In this post: An honest review of Spanish Uncovered by StoryLearning. A peek inside to the online Spanish beginners’ language course for adults.

Do you want to start learning Spanish as an adult, but the thought of taking live classes intimidates you?

Perhaps a self-paced, interactive language course for beginners would suit you better?

I had the opportunity to take the Spanish Uncovered beginners course by StoryLearning, and I’m so excited to share the verdict.

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What is Spanish Uncovered?

Spanish Uncovered helps you learn Spanish quickly — through stories, not rules! Developed by polyglot Olly Richards, you can use the StoryLearning® method to learn Spanish through the same natural learning process children use to learn their native language.

Forget memorizing grammar rules, rote learning, and boring textbooks. Spanish Uncovered is the fun, natural, and brain-friendly way to learn a language.

It is suitable for beginners, but it’s also perfect for refreshing your knowledge as an intermediate learner. 

Meet Olly Richards

Olly Richards I Will Teach You A Language

Olly Richards is a best-selling author, world-renowned educator and teacher and foreign language specialist who speaks eight languages fluently! He is the author of 16 language books including the highly effective 1001 Conversations series which I purchased recently to help me brush up on my Mexican Spanish.

Olly also runs a really great podcast at StoryLearning Spanish- which I tune into alongside the course for extra immersion opportunities.

One thing that really impressed me was Olly’s personal touch in the course. His warm and charming persona really helps you relax into the lessons. He manages to achieve a professional, yet friendly and down-to-earth tone in his video-based tutorials. I really enjoy listening to him!

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What’s Included?

The content is incredible and there is SO much of it! I was a little overwhelmed scrolling through the contents page, but it is lifetime access so there is no rush to complete it! You can go at YOUR pace.

There are 20 modules in total. Each module follows the same structure:

There truly is SO much value in this course. Each Chapter begins with an immersive audio recording (the story for that chapter), followed by the transcript in Spanish.

The audio recordings are available in both Iberian Spanish and Latin American Spanish, so you can select the most appropriate for your learning context.

The design of the course means that Olly comes in after the immersive narrative audio to uncover the meaning of the story step-by-step. It is a gradual process that trains your brain to learn a language through the story telling approach.

Each lesson includes 3 pre-recorded lessons with Olly that feel like 1:1 tutoring sessions. These lessons include Cognates, Vocabulary and Grammar. This allows you to unlock what you’re reading to enjoy the story and uncover grammar naturally- spotting patterns as opposed to memorizing from a text book.

There is also a huge resource bank of worksheet PDFs that can be downloaded and printed for those who prefer a more traditional learning style. But they are totally optional.

However, it is the stories that provide the real, authentic learning in the course.

Who is Spanish Uncovered for?

Still not sure if the course is a good fit for you? Here’s who would benefit from this course:

  • You’re an existing student, and want to try a new language
  • You’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a fellow language lover
  • You want to build your fluency and confidence in a language
  • You have enjoyed a few episodes of the podcast and would like a deep dive using the same StoryLearning approach.

Plus, it’s available in Spanish, German, Italian, French and Japanese!

It’s fun. It’s addictive. And most importantly of all… it’s super effective!


I LOVE reading testimonials and always, always do before making any purchase. So here’s what some of Olly’s students are saying…

Enroll in Spanish Uncovered

Here’s the best part: I can actually get you a 7 day FREE trial with my referral link! This gives you plenty of time to check out the course and see if it’s a good fit for you. A try before you buy!


I really really encourage you to take your personal development seriously. I didn’t- that is, after my kids were born, and guess what? I slowly started slipping. I have been so invested in my children the past few years, and their learning, I failed to focus on me- I’m sure you can relate!

I would love for you to join me on this journey – increase your Spanish input, and have FUN in this top rated virtual Spanish course!

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