In this post: Gorgeous Spanish musical and sound books for babies, toddlers and preschoolers by Binibi. Plus an exclusive discount!

So often parents raising little linguists reach out to me and ask “What’s your best tip?”

Do you know what I always tell them?

“Read to your children.”

I truly believe that reading aloud is one of the simplest, yet most powerful ways we can support our child’s language development.

child pressing the music buttons in the Binibi Spanish musical books

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There is so much research that proves the power of reading aloud to our kids from an early age, especially when it comes to second language acquisition.

But finding books for toddlers and preschoolers in Spanish that really engage them can be challenging.

I have had my fair share of ‘read aloud flops’ over the years. Books that were too long, too advanced, too dull.

It’s not always easy to find the books that, as Goldilocks would say, are just right’. But when we do, something truly beautiful happens!

That’s why I was beyond excited to connect with Ana Sofia Guzman, a Latina mama originally from El Salvador and the Cofounder of Binibia GORGEOUS collection of bilingual song and sound books!

Binibi Spanish musical books

What are Binibi Books?

Binibi books are a series of bilingual musical and sound books for young children.

They are not only beautifully designed, but they are JUST RIGHT for engaging children in play-based reading!

My daughter is 4 years old and she is all about musical books. We have several collections of musical Spanish books and Binibi is an absolute favorite for her.

As soon as she unwrapped the Binibi collection, she was pressing buttons, singing along, and squealing with delight as dolphins chattered, cows mooooed and her favorite nursery rhymes played. (Her favorites being ‘La lechuza’ and ‘Los pollitos dicen’).

I managed to capture her reaction to the noise ‘la vaca’ made in the sound book ‘La Granja’.

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We have had this collection in our home for months now, and I can honestly say she is picking them up every single day and interacting with them. They have brought her so much joy!

There are currently two sound books and two musical books in the collection (with more releasing soon~ I may have had a sneak peek recently and I can’t wait to share more soon with y’all!)

The books are battery operated and very easily replaced (I checked).

Toddler friendly

These books are sturdy and made to last~ perfect for heavy handed toddlers!

The books are also interactive with little buttons to press on every page. I also adore that they include a little bee on each page for your child to find.

Another thing to mention here is that the sound quality is excellent. We are already huge fans of sound books but the sound quality can be hit or miss. Every single book we have with Binibi is excellent quality.

Binibi la playa

Bilingual Lyrics

I know my readers are a real mix of non-natives and native or heritage or Spanish speakers. It’s often hard to find resources that support both.

Binibi’s books include lyrics in both Spanish and English. They do not try to literally translate the original Spanish lyrics- as often this would sound odd.

Instead, they translate in such a way that the English lyrics also rhyme! It’s brilliant!

Binibi coupon code

These books typically run $19.99 each. For the high quality and interactive capabilities of their books, I would say that, in itself, is a very fair price.

But I always try and get the best offers for you!

Ana is offering an exclusive discount for an extra 15% OFF any purchase with coupon code MAMALLAMA.

That even includes their bundles (!!!)… which, by the way, are already discounted 15%!

These books make beautiful and unique gifts, or you can just treat your own kids because, quite frankly, raising bilingual kiddos truly is a gift worth celebrating.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Be sure to check out Binibi and don’t forget to use coupon MAMALLAMA for an additional 15% OFF your purchase.

Binibi books for kids

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