In this post: The ultimate bilingual Christmas gift guide for families learning Spanish! From puzzles, to Spanish games, books and bilingual toys!

Are you looking for the perfect Spanish gift for your kids or a bilingual family?

Holiday gift guides are my jam, but I have always struggled to find a meaningful one for Spanish language presents.

So over the past few months I have been keeping a list of our favorite Spanish resources that make beautiful (and easy) gifts!

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mockup of a free gift guide for parents raising bilingual children

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¡Viva Kids!

If you are looking for authentic, hispanic gifts for kids- this is your one stop shop!

I was delighted to connect Monica, the founder of this Latina-owned business. She shared all about her incredible Spanish language learning gifts for kids.

From puzzles to games, toys to books- this place has it all!

Some of my favorite picks includes this amazing Pandería set. My daughter is really enjoying imaginative play using her toy kitchen, and so this made the perfect addition!

photo of La panaderia toy which is a bakery toy playset

This Calaverita doll was a huge win too. My daughter is fascinated with the movie Coco and so I knew this would be the perfect contribution to her doll collection.

Mexican day of the dead toy doll called Cati Calaverita

Another beautiful gift are the books. I snagged this festive title from Lil’Libros series: Los Tres Reyes Magos.

You can use coupon code Mamallama10 to get 10% off at Viva Kids.

Yoto USA

child sitting on a bench and listening to the Yoto player

Wow! Cassette players have come a long way! I am so impressed with this audio story player for ages 3+. Yoto helps parents reduce screen time while entertaining them through audio read alouds, songs, podcasts and more!

The best part: they have a small, but growing Spanish collection! Plus Spanish podcasts and radio!

If you go to ‘Cards’ from the main menu, you can filter by language! The Yoto Player even has an integrated white noise machine which my kids need!



We are truly in love with this Latina owned business!

These musical Spanish books are sturdy (perfect for heavy handed toddlers) and the music is very authentic to the Hispanic culture. I would highly recommend them for ages 0-6.

You can use coupon code MAMALLAMA for 20% OFF!

child pressing the music buttons in the Binibi Spanish musical books

Habbi Habbi

Building a bilingual library has been an absolute joy for my family. I truly believe there is so much magic in reading a good book.

The bonding it brings with your children, life-long inside jokes and memories, and even the investment in literacy, really do make books the perfect gift.

Young girl using the Habbi Habbi Bilingual Wand to tap the book and listen to Spanish vocabulary

Habbi Habbi is particularly special to us, as their books are interactive with a Reading Wand!

My kids LOVE playing and exploring the pages because every single part of the page is tappable. Whether your child taps the pictures, words or white space, they will get a response in the target language.

It’s such a genius creation and I highly recommend for all families looking to gift something special and unique.

Spanish Alphabet Canvas

This beautiful wall art features watercolor animals to match up with every letter of the Spanish alphabet. The perfect wall art for a bilingual family!

Find it included in the Llamitas Spanish Preschool Morning Binder as a digital download. OR purchase a printed copy here.

mockup of the Llamitas Spanish Alphabet Poster

Pío Peep Anthology

This is the most authentic anthology of Spanish Nursery Rhymes I have found. It was one of the first resources I ever purchased for my own children, and still the most loved.

From Arroz con Leche to De Colores, it has some beautiful and timeless hispanic poems with beautiful illustrations.

Libros Pizarra

These Wipe Clean books are a daily activity in our bilingual home. They are perfect for morning routines and practicing those early years fine motor skills like tracing and pen control.

Best of all, they can be used over and over again. You can find them in my bilingual bookshop.

Spanish Board Games

We are a huge board game family! Almost every Sunday after church, we grab a game together. Lately we are realizing, that they can be a great way to practice Spanish too!

Here are our top picks for adults:

Scrabble en Español ~ A great workout for my brain!

Código Secreto ~This is such a simple but fun game! You have to have an advanced Spanish level to play it, otherwise I recommend you get the English version. Try to get your teammate to guess the cards you have by giving them clues. This is a great game to play after a couple of drinks!

Here are our top picks for kids:

I would recommend you check out La Lotería (bingo). It’s a classic and a must-have for every family learning Spanish!

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This Memo Animales memory game is also a popular and simple choice for younger kids.

Memo animales Spanish memory game kids

For a traditional version of Lotería, I recommend this one on Amazon. I first discovered this at our school district’s Día de Muertos event and I love the traditional hispanic illustrations.

Highlights High Five Bilingue

This is a no-brainer because it’s such an affordable Spanish resource. The bilingual magazine teaches your child Spanish through short stories, games and puzzles. It’s a really cute magazine and perfect for ages 3-8.

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Bilingual Parenting Books

I love self-help books and bilingual parenting books are a great way to get inspired and discover new ideas for how to raise little linguists.

Some of my favorite picks include:

Bilingual Success Stories Around the World

Adam Beck is one of my favorite gurus for bilingual parenting! I had the honor of having him guest post on my blog. You can read his post here about his very own bilingual parenting success story!

In his most recent publication, Adam shares the stories of many other families who have embarked on the adventure of raising bilingual kids.

It’s very encouraging because the stories are authentic and honest. It is also full of useful tips for transitioning your child to an active bilingual. I highly recommend it, as well as his first release Maximize your Child’s Bilingual Ability.

Arroz con Pollo y Apple Pie

Written by the incredible bilingual and bicultural latina mom Maritere Rodriguez Bellas, this is a very important read for families that are raising bicultural children.

Mari shares her experiences and expertise in multicultural parenting, and the challenges she faced. It is also highly encouraging and eye opening. A must read for bilingual parenting tips.

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