In this post: We’ll share different ways to say goodbye in Spanish along with our favorite Spanish goodbye songs for kids!

Maybe this is a no-brainer, but as a first-time parent, it took me a while to realize just how much kids thrive on routines.

Following a schedule and using cues like special songs or activities before moving onto the next thing helps everyone know what to expect throughout the day. When it comes to teaching Spanish to your kids, this translates into less stress for everyone and more time for fun and learning!

child waving goodbye

A goodbye song is an excellent way to conclude a Spanish lesson with young children, and at Llamitas Spanish each of our lessons end with a goodbye song. Repetition is such a powerful tool in language learning, and incorporating hand motions will further help to reinforce vocabulary acquisition with comprehensible input.

Not sure where to start? We’re sharing our favorite Spanish goodbye songs for kids right here, so keep reading!

Different Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish

Saying goodbye in Spanish goes beyond just “adiós.” There are so many different ways to say goodbye that it would be difficult to list them all here!

Just like any other language, the ways you can say goodbye vary in how formal or informal they are and can also vary by region. Some of these are very informal, so you’ll only want to use them with friends and family. 

Here are 14 different ways to say goodbye in Spanish:

Spanish English Translation
Adiós. Goodbye.
Hasta luego. See you later.
Hasta mañana. See you tomorrow.
Hasta la vista Until next time
Hasta la próxima. Until next time.
Chao. Bye.
Cuídese. Take care (formal).
Cuídate. Take care of yourself. (Informal)
Hasta pronto. See you soon.
Nos vemos. See you.
Que tengas un buen día. Have a great day.
Nos vemos mañana. See you tomorrow.
Luego nos vemos. See you around.
Que te vayas bien. See ya later.
Ya me voy. I’m off.
Te veo luego I’ll see you later
Seguimos en contacto We’ll stay in touch
Estamos en contacto We’ll stay in touch

Just like saying “See you later, alligator,” in English, you can also play with fun rhymes when saying goodbye in Spanish. Try some of these:

Spanish rhymes to say goodbye
Spanish English
Que tengas buen día, ardilla. Have a nice day, squirrel.
Nos vemos por ahí, colibrí. See you around, hummingbird.
Hasta mañana, iguana. See you tomorrow, iguana.
Adiós, corazón de arroz. Goodbye, heart of rice.
Chao, pescao. Goodbye, fish.

Note: Some of these are regional, so it’s possible you might get a funny look depending on who you try it out on. For example, “Adiós, corazón de arroz” is used in Argentina and parts of Mexico.

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Spanish Goodbye Songs on Youtube

YouTube can be a great resource for finding Spanish songs for kids, but it can also be a bit overwhelming to have so many choices. We’ll narrow it down for you with our favorites that we’ve found.

Check out some of these Spanish goodbye songs for kids:

Adiós, Adiós by Super Simple Español

My kids loved Super Simple Songs when they were younger, and I sometimes used them in the classroom when I was teaching too! We feature this song in our Level 1 Curriculum and appreciate how simple, repetitive, and catchy it is! Your kids will quickly pick up on the lyrics as they practice saying “Adiós” and “Hasta luego” with only a couple of other repeating lines.

Adiós amigos by José-Luis Orozco

Also featured in our Level 1 Curriculum, this short and sweet goodbye song is sung to the familiar tune of “Frère Jacques,” making it super easy to remember. Among the few phrases in the song are “Adiós, amigos,” “Ya me voy,” and “Me dio mucho gusto estar con ustedes” (It was nice to be with you).

Adiós by Calico Spanish Songs for Kids

Beginning with the line “Es hora de decir ‘Adiós’ de la clase de español” (It’s time to say “goodbye” to Spanish class), this song by Calico Spanish for Kids is the perfect way to end a lesson. The calming acoustic guitar will help kids wind down after class, and with only three lines, it doesn’t take long to memorize this one.

Goodbye in Spanish by Learning Spanish with Johanna

Sometimes seeing an actual person instead of a cartoon singing can help with picking up the vocabulary in a Spanish song. This is a great choice if that’s what you’re looking for! It’s also quick and easy to learn, with translations given after the first run through the song. Some phrases you’ll practice include “Que estés muy bien” (Have a good one), “Nos vemos después” (See you later), and of course “Adiós.”

Hasta Luego Cocodrilo by Super Simple Español

Your kids will love singing this adorable song with fun rhymes like “Hasta luego, cocodrilo” (See you later, crocodile) and “Adiós, adiós, mariposa” (Bye, bye, butterfly). You could even make a game out of coming up with your own silly rhymes to add to the song.

Adiós by Diluu Español

This fun song is great for all ages, but even older kids will have fun with it. It only has a few lines to remember, including “Adiós,” “Hasta pronto,” and “Pasadlo muy bien” (Have a great time), but it gets faster and faster each time through! I love that it includes both Spanish and English text in the video so you can be sure you’re learning the lines correctly.

Llamitas Spanish Goodbye Song

Music is a fantastic way to learn new vocabulary, and we’re all about incorporating songs to complement our lessons. For instance, songs can be a great tool for learning the days of the week or months of the year in Spanish.

That’s why at Llamitas Spanish®, we offer several goodbye songs at the end of our lessons. As you know by now, we think this is a great way to end a Spanish lesson.

We’re sharing with you one of our very own goodbye songs from our Level 2 Curriculum, written by our voice producer Andrea Aguila.

Llamitas Spanish® goodbye song lyrics:

Spanish English Translation
Adiós, adiós
Hasta pronto, ya me voy
Saco mi mano* y digo adiós
Hasta mañana, ya me voy.

Adiós, adiós
Hasta pronto, ya me voy
Saco la otra mano* y digo adiós
Hasta mañana, ya me voy.

Adiós, adiós
Hasta pronto, ya me voy
Le doy un gran abrazo* y te digo adiós
Hasta mañana, ya me voy.

Goodbye, goodbye, 
See you soon, I’m going now
I take out my hand* and say goodbye
See you tomorrow. I’m going now.

Goodbye, goodbye,
See you soon.
I’m going nowI take out my other hand*
and say goodbye
See you tomorrow I’m going now.

Goodbye, goodbye,
See you soon, I’m going now
I give you a big hug* and say goodbye
See you tomorrow, I’m going now.

*indicates the part that changes

This goodbye song is simple and repetitive, with only one part that changes with each repetition. Give it a try and see how easy it is to learn!

Homeschool Spanish Curriculum Levels

Raising bilingual children doesn’t have to be hard. You just need the right resources! Our Llamitas Spanish Curriculum series offers two levels for young children through the elementary years. The robust open-and-go format has everything you need to teach your kids Spanish without stress!

Llamitas Spanish curriculum mockup including the textbook and curriculum box

Music is a core part of our curriculum at Llamitas Spanish, and we provide you with songs in both curriculum levels to complement our lessons. These include popular Latin American nursery rhymes and other familiar songs your children will love.

We’re here to support you in raising bilingual kids. Let the universal language of music enrich your children’s Spanish learning!