Pascua Unit
Pascua Unit
Pascua Unit
Pascua Unit
Pascua Unit
Pascua Unit
Pascua Unit
Pascua Unit
Pascua Unit
Pascua Unit

Pascua Unit

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This is a seasonal unit. You can save 20% by bundling all FIVE Llamitas Spanish seasonal units here.

This Easter thematic unit includes:

  • An Activity Pack with Easter themed learning: tracing, letter recognition, counting cards, games and coloring pages 
  • 12 Unit Vocabulary Flashcards
  • A Digital Magazine in Spanish with cultural readings, a recipe and handcrafts true to Latin American Easter traditions. 
  • A Music Playlist 
  • A Book Menu

This unit is only available in Spanish. 

This unit includes some Christian content, including illustrations of Jesus, the Bible, a church, a Christian prayer and song.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital download. The unit materials are protected under copyright by Mama Llama Linguist and are for personal use only. Unit materials may not be resold.


This activity pack is designed for children ages 3-6 years (Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st Grade). 

The magazine can be enjoyed by adults as much as children! Every child is unique and many activities can be differentiated and adapted for wider range of ages 2-8.


This seasonal unit is available in Spanish only. The Activity Pack can be enjoyed by all Spanish levels. 

The magazine is targeted towards intermediate + (Levels B2-C2).


This seasonal unit includes a range of activities including:


1. Tracing and Letter Recognition

2. Counting and Matching

3. Coloring Pages

4. Bingo (Lotería)

5. A Short Prayer

6. Cultural Readings

7. Handcrafts

8. Music Playlist

9. A Maze

10. A Recipe

11. Recommended Movies

12. Recommended Book Pairings


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