In this post: Download our FREE Llamitas Spanish Zoo printables to take on your next adventure to the zoo! Plus Zoo themed books and more!

At Llamitas Spanish® we’re all for teaching fundamentals and theory, but we’re also about taking a thematic approach and having fun. 

Language learning in a real-life context is one of the best methods you can use especially for today’s topic. What better way to learn about the zoo and animals than actually visiting one? 

Your kids will love the experience and be more likely to be engaged, have fun and retain more information. Plus we have a printable pack that you can take along! 

Zoo Spanish printables Llamitas Spanish

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Talking about the Zoo and Zoo Animals in Spanish

You’ll be happy to know that the word in Spanish for zoo is ‘el zoo’ but you can also use the word ‘el zoológico’. When it comes to the animals, use the table below to learn the names of some of the most common ones you’d see at a zoo. 

English  Spanish 
tiger tigre 
elephant elefante 
zebra cebra
buffalo búfalo
lion  león
monkey  mono
crocodile  cocodrilo
giraffe  jirafa

Additionally, here are some other useful phrases that will come in handy when visiting or talking about the zoo:

Let’s go to the zoo – Vamos al zoo/al zoológico

What is the cost of the ticket? – ¿Cuánto cuesta el boleto? 

What is your favorite animal? – ¿Cuál es tu animal favorito?

My favorite animal el is… – Mi animal favorito es…

I like… – Me gusta…

I do not like… – No me gusta…

Areas of the zoo: 

aviary – la pajarera

marine life – la vida marina

aquarium – el acuario

petting zoo – el zoológico interactivo

primates – los primates

savannah – la sabana 

Introduce these words and phrases to your kids at home then find ways to incorporate them when you actually do visit the zoo.

You can also find creative ways to include other fundamental skills and lessons. For instance, review counting and colors by asking them questions such as “How many lions do you see?” or  “What color is the bird?’ and have them respond in Spanish.

For more advanced learners, try asking the questions in Spanish. 

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Spanish Zoo Printable Pack

Now for our printable pack. Our colorful 15-page printable will provide you with lots of hands-on activities as well as ways to make learning interactive and fun including tracing, counting and matching.

Spanish zoo printables for kids

We’ve also included games such as a scavenger hunt that you can use while visiting the zoo and check off the animals as you see them. Lastly, enjoy a few giggles with a list of animal-themed jokes. Grab yours today in the Freebie Library and get in on the fun! 

Spanish Books about the Zoo

Nothing tops a visit to the zoo but until then, here are some of our favorite Spanish books on the topic. 

  1. Dos en el zoológico/ Two at the zoo by Danna Smith

Dos en el zoologico/Two at the Zoo bilingual board book (Spanish and…

  • Smith, Danna (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 30 Pages – 11/15/2011 (Publication Date) – Clarion Books (Publisher)

Enjoy this English and Spanish bilingual board book which covers the adventures of a boy and his grandfather at the zoo. They see a wide variety of animals and practice counting along the way. 

  1. Zoo loco by Maria Elena Walsh 

Enjoy this classic book when you’re in the mood for poems and songs, many of which have been sung by the author herself and many other artists. 

  1. Buenas noches Gorila by Peggy Rathmann


Buenas noches, Gorila (Spanish Edition)

  • Rathmann, Peggy (Author)
  • Spanish (Publication Language)
  • 34 Pages – 09/09/2004 (Publication Date) – G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers (Publisher)

Add this one to your collection of bedtime stories. In this book, follow the activities of a mischievous gorilla who disregards the instructions of the zookeeper as he isn’t yet ready to go to sleep. Available both as a hardcover or board book. 

  1. Zoo (Tapitas curiosas) by Jaye Garnett and Cottage Door Press

When was the last time you bought a lift-a-flap book? These are always so fun. This book comes with 12 interactive flaps that reveal educational facts and peek-a-boo surprises. It also helps to encourage the use of fine motor skills so grab a copy for your kids between ages 2 and 6. 

  1. Hora de dormir en el zoológico/The Zebra Said Shhh by M. R. Nelson

Hora de Dormir en el Zoologico/ The Zebra Said Shhh (Bilingual English…

  • Nelson, M. R. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 44 Pages – 02/18/2015 (Publication Date) – Xist Publishing (Publisher)

This bilingual book is for more advanced learners between ages 6 to 8. It tells the story of a zebra that simply wants to go to bed while all the other animals at the zoo want to play. Help the zebra quiet the other animals in this calming bedtime story.


  1. Let’s go to the zoo!/¡Vamos al zoológico!


Let’s go to the zoo! / ¡Vamos al zoológico! (Chosen Spot Foundations)…

  • Gladys Rosa-Mendoza (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 16 Pages – 07/01/2016 (Publication Date) – Chosen Spot (Publisher)

Get an overview of the zoo and immerse yourself in this descriptive and colorful book which gives a tour of the zoo and names the creatures both indoors and outdoors. At the back of the book, you’ll also find a complete pronunciation guide. 

children's books about the zoo in Spanish

BONUS: This isn’t a book but we really enjoyed this fun song by Super Simple Español so we’re sharing it with you.

Take a virtual trip to the zoo with these groups of friends and join in as they mimic the movements and actions of the animals they see. The lyrics are in the description box. 

Spanish Curriculum for Preschool and Elementary

As the saying goes, don’t reinvent the wheel. At Llamitas Spanish®, we have a number of resources to help you teach your kids Spanish. So if you’re looking for a structured open-and-go program that’s easy to use, we’ve got it. 

Llamitas Spanish curriculum mockup including the textbook and curriculum box

Take a look at our Level 1 Llamitas Spanish Curriculum. This program has 12 thematic units and includes scripts you can use to teach your kids in either English or Spanish. Build skills such as early math, phonetic awareness, fine motor skills and more.

To ensure that your kids never get bored, we’ve included a wide variety of activities and resources including music playlists, crafts, recipes, flashcards and more.