In this post: How bilingual books can teach your kids Spanish and our top bilingual Spanish- English book recommendations.

Reading bilingual books is a core part of biliteracy and a dual-language education, but how do you navigate reading bilingual books to your kids?

Bilingual Spanish and English books

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Bilingual books include side-by-side texts. This allows readers to see the differences between words written in Spanish and English.

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Both language learners and bilingual children can benefit from using bilingual books since they appeal to those learning Spanish and English. 

Bilingual books are also great for dual language access as they provide both English and Spanish texts that make it easy for kids to learn and differentiate each language and simultaneously increase their vocabulary.

After a kid starts reading in both languages, there will be a deeper understanding of how to use the languages effectively and make it become part of their daily life. 

Another important element of bilingual books is cultural awareness. Kids can expand their knowledge of how cultures are different, but at the same time realize that there are many similarities.

For example, when kids see how people from another culture express their feelings and values, they can learn a lot and build a better appreciation of cultural diversity.

Llamitas Spanish® Curriculum

Looking for an open-and-go Spanish curriculum? Discover Llamitas Spanish®, an authentic Spanish program for the early years that shares poetry, literature, art and songs rooted in Hispanic culture.

We provide your child with the foundations in Spanish phonics and biliteracy so they can have the best possible start to a bilingual education.

Tips for Reading Bilingual Books

Sometimes it can feel a little confusing have both languages side by side. Which should you read first? Will the child get confused? We’re sharing best practices here:

One of the simplest ways for beginners to learn Spanish using a bilingual book would be to first read in English and then pick out some of the most relevant keywords in the Spanish text and compare those words. This gradually builds their vocabulary without the overwhelm of full Spanish immersion.

When it comes to intermediate Spanish learners, we recommend first reading the complete Spanish text. Then use the English as support when they need clarification on whether their understanding is correct.

Ultimately, we want the child to enjoy the story and develop a passion for literacy. As their parent you can best discern which language to focus on when reading aloud to your child and adapt accordingly.

Free Bilingual Books

It is exciting to know that thanks to the internet, we can find many books that we probably wouldn’t be aware of otherwise. Besides the bilingual books we offer on our website, you can also find many interesting books on the internet. We will share a few websites where you can find more free bilingual books.

Here are our top recommendations for free Spanish books online:

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Bilingual Books for Babies

Bilingual books are not only for kids who can read! Many books are also addressed for babies and toddlers, as the learning process starts at birth!

Start nurturing a love for literacy and language acquisition from an early age!

Here is a list of recommended books for babies: 

This book has very simple and minimal vocabulary for little learners. Inspired by a traditional Spanish folk song ‘De Colores’, this book celebrates inclusivity and joy through bilingual English and Spanish text.

From the #1 bilingual preschool band, this board book is one of many offered by Canticos. Your children will love the cute characters and their bilingual songs too.

A simple, bilingual story about two chatty giraffes who befriend a baby ostrich. This book introduces first Spanish phrases which are perfect for complete beginners.

  • Lejos/ Far  series by Juan Felipe Herrera                      

Pair this book with Cerca/Close to learn about two Spanish prepositions! Showing real life examples, this is a great first concepts bilingual book!

We love the ‘Indestructible’ book series! They books are made for babies~ drool, spit up, the lot! Now in bilingual English and Spanish, learn vocabulary related to food, especially vegetables and fruits. Wipes clean!

Great for learning to count! This bilingual board book is from Latin Grammy Award winners 123 Andrés. A catchy tune and great practice for counting and simple subtraction!

Another beautiful title from 123 Andrés (can you tell we are huge fans?)! Discover all the members of the community who work together to make it a safe and happy place.

  • Binibi series:                                                                            

Perhaps our favorite preschool series of all is Binibi. With a variety of musical and sound books, these interactive board books are the perfect addition to a bilingual bookshelf.

In a previous post, we provided an insight into what the Binibi series can offer for the development of babies learning Spanish.

Just for giggles, this book is about a kid friendly version of the legendary creature ‘La chupacabra’! This one has an appetite for goats! This book transports kids to a place where there is a funny relationship between the Little Chupacabra and a Goat.

Bilingual Picture Books

Next up, bilingual picture books! These are great if you want to entertain your kids with lovely pictures that will capture their attention from the first moment they see these books. 

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Based on a true story, this is the incredible tale of a mobile library created by a man and his donkeys Alfa and Beto who travel around rural villages in Colombia to promote culture and literacy. A story rooted in Hispanic culture that your kids will love.

This bilingual picture books shares about cousins who live on opposite sides of the US-Mexico border. A wonderful invitation to appreciate and notice the differences of two towns so close and yet so far apart, and the relationship between two cousins.

A fantastic picture book to learn about influential Latinas in history including Ellen Ochoa (first Latina to go to space), Sonia Sotomayor (first Latina Supreme Court Justice,) Rita Moreno (first Latina to win an Oscar), and many more!

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Brought to you by Bilingual Parenting expert and inspirational bicultural Latina Maritere Bellas. This is a bilingual children’s book that follows the adventures of Yunito who has a secret (he speaks Spanish!) This book encourages children to understand how bilingualism is a superpower we should all be proud of.

This bilingual book shares about Lolis, a Spanish speaking girl who enters an English speaking school and feels completely overwhelmed. Will she be able to pass 1st grade and learn English? A heartwarming story that will encourage dual language students.

A fantastic socio-emotional title that teaches us about caring for each other and our planet. I love how this book encourages us to be responsible stewards, seeking harmony and cooperation, respect and empathy.

We absolutely love the Lala series! Written by my friend Susana, this beautifully illustrated bilingual book shares the adventures of Lala, a lizard who is embarrassed to be a vegetarian. A wonderful message about embracing your uniqueness and appreciating that everyone has their differences.

From the Bilingo Books series, this story shares about Anna, a bilingual and bicultural girl who visits Spain but struggles to fit in because of her dual heritage and ‘differences’. A book many bicultural children will identify with and one that encourages readers to respect and admire cultural differences.

Also available: La chica mexiglish

Sharing a positive message about the beauty of diversity and self-esteem, this bilingual English-Spanish book aims to help children around the world discover self-love. Themes of friendship, kindness, positivity and multiculturalism are at the heart of this book.

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For Disney fans, this beautiful bilingual picture book shares the story of the incredible Encanto: a magical home in the Colombian mountains, and la familia Madrigal. It’s rich in culture and your kids will likely already know the story!

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With English and Spanish text side-by-side, this series of well known fairy tales is a great option for introducing bilingual books into your home. For children 5+ these make for great readers too!

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