In this post: Our top picks for Spanish Halloween board books, picture books and chapter books!

Halloween (or Día de Brujas/ Noche de Brujas) is almost upon us!

Rotating your children’s books with new and exciting Halloween themed titles is a fun way to learn Spanish and keep them engaged in reading!

From board books to picture books and even some chapter books, I have rounded-up the best, and not- too-scary, titles for Halloween.

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Llamitas Spanish Halloween Unit

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Spanish Halloween lessons

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With dozens of fun activity pages, games, music and flashcards, you can pair some of the books below to create a spooktacular thematic learning experience for your child!

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Halloween Spanish Board Books

For our littlest bookworms, here are some beautiful and fun board books they will love!

Boo! ¡Bu!

From the popular toddler series by Leslie Patricelli comes another bilingual title all about Halloween!

What should Baby be — a princess or pirate, ballerina or clown? Your bilingual baby will love seeing the trick or treat fun that happens here!

¿Monstruito, qué pan dulce quieres?

Another fun bilingual board book published by Lil’ Libros.

A group of monstruos want pan dulce- but we have to figure out which kind! A fun story for every child with a sweet tooth and a great blend of Halloween and Día de Muertos traditions!

Luna oscura

You will adore this board book that tackles superstitious beliefs and teaches our children about acceptance and belonging.

Luna is the black cat in her forest community, ostracized by the others due to superstitious beliefs. With the help of her friend Toad, she goes out to prove them wrong.


A beautiful sing-along title by the wonderful Canticos! This musical book will have you tapping your fingers and stomping your feet. This one is in English but with a spanglish feel!

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La Llorona

Inspired by the sorrowful folktale of the weeping woman who searches for her missing child, this bilingual book will help your child learn to count in Spanish as they search and count piedras in the river and ojos of owls in the forest.

Osito Tito. La casa encantada

A Halloween themed title in the lovely series of Spanish board books with character Osito Tito and friends. What will they find in this enchanted house?

Noche de Brujas

A great book to learn about La Noche de Brujas with lots of fun vocabulary sprinkled throughout.

Spanish halloween board books

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Halloween Spanish Picture Books

Los Gatos Black on Halloween

This award winning bilingual book is written as a poem with fun rhymes! We absolutely LOVE it and it’s super accessible for beginner Spanish learners, as most of the book is written in English with key Halloween themed vocabulary sprinkled throughout in Spanish.

“Under October’s luna, full and bright, the monsters are throwing a ball in the Haunted Hall. Las brujas come on their broomsticks. Los muertos rise from their coffins to join in the fun. Los esqueletos rattle their bones as they dance through the door. And the scariest creatures of all aren’t even there yet! 

El fantasma de las bragas rotas

A hilarious story that will get your kids laughing out loud! There’s a smelly ghost in town and the neighbors are trying to pluck up the courage to face him. But is he really that scary in the end?

Un vampiro peligrozo

The Spanish version on the popular title ‘I’m a Zcary Vampire’. Will this little vampire pass his test by pulling off the biggest scare? If he doesn’t succeed he will end up in the Banana Peeler School!


This is a fun tale that we really enjoyed, with an unexpected twist at the end! The witch has a date with an Ogre and she is so excited, but people tell her she needs to change something about her appearance.

Cosas de Bruja

This witch realllllly hates her blue hair and she’ll do anything to change its color, but no potion seems to be able to change it! What mischief will she get up to change her hair color?

Gustavo, el fantasmita tímido

A sweet ghost is very, very shy! Discover how he plucks up the courage to make friends and step out of his comfort zone!

This book also links to the celebrations of Day of the Dead!

Leila, la brujita perfecta

Leila, the high achieving, award-winning, record breaking witch discovers that there is something she can’t do well…. baking!

Fortunately, her three sisters help her and along the way she experiences something very special~ acceptance. This lively illustrated book will teach your child about trying your best and helping others.

Vlad el vampirito fabuloso

Full of fun and spooktacular illustrations, this picture book has quickly become a bestseller for Halloween! Vlad is a vampire who, like all his vampire friends, wore black. But behind the dark clothing he kept a colorful secret concealed- rosy cheeks!

Despite wanting to share his secret with his best friend, he shies away due to fear of rejection. That is, until he discovers that she, too, has a rosy secret! There is a beautiful message about community and acceptance in this fabulous story! Your kids will love it!

Las zanahorias maléficas

Another hilarious story about a conejo that LOVES carrots, that is until the carrots start going after him! Such a fun book with dark illustrations and pops of orange throughout.

Spanish halloween picture books

Halloween Spanish Chapter Books

For independent readers, or longer read-alouds, try these not-too-spooky chapter books!

El misterio de las piedras mágicas

Be sure to check out this series about Polly the witch and Buster the monster! Also available in English. These spellbinding books are full of adventure and friendship!

Atardecer en el pueblo fantasma

Characters Jack and Annie, from the popular series ‘La casa del árbol’, end up in a spooky town in the Wild West! Join them on their adventures as they meet the locals and try to solve the clues.

¡El casillero se comió a Lucía!

A fun title in the Escuela de Espanto Scholastic series. Sam’s friend Lucy disappears into a locker! Will Sam and his friend Antonio find her and solve the mystery of why the school is alive!?

Los monstruos de la oscuridad

A very popular series that is formatted as a blend of a comic book and chapter book.

Billy is afraid of the dark and he realizes at night, he is not alone in his room. Will he discover what is making the squeaky sound and teeny tiny footprints?

¡Feliz noche de brujas amigos!

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