In this post: A round-up of the best Spanish children’s books to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and support Latinx Authors.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of Latino culture and takes place from September 15th to October 15th.

Books are an incredible resource for allowing children to peek inside the lives of other people, cultures, traditions and celebrations. This round-up presents some of the most culturally rich titles that celebrate hispanic heritage.

Let’s dive in…

Hispanic heritage books

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Hispanic Heritage Children’s Books about Culture

Courageous History Makers: 11 Women from Latin America Who Changed the World

A fantastic new release from Little Biographies for Bright Minds. This title includes Latina women who have excelled in science, sports, art, politics, journalism and more!

Pepe and the Parade: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage

A fun mixed language title about a Hispanic Heritage parade! I love every title by Tracey Kyle- the spanglish approach is perfect for Spanish learners.

Discover all the many Hispanic cultures that are celebrated and represented in this picture book, including: Mexican, Dominican, Panamanian, Colombian, Honduran, Nicaraguan, Chilean, Puerto Rican, Salvadoran, Guatemalan, and Cuban cultures.

A Kid’s Guide to Latino History: More than 50 Activities

Over 50+ hands-on activities, games, and crafts to help you celebrate the many events that shaped Hispanic American history!


This delightful true story depicts a man, his donkeys (Alfa and Beto) and his books as his travels around the remote villages of Colombia with his mobile library. The joy he brings to the children he meets along the way is just so heartwarming.

Check out this quick video about the inspiring traveling Biblioburro.


Lola is a colorful, lyrically written, story that celebrates diversity and heritage. Imagination, history and family are at the heart of this beautifully illustrated tale.

Alma y Cómo Obtuvo su Nombre

A name can hold much meaning. My kids loved hearing about Alma’s VERY long name and how each part of it held meaning- connecting her to a vibrant story of her roots and heritage.

Hispanic heritage month books


Who doesn’t love salsa? In this bilingual book, we discover the life of Celia Cruz and learn how she debuts as a singer in her homeland Cuba. The story follows her to New York and Miami where she makes outstanding contributions to Latin music in the States, and becomes known as the queen of salsa.

Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos

We love stories about the famous painter Frida Kahlo. This particular one recounts her pets! They are, however, not your ordinary furry companions: two monkeys, a parrot, three dogs, two turkeys, an eagle, a black cat, and a fawn!

I also really love this children’s book about the life of Frida.

¿De dónde eres?

Identity and ‘home’ are at the heart of this book. The protagonist is asked where she is really from? She doesn’t know how to answer that, so she asks her abuelo. The answer is not so simple, but is truly beautiful! I love that this book is lyrical and the value it places in self-acceptance and the beauty in diversity.

Pio Peep

My family adore this book- it is truly one of those books you know will be in the home forever, even being passed down the generations. It is a bilingual collection of traditional rhymes that celebrates childhood and Latin American heritage.

Round Is a Tortilla

I love how this book teaches the basic concepts of shapes, but by using objects of latino origin! Circles are tortillas, rectangles are paletas, while triangles are quesadillas and so many more!

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Be Bold! Be Brave! ¡Sé Audaz! ¡Sé Valiente!

This is an inspiring and powerful bilingual book that highlights the careers of 11 Latinas who excelled in their fields, as far as making U.S. History! From medicine to politics, and sports to art, you are bound to find one story that peaks your child’s curiosity and wonder here.

Supporting Latinx authors

The following books support dear friends and colleagues of mine in the bilingual parenting niche. They are authentic titles with beautiful and powerful messages.

Tengo un Secreto

This is SUCH an important bilingual book that helps children learn the beauty and pride of being bilingual! Follow the adventures of Yunito, a boy who is ashamed that his family speaks Spanish and doesn’t want his secret to be known at school. That is until he discovers that being bilingual is a gift!

The Mexiglish Girl / La Chica Mexiglish

I love this series by author Natalia Simons and my family also own The Spanglish Girl.

This title is all about the Mexican culture and a bicultural lifestyle of a young girl who is learning about her Mexican heritage.

Omar, el Jaguar

This stunning title tells the tale of a jaguar who finds himself rather lonely. But instead of accepting the offers of several animals who invite him to play, he finds a reason for why they are different and not his friends.

This engaging and rhyming book holds an important message for our little readers: Ser diferente es divertido a la hora de jugar.

Lala, una Lagartija Diferente

Lala is no ordinary lizard- she’s a vegetarian! She loves to play by the pond and explore the garden with her spider best friend, Ari. What happens when the two friends decide to venture far away from home? What strange creatures will they meet?

My family still love this sweet bilingual book about finding the confidence to be yourself and love your uniqueness.

I hope these Spanish children’s books inspire you to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month with your family!

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