In this post: Teach your kids the months of the year in Spanish. Plus discover our catchy Llamitas Spanish song: Los meses del año

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One of the foundational, first concepts taught when learning a language is the calendar.

Learning how to say the day, and months of the year (especially your child’s birthday month!) is another basic concept like counting and the Spanish alphabet.

Llamitas Spanish months of the year song and months worksheets

What are the months of the year in Spanish?

Let’s dive in and learn how to pronounce the months of the year in Spanish. 

Los meses del año (Months of the year):

Español  English
enero (eh-neh-roh) January
febrero (feh-breh-roh) February
marzo (mahr-soh) March
abril (ah-breel) April
mayo (mah-yoh) May
junio (hoo-nyoh) June
julio (hoo-lyoh) July
agosto (ah-gohs-toh) August
septiembre o setiembre (sehp-tyehm-breh) September
octubre (ohk-too-breh) October
noviembre (noh-byehm-breh) November
diciembre (dee-syehm-breh) December

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You can keep this chart handy while playing your favorite Spanish months of the year song, especially when you’re first getting started.

Notice how the months of the year are NOT capitalized in Spanish? This is the same for days of the week, nationalities, and seasons.

How to say your birthday in Spanish

One of a child’s favorite things to countdown to is their ‘cumpleaños’ (their birthday)! Here’s how to teach them to say their birthday in Spanish:

>> Mi cumpleaños es el (number) de (month)

Question: ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? (When is your birthday?)

Answer: Mi cumpleaños es el dos de febrero.

When is their birthday? That’s right! It’s February 2nd.

Look at the following birthdays and see if you can give figure out the dates:

  • Mi cumpleaños es el cinco de mayo
  • Mi cumpleaños es el ocho de marzo
  • Mi cumpleaños es el veinte de abril
  • Mi cumpleaños es el quince de agosto
  • Mi cumpleaños es el veinticuatro de noviembre

Let’s check your answers: May 5th, March 8th, April 20th, August 15th, November 24th. How did you do? 

Months of the Year Songs in Spanish

Songs are a very catchy way for young children to learn a foreign language. Repetition and rhythm help with memorization of the vocabulary! Here are a few our favorite Months of the Year songs in Spanish:

Miss Rosi’s Months of the Year Song

A gentle and soothing song by Miss Rosi. Kids love seeing the changing seasons throughout the year with this beautiful and simple video.

Canta con Jess

From one of our favorite Spanish Youtubers for kids, Canta con Jess sings the 12 months of the year song in Spanish, with English support.

El Reino Animado

A super simple option as acapella. No thrills but your children will love that it’s a child’s voice singing and they will be eager to sing along.

One of the most loved features of our Llamitas Spanish Curriculum are the songs! 

Our families tell us that our acapella, beautiful, and gentle songs by award winning voice producer Andrea Aguilar, are a highlight of the curriculum.

Llamitas Spanish Preschool Morning Binder

In our Preschool Spanish Morning Binder you will find 7 songs that cover basic concepts like counting, the alphabet, colors, shapes, days of the week, and months of the year!

Preschool Spanish Morning Binder

Llamitas Spanish® Months of the Year Song

Sing along as we practice the months of the year! Oh, and don’t forget to spin around when you hear your birthday month!

Los meses del año son doce

(There are 12 months in the year)

Muchas fiestas y cambios de clima

(Many celebrations and changes in the weather)

Nos esperan

(Await us)

Muy atento tienes que escuchar

(You have to listen very carefully)

Que los meses vamos a nombrar

(We’re going to name the months)

Si tú escuchas que digo tu mes

(If you hear me say your month)

Una vuelta tú tendrás que dar

(You have to spin around)

Enero, febrero, marzo, abril

(January, February, March, April)

mayo, junio, julio,

(May, June, July)

agosto, septiembre, octubre,

(August, September, October)

noviembre y diciembre.

(November and December.)

Our Preschool Spanish Morning Binder is the best option for children under 5 who are looking to start with Spanish first concepts, letter recognition and tracing, CV syllables, and more.

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Child learning Spanish with the Llamitas Spanish Preschool Morning Binder