Learn about ‘el invierno’ with our Spanish winter unit study! Part of our Holiday & Seasonal Bundle in the Llamitas Spanish Curriculum Shop.

At Llamitas Spanish® we are passionate about thematic learning! It’s at the heart of all our academic curricula units.

As the winter season approaches, we are sharing about our winter themed worksheets, flashcards and activities, so your kids and students can learn thematic vocabulary in Spanish!

winter Spanish worksheets

Spanish Winter Themed Vocabulary

Whether you’re a Spanish beginner, or native speaker, Llamitas Spanish supports you with bilingual scripts! In all our units, we tell you what to say with our open and go format: simply open the lesson and read the scripts in English or Spanish.

In each theme we provide core thematic vocabulary. So, let’s jump into some words we can teach you about winter!

Firstly, how do you say winter in Spanish?

Winter in Spanish is ‘el invierno’ (een-byehr-noh)

The vocabulary table below shares other thematic vocab related to winter and ‘los animales polares’, which is the focus of our winter themed unit.

Many of these words are available as FREE flashcards in our Freebie Library!

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Spanish  English
copo de nieve snowflake
botas boots
guantes gloves
bufanda scarf
gorro hat
hielo ice
Hace frío It’s cold
nieve snow
campanilla de invierno snowdrop flower
cabaña cabin
hombre de nieve snowman
chocolate caliente hot chocolate
sierra saw
árbol invernal winter tree
reno reindeer
acebo holly
trineo sled
spanish winter flashcards

Spanish Worksheets about Winter

If you’re looking for winter themed Spanish activities for your kids, look no further than our Spanish Holiday & Seasonal Bundle. We provide them for every season!

With activities for kids ages 3-10, there are plenty of fun Spanish worksheets to enjoy! Each set of thematic worksheets includes native speaker audio to support pronunciation, plus stories, games, songs, poems and more!

We even differentiate our worksheets for different ages, allowing the whole family to get involved!

Spanish winter activities

Students will learn the fun song ‘Hombre de nieve’ (Snowman), listen to the story of a family that cut down a real Christmas tree together in the forest, play games like Bingo, and so much more!

Winter Themed Songs in Spanish

In all our Llamitas Spanish® curricula, we include ‘canciones’ (songs) to enrich the thematic learning experience!

Here are some fun winter themed picks to enjoy alongside the FREE printables:

Hombre de nieve by Language U

This one is short but catchy! We include the lyrics in the free winter pack. Learn about a snowman and his carrot nose!

Copo de Nieve by Super Simple Español

This song is so cute! It’s a beautiful, gentle and repetitive song with subtitles in English to support non-native speakers.

Watch as a sweet snowman explores the snowflakes around him! Great for learning parts of the body vocabulary too!

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Blanco Oso Polar by PinkFong

This short and upbeat song is great for learning about ‘el oso polar’ and its many impressive features!

Pinguinos a Bailar by PinkFong

You may recognize this song! It’s quite a hit with preschoolers. Get your kiddos dancing along as they practice body vocabulary and get moving!

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Spanish Homeschool Curriculum 

If you’re ready for a more formal and complete early years curriculum, our Llamitas Spanish curriculum levels are for you!

With phonics, math, literacy, music and art, your child will love our beautifully illustrated and culturally authentic Spanish units.

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