In this post: Use love songs as a creative way to teach your children Spanish while celebrating el Día de San Valentín (Valentine’s Day) this year.

Ask your kids to sing one of their favorite nursery rhymes and they’ll break into song almost immediately. Tell them to recall exactly what they learned at school two weeks ago and you’re likely to be met with silence. That’s the power of music! 

Kids with Valentine's heart glasses singing songs

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For years, scientists have researched the benefits of music when it comes to language acquisition. It has proven to be a fun and engaging way to encourage learning by expanding vocabulary, improving pronunciation and aiding in memorization. 

These are all beneficial skills that come in especially handy when learning a second language. In addition to learning the language itself, there are also many opportunities to experience the culture of other countries. 

With Valentines’s Day just around the corner, use music to promote a positive attitude towards learning and teach your kids new words and concepts. 

How do you say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish?

To wish someone a Happy Valentine’s day in Spanish you say ‘¡Feliz día de San Valentín!’.

You can also say ‘¡Feliz día del amor y la amistad!‘ which means ‘Happy love and friendship day!’

Our Top 10 Spanish Love Song Picks 

If you want to start by teaching your kids all about Valentines’s Day, we’ve got a comprehensive blog you can start with which includes useful phrases, cards, books and more.

Then, get in the mood for celebrating and creating amazing teaching opportunities with the following lists of some of our favorite songs!

  1. Skidamarink by Cocomelon

We may never know what skidamarink actually means, but we do know that this song is cute and catchy! It’s even better if you can watch it on Youtube to show your kids all the ways in which love can be portrayed among family members. This is the Spanish version!

  1. Amor/ What is love by Canticos 

Everyone on the Canticos cast comes together for this bilingual, upbeat song. They sing all about love, what it is and how it makes them feel. The song is easy to learn and the lyrics are available in the description so you’ll be singing along in no time. 

  1. Te quiero by Alina Celeste

Alina Celeste’s voice is smooth, soothing and beautiful. This song is in Spanish so it may take some more time to understand but it’s packed with useful words and phrases just in line with Valentine’s Day.

This song is featured with full lyrics (and English translations) in our Valentine’s Day unit!

  1. Love Song by 123 Andrés

This song is so fun and witty that’s why we love it! The skillful use of various instruments makes it even better. Not only do you learn about love but about different animals as well. 

  1. Amistad by Tia Edith

As we know, Valentine’s Day is also for celebrating friendships and this song captures those ideas and feelings perfectly.

  1. Mamá te quiero mucho by Music with Sara

This just may be a bit biased (sorry dads) but this song is dedicated specifically to all mothers. It’s just over a minute so your kids will be able to follow along and learn quickly. 

  1. Besos para ti by Mi Amigo Hamlet

This song wraps you in within the first 20 seconds with a thrilling instrumental that’s sure to get you dancing. Learn to express your love with kisses with this energetic song by Mi Amigo Hamlet.

  1. Mi Mascota, Mi amigo by Pinkfong

If you or your kids love your pets more than anything else then you’ll certainly relate to this one while also learning the names of some common pets. If you don’t have any then your kids just might be begging for one by the time you’re done listening.

  1. Dos oruguitas by Sebastián Yatra

Describing the tale of two caterpillars who fell in love before having to part ways, this romantic Oscar-nominated song became a favorite after it was featured in Disney’s Encanto.

We won’t say much more to avoid spoilers but it’s definitely a must-see. If you haven’t seen it, check it out on Disney Plus along with some of our other recommended Disney Plus shows that you can watch in Spanish.

  1. Chocolalala by Mister G

This Valentine’s day playlist wouldn’t be complete without some reference to chocolate, a Valentine’s Day staple. The word chocolalala is already so fun to say and even more exciting to sing. 

To play these amazing songs all at once, be sure to save our Spotify playlist. Once you’re comfortable enough with the melodies and lyrics of the songs, grab the snacks – chocolates included- and have a unique Valentine’s-themed karaoke night. 

Valentine’s Day Thematic Unit in Spanish

After enjoying some great Valentine’s Day songs, our thematic unit is the perfect way to support learning on this topic. Covering different disciplines and skills by exploring a central theme is one of the best ways for children to learn a language.

Find this Valentine’s Day Spanish unit in our Holiday and Seasonal Bundle!

The bundle includes 7 holiday units and 4 bonus seasonal units too!

Valentines Day Spanish Unit


Dive right into this exciting unit which includes vocabulary flashcards, Montessori 3-part cards, a fun thematic activity pack, games and lots more resources. Get it today! 

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