A round-up of Easter themed Spanish books for children. Discover the Easter Story in Spanish and other Christian Easter traditions.

Do you want to read the Easter story to your kids in Spanish?

Or perhaps you’re looking for some Easter themed Spanish books to add to their Easter baskets?

Spanish Christian books for kids about Easter

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Beyond singing ‘busca los cascarones‘, if you are a Christian family, you will want your children to understand the real meaning of Easter.

Books are an amazing resource for exploring themes and traditions.

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Easter Llamitas Spanish

Spanish Easter Themed Books

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Cuentos bíblicos para niños: La Pascua

La Pascua: Spanish Easter board book
NEW! A new release and beautiful board book with gorgeous illustrations to share the Easter story.


From the series ‘Teología grande para corazones pequeños‘ is this board book primer with deeply rooted theology for young minds.

¡Es Pascua!

Es Pascua board book

A fantastic Montessori book, with real life representations of Easter traditions. Learn about Easter symbols like eggs, flowers and bunnies.

La Pascua es un regalo de Dios by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Las Pascua es un regalo de Dios

A beautiful and gentle explanation of the importance of Easter from a Christian point of view. Discover why Easter is better than Christmas in this lovely picture book and the meaning of eternal life.

El burrito que cargó a un Rey by R. C Sproul

Spanish Easter picture book

This beautiful story depicts the meaning of Easter through the eyes of the donkey that carried him into Jerusalem. It teaches our children about the importance of serving Jesus in our hearts, because he was the suffering servant that came down from heaven to die for our sins.

Daniel y el factor burrito

Learn about the Easter story through a the voice of …. a donkey! But not just any donkey, this is Daniel el burrito who carries Jesus into Jerusalem. Discover how his experience becomes a life-changing journey.

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El jardín, la cortina y la cruz

This is a gorgeous illustrated title about the significance and reason for Easter. A must-have title for Christian families!

It takes you through the story of how sin entered the word in the Garden of Eden, how God put a curtain around the temple and how ultimately that curtain was torn when Jesus died. It ends on the beautiful promise of eternal life with God thanks to Jesus taking on our sins.

Mi pequeña historia de la Pascua

This retelling of the Easter story is ideal for preschoolers. It shares the events from Palm Sunday to the resurrection.

La historia de Semana Santa by Marlene Schneider De Batallan

Children will learn about all the events, in order, leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross.

This is an older publication, dating back to 1964. For this reason and due to the language used inside, it is Ideal for ages 5-10.

Como El Conejo: Se Convirtió En El Conejillo De Pascua

Ideal for older readers 6+, this is the fascinating story about how an ordinary rabbit and chicken eggs became the symbols of Easter.

Relatos Ilustrados de la Biblia

Spanish bible for kids

For a kid-friendly illustrated version of the Easter story, you can’t beat this beautiful children’s Bible. It is beautifully illustrated throughout and appropriate for intermediate+ Spanish.

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