In this post: Learn Spanish with these festive Christmas Music Videos for Kids on YouTube.

Singing Christmas songs is a wonderful way to learn Spanish vocabulary while celebrating the season!

You will find many of these on our FREE Spotify Playlist.

YouTube is another great free resource for listening to songs and today we are sharing our favorite Christmas music videos!

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Navidad Christmas Spanish Songs

Our favorite YouTube channel is definitely Canticuentos and we have listed a few of their songs below, but you can also find hour long compilation videos on their home page! The animations are lovely and very sweet.

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Mi Burrito Sabanero (Canticuentos)

Our top pick has to be this beautiful and catchy song about a donkey heading to Bethlehem to see Jesus.

Con mi burrito sabanero

Voy camino de Belén.

Your kids will love the ‘tuki tuki tuki tuki’ jingle too!

Feliz Navidad (Canticos)

Canticos is a fantastic music resource for bilingual kids! We love this version of ‘Feliz Navidad’ (Merry Christmas). See all your favorite Canticos characters dressed up and ready for Christmas!

Los Peces en el Río (Canticuentos)

This Christmas carol in Spanish is one of the most popular in Spain and Latin America. It portrays the fish in the river who are excited about the birth of Jesus and the virgin Mary who goes about her daily life.

There are many versions, but the following verses are common in most:

Pero mira cómo beben los peces en el río

Pero mira cómo beben por ver al Dios nacido

Beben y beben y vuelven a beber

Los peces en el río por ver a Dios nacer.

Cascabeles (Pinkfong)

The Spanish version of Jingle bells! This is a classic that your kids will love since they are familiar with the song already!

Dulce Navidad (Little Baby Bum)

This is a fun compilation of songs by Little Baby Bum. The first song is Dulce Navidad to the tune of jingle bells!

Noche de Paz (Canticuentos)

This is the Spanish version of the classic Christian carol ‘Silent Night’. We love this version by Canticuentos!

Rodolfo El Reno (Canticuentos)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Another well known secular Christmas carol for kids!

El Tamborilero (Canticuentos)

The Spanish version of the ‘Little Drummer Boy’ Christmas carol. A poor boy has nothing to gift the baby Jesus except his song on the drums.

Campana Sobre Campana (Canticuentos)

This is another traditional Spanish Christmas carol and has been translated into more than 100 languages. In this song, the angels ring the bells of Bethlehem to invite everyone to see the baby Jesus in the manger.

Santa Claus llegó a la ciudad (ChiquitinesTV)

Santa Claus is coming to town! An upbeat and fun family favorite, and now you can enjoy it in Spanish too!

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Spanish Christmas Songs