In this post: Use your imagination for an out-of-this-world experience using these amazing space-themed Spanish lessons.

One fascinating topic that’s popular amongst almost all little ones is space!

Perhaps right up there with dinosaurs and cartoon characters. Though your little ones may not be able to physically make it to their favorite planet or the moon, these resources will get them excited and eager to learn more about space.

Spanish space unit study worksheets for kids

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That doesn’t mean simply being able to rattle off the names of all the planets. At Llamitas Spanish®, we take a thematic approach to teaching Spanish to foster more natural and meaningful learning.

It’s one of the best ways to learn a second language and encourages creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.

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By the end of today’s post, you’d have enough resources to plan multiple lessons on this exciting theme.

Space Vocabulary in Spanish

The topic of space may not be one that’s talked about as much as some of the others we covered recently such as the ocean and the park. In those instances, making your own flashcards is a great and practical way to introduce new words and support language learning. 

Involve your kids in making the cards for a fun craft activity and start with the lists below:

Spanish  English 
luna moon
medialuna half-moon/crescent-moon 
estrella star
astronauta astronaut 
sol sun
cometa comet
galaxia galaxy
gravedad Gravity 

Now for the eight planets:

Spanish  English 
Tierra Earth
Mercurio Mercury 
Venus Venus 
Marte Mars
Júpiter Jupiter
Saturno Saturn 
Urano Uranus
Neptuno Neptune 

Space Unit for Kids in Spanish

Uncover the wonder and magic of space with a complete unit in our Level 1 Curriculum. We’ve got lots of colorful images to keep your kids interested and included bilingual instructions so it’s easy to follow along. 

Our main learning goals for this unit are:

  • Naming space words
  • Reviewing phonics (letter sounds and syllables)
  • Learning about symmetry
  • Recitation: ‘El sol es de oro’ (The sun is made of gold)
  • Learning 2 Songs: La canción de los planetas (The Planets Song) and ‘Estrellita, ¿Dónde estás?’ (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
Spanish reader about space with pictures of planets

We’ve also included additional resources to enjoy once you’re through with the unit or as a way to review the topic. These include a music playlist, flashcards, links to helpful videos on YouTube and more. All available as part of our Level 1 Curriculum

Spanish Books about Space

We highly encourage parents to sprinkle in read alouds to enhance the thematic learning experience! Here are our top picks for our Space theme!

Spanish picture books about the topic of space
  1. Luz Lucero, niña astronauta by Zaida Hernandez

A new release! This bilingual picture book tells the story of Luz Lucero, a girl who has won the contest of a lifetime: to break barriers and become the first kid in space!

  1. Mi primer libro sobre el espacio by Emily Bone
Mi primer libro sobre el espacio

Packed full of beautiful pictures and vocabulary, this is a great first-discovery book about this fascinating topic of space.

  1. Papá, por favor, bájame la luna by Eric Carle

Enjoy this heart-warming tale of a father who does everything in his power to bring the moon to his daughter Mónica upon her request. 

  1. En la estación espacial by Carron Brown and Bee Johnson
El la estación espacial

Learn what it’s like at a space station and have fun flashing a light on the pages to uncover hidden images and delightful surprises. 

  1. ¿Qué es la luna? by Katie Daynes
Que es la luna UBAM spanish books

Lift the flaps on this board book and read along to understand amazing facts about the moon including why it shines and changes form as well as what can be found on its surface. 

  1. Crisol y su estrella by Begoña Ibarrola 
Crisol y su estrella

One boy sets out to choose a star and learn to communicate with it just as those in the town have done for years. It’s an inspiring story of confidence, self-esteem and navigating one’s emotions. 

  1. Clementina y los planetas by José Carlos Román

This highly-rated book takes you on an out-of-space adventure with a hen named Clementina as she searched for one of her missing chicks!

In addition to books, it’s also great to have access to fresh and relevant content. Get started with our round-up of the best educational Spanish and bilingual magazines for kids and families learning Spanish.

Spanish Songs about Space

We include songs in all our units along with bilingual lyrics. For this theme we include, La canción de los planetas and ¿Estrellita dónde estás? However, depending on when you start our Level 1 Curriculum, you may not be there just yet. 

Use the links below to get right into the topic of space: 

  1. La canción de los planetas

A great song to learn the names and characteristics of all the planets in the solar system. Find out which is smallest, largest, closest to the sun and more  

  1. ¿Estrellita dónde estás?

We’re no strangers to this classic bedtime lullaby called Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Sung to the same melody in English, find the lyrics in the description box and sing along to this Spanish version by Super Simple Español. 

  1. Viajando en el espacio

What would you find on a trip to outer space? Join this energetic group of kids and dinosaurs to find out. 

  1. El sistema solar

Get to know more about the planets that form part of the solar system. The pace of this song is easy enough to follow but catchy enough to keep young learners engaged. 

Spanish Curriculum for the Early Years

Whether or not you’re fluent in Spanish, you can teach your kids. Yep, you heard right! Take the guesswork and uncertainty out of planning your lessons with our structured open-and-go Llamitas Spanish Curriculum.

Llamitas Spanish curriculum mockup including the textbook and curriculum box

While this full-year curriculum is about teaching your kids Spanish, you’re sure to learn a thing or two as well. During your homeschool lessons, take advantage of the bilingual scripts to practice your Spanish as much as possible and you’ll find that they are easy to facilitate.

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Enjoy our wide range of crafts, recipes, phonic exercises, Latin nursery rhymes, comprehensions complete with native speaker audio tracks and much more.

Visit our curriculum shop to sign up for this program and get loads of additional resources.