA and Mexico 

Subscribers: 170K+

This is a great option for travelers! Jim and May share incredible real-life context as they travel around Spanish speaking countries and teach you about the language, culture and traditions. From ordering food, asking for directions and even shopping in Spanish, they have you covered with all the basics.

Most of the explanations and the content is in English, so it’s a really good option for beginners who need to learn the basics of the Spanish language with a high level of support.

Butterfly Spanish

Country: USA but Ana is a native speaker!

Subscribers: 1 million +

This is another highly popular channel but with a far more traditional approach with a whiteboard and pen setup! The lessons are also very grammar heavy but that’s important when first starting out learning a language!

Ana is a native Spanish speaker but she delivers most of her classes in English with Spanish sprinkled in here and there for fun and target language input.

Her lessons are very engaging with lots of positive energy, and with over 1 million subscribers, she has a hugely engaged audience!

Real World Spanish Lessons

Country: USA (Honduras heritage)

Subscribers: 70K +

This channel is great for complete beginners who want to learn simple and useful phrases in Spanish from a native speaker.

The channel is not as engaging as other channels that add in humor or sketches. For this reason, I think it’s a great option for listening to like a podcast. It is effective for those looking for a simple/ no-thrills but effective Spanish grammar learning channel.

Speak Spanish Faster

This is advanced Beginner – Intermediates

Country: USA (Caribbean Spanish heritage)

Subscribers: 200K+

Rocky is an American with Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic heritage. He didn’t actually learn Spanish properly until he was in his late teens as he grew up in New York, USA.

The promotional ads seemed gimmicky~ ‘learn Spanish fast’ is usually a false promise we steer clear of. However, after engaging in his free YouTube content we were really impressed and have to admit we really love his videos!

His channel is a mix of English and Spanish with subtitles to support, and all his videos are extremely professionally edited. We really enjoy the authentic content he provides and his openness about his own Spanish language journey. A lot of beginners and intermediates will be inspired by his story!

YouTube Channels for Intermediate Level Spanish

Español con Juan

Country: Based in the UK but Juan is from Spain.

Subscribers: 250K+

Anecdotes, humor, games and subtle repetition are at the heart of Juan’s teaching style. You will find yourself binge watching his channel because the lessons are just so fascinating and engaging, you barely realize you are learning.

He doesn’t use a traditional whiteboard and pen setup, but rather a natural and entertaining conversational style that is focused on a topic or grammar point in context.

He also explains the meaning of Spanish words in Spanish, using very clear examples and synonyms.

Not only do you learn a LOT from each video, but Juan never fails to make you laugh.

His channel is professionally edited and highly popular!

The video linked is his hilarious explanation of why he is a Youtuber and why he doesn’t like working. But really, it’s an engaging and humorous way to teach the subjunctive mood.

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Spanish with Vicente

Country: Spain

Subscribers: 200K+

This is another top pick for intermediate + learners. We really enjoy Vicente’s channel because he often invents different characters (always himself dressed differently) to act out a scene. These mini sketches are always highly engaging, very funny and extremely effective at teaching either a grammar point or colloquialisms.

Like with Español con Juan, you will find yourself binge watching his channel and learning dozens of new phrases.

Vicente also explains everything in Spanish, with the support of Spanish subtitles. He even highlights the keywords for the lesson in the subtitles, making it very easy to follow along and learn.

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Español con Guada

Country: Based in Italy, but Guada is from Spain

Subscribers: 10K+

We love Guada’s many hilarious reels on Instagram that teach Spanish vocabulary. Then she began a YouTube channel for more long-form content.

She speaks many languages, and actually lives in Italy now, but Spanish is her native tongue. Her humor is dry and recently she has been sharing footage of some beautiful scenery in her hometown.

Her content mostly focuses on the culture of Spain and putting grammar in real-life context with fun examples.

YouTube Channels for Advanced Level Spanish

Maria Español

Country: Spain

Subscribers: 160K+

Another awesome option for upper intermediate learners who want to learn in the target language. Maria is also from Spain so you can expect the use of ‘vosotros’ in her teaching.

Her videos also include subtitles in Spanish, to support intermediate learners. She breaks down text and grammar points to give detailed explanations and more examples in different contexts.

If you are a huge fan of the show Casa de Papel, you will love this video below!


Country: USA

Subscribers: 4.5M+

What an incredible channel! Holly speaks Spanish and English fluently. Her channel is a mix of English classes for native Spanish speakers and Spanish classes for native English speakers. In addition, she has reviews, fun DIYs and so much more. It’s really a fun mix of content.

Her setup is super engaging and professional.

Here’s her story of how she learned Spanish. It’s definitely not what you expect!

Daniela Bos

Country: Mexico

Subscribers: 600K+

Daniela is not a Spanish teacher, but rather her channel is about current events, everyday life and she fun facts.

Subtitles are not automated, nor does she review vocabulary or grammar points. So ultimately, this is just a fun and engaging channel to keep your ear tuned into Spanish.

Her accent is very clear but she speaks very quickly and so this really is a channel for advanced level learners.


Country: Chile

Subscribers: 40M+

Hola Soy German is one of the most successful Youtubers EVER. I think the latest data showed he was the fourth most subscribed channel on Youtube.

His videos are hilarious and full of jokes, but they are extremely FAST. This is undoubtedly for advanced+ level speakers. He is actually fluent in English also, but his videos are nearly all in Spanish.

If you enjoy ‘in your face’ type humor and you can cope with the velocity of his videos, you will really enjoy this channel.

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