In this post: An honest review of Hola Amigo Box: a Spanish language learning, play-based subscription box for kids.

Are you trying to teach your child Spanish and need materials to support you at home?

At Llamitas Spanish we are passionate about supporting families in raising bilingual kids with academic and thematic curricula.

As a supplement, we also highly recommend the Hola Amigo subscription box service for even more thematic, play-based learning at home.

Hola Amigo Box

Hola Amigo Box is an excellent resource for Preschool and Elementary aged children. It is a thematic subscripton box that provides fun games, stories and hands-on play.

The boxes are packed full of hands-on activities that will inspire and help your child gain confidence in learning a second language at home through play.

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What’s Included in a Box?

We received boxes ranging from The Three Little Bears, Around the World, Counting, Colors and many more.

Each box includes 3 packets of materials:

  • Lee (read): This includes a bilingual book, early literacy activities and a non-fiction booklet. The books have always been fun and engaging! Our favorite was from the Perú box which included a copy of María had a Little Llama.

  • Descubre (discover): This includes a hands-on math activity, STEM exploration and gross motor games.

  • Crea (create): This includes three crafts (oriental trading materials).

Worth mentioning is that the majority of the Hola Amigo Box materials for the crafts and games are sourced from China and are plastic based. We think it’s worth noting for families that are looking for more natural, or locally sourced materials for their children to use.

The games are definitely the highlight. From puzzles to simple board games and matching activities, they are very engaging and help consolidate the thematic vocabulary.

Hola Amigo Box

Who would benefit from the Hola Amigo Box?

The boxes can be enjoyed by beginners or bilingual families. We think that, overall, it would best suit complete beginners, since the resources are designed to support non-native speakers in learning Spanish.

The bilingual materials and pronunciation support with QR codes are all fantastic features for new language learners.

The books included are always bilingual, allowing monolingual families to follow along. The instructions are in English and they provide all the resources to guide you through each activity.

For bilingual families who have a higher level of Spanish, I would recommend you also look into Feppy Box, or Celebrate Cultures for ages 8+.

Is Hola Amigo Box a Homeschool Curriculum?

Hola Amigo Box is a fantastic play-based Spanish subscription box for families wanting to increase their child’s Spanish vocabulary input and learn more about the culture of Spanish speaking countries.

Hola Amigo Box is not, however, a sequential or academic Spanish curriculum.

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