In this post: Spanish Earth Day printables and resources to learn about caring for our planet and recycling in Spanish!

Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach your kids about the beauty of nature and the importance of caring for it responsibly.

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If you are a raising bilingual kids in Spanish and English, you may enjoy learning about Earth Day in Spanish!

From how to recycle, to managing waste and appreciating the nature around us, these Spanish resources are our top picks for your family!

How do you Say Earth Day in Spanish?

Earth Day in Spanish is: El Día de la Tierra (ehl dee-yah deh lah tyeh-rrah)

FREE Spanish Earth Day Flashcards

A great and easy starting point is to download our FREE Spanish vocabulary flashcards in the spirit of Earth Day!

You can grab them in the Spanish Freebie Library >>

Spanish flashcards earth day

Flashcards often get a bad rap- you may remember all too well the military style vocab drilling exercises in language classes growing up. *Groan*.

But there are so many ways to make flashcards engaging and FUN!

When used creatively, they can actually be a really helpful tool for vocabulary acquisition.

THREE fun ways to use flashcards:

  1. Scavenger Hunts: Take them outside and see if you can find the images in real life!
  2. Memory Games: Make two copies (laminate for durability) and lay them face down. Take turns drawing and when you find a pair, you keep them!
  3. Make Puzzles: For toddlers you can cut up the flashcards in half. For older children, you can separate the image from its name. This encourages letter recognition and literacy.

Environment Spanish Unit Study

In our Level 2 Llamitas Spanish Curriculum, we also have a unit dedicated to learning about ‘el medio ambiente’ (the environment).

Students will learn about how to care for our planet, how to recycle, renewable and non-renewable energy sources, the plant lifecycle and so much more!

Students will also study different biomes like the Atacama desert and how animals and plants are adapted to thrive and read the epic folktale about La Madremonte.

La Madremonte is one of six Latin American and Spanish folktales included in our bilingual anthology. It tells the tale of a beautiful and fierce mythical creature called Mother Mountain, and how she responds to a greedy lumberjack who cuts down her forest.

overview page of the Llamitas Spanish environment unit study with an anthology and coursebook

Spanish Books for Earth Day

Books are one of the best tools for language acquisition. Reading aloud not only immerses your child in the target language, but provides a beautiful bonding experience.

You can even create themed book baskets for your children!

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Earth Day book covers in Spanish for kids

10 cosas que puedes hacer para reducir, reciclar y reutilizar

This is a great title by Scholastic to help your child understand the process of managing waste, recycling and doing our part for reducing our carbon footprint!

100 Things to Know about Saving the Planet

This title is only available in English currently. However, it’s a very informative read for ages 10+. Discover 100 fascinating facts about looking after our planet.

Lola Planta Un Jardin

Such a beautiful, diverse title for your bookshelf! We do enjoy the Lola series, and this one is all about gardening and the process of planting seeds and patiently observing the transformation.

In English: Lola Plants a Garden

Secretos de la Planeta Tierra

Another title in the bestselling Shine-a-Light series! This one is all about Planet Earth. Learn about the animals that live in the jungle, the desert and what’s happen when a volcano erupts!

In English: Secrets of our Earth

La Selva de Zonia

This is the beautiful, authentic tale of a Peruvian girl, Zonia, who lives in the Amazon rainforest. But one day, she discovers that something is disrupting the jungle peace and destroying the beauty within it. Great to learn about deforestation.

In English: Zonia’s Rainforest

El día de la Tierra

Such a fun sing-along title to help our children how they can help in caring for our planet!

No dejes que desaparezcan

Learn about 12 species on the verge of extinction and what makes each of these animals so unique. A great book for learning about habitats and what causes animals to become endangered.

In English: Don’t let them disappear.

Finally, this post by Bilingual Balance is AMAZING! Some of our titles overlap- there are only so many out there on this topic! But she dives much deeper into different categories including protecting our planet, plants, animals and our earth. Definitely worth a read!

Spanish Videos for Earth Day

Here are two fun videos on YouTube that teach your kids about the importance of caring for our planet:

Don’t forget to visit the Spanish Free Printable Library to download our free Spanish resources.

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