In this post: Get all the Spanish resources you need for engaging at-home lessons on farms and farm animals. 

Everything we do here at Llamitas is rooted in thematic learning for the early years. Research has revealed that children acquire languages best through themes and one of the classic topics to teach at this early age is the farm

Spanish resources about the farm

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Whether attributed to the popularity of the classic children’s song Old MacDonald, the fascination with animal toys or otherwise, this is always a topic that kids are especially interested in. 

You’re sure to have fun conducting lessons on farms and farm animals. Discover all the resources you need inside this post!

Spanish Farm-Themed Worksheets and Printables

One of the units in our level 1 curriculum is all about la granja so if you choose to enroll in the course, you’d get even more resources for continued learning on this topic. It includes hands-on activities with tracing, counting, matching, coloring, music and games.

During the unit, your kids will learn to count to 20, understand the use of the letters cc and ll in Spanish, practice prepositions, learn 3 new songs and more. We’ve also included native-speaker audio and bilingual instructions so you can feel confident facilitating the lessons at home. 

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Llamitas Spanish curriculum family

For those who have already completed level 1, be sure to check out level 2!

Farm Vocabulary in Spanish

One of the most common words used to refer to a farm in Spanish is ‘la granja’ but there are many others. This varies across different Hispanic countries as well as according to the size and type of farm. 

That said, the following are other words you can use when referring to a farm:  

  • la hacienda (large farm)
  • la explotación agrícola (large farm)
  • la finca (large farm)
  • la chacra
  • la estancia
  • la quinta
  • la ranchería
  • el rancho
  • la vaquería (dairy farm)

As for the animals, look at the list below to add to your kids’ growing vocabulary of Spanish words: 

Spanish  English 
vaca cow
caballo horse
oveja/borrego sheep/lamb 
cerdo/chancho pig 
pato duck
ganso goose
gallina hen/chicken
gallo rooster 
perro dog
gato cat
llama llama
burro donkey
cabra goat 
conejo rabbit
pavo/guajolote turkey
buey ox
abeja bee 

Other useful words: 

Spanish  English
granjero/granjera farmer
tractor  tractor 
heno hay
granero barn
rastrillo rake
cuadra / caballeriza stable

Consider using the words in the tables above to make your own flashcards which are always a great tool to learn new vocabulary and support language learning.

Spanish Books about the Farm

Enjoy the following books about the farm: 

Spanish farm books
  1. María Tenía Una Llamita by Angela Dominguez

Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy this bilingual twist on an old classic and kid’s favorite, Mary Had a Little Lamb. This book with beautiful Peruvian-inspired illustrations is available in paperback and hardcover. 

  1. En la granja (Libro para iluminar)
En la granja farm book

An interactive shine-a-light book about the farm. Shine a flashlight behind the pages to reveal hidden images. This is a really popular series that is great for hands-on learners!

  1. ¿Dónde está la oveja verde? by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek

After spotting the blue sheep, bed sheep, red sheep and more,  follow along with the hopes of finding the green sheep. It’s ideal for young readers but can certainly be enjoyed by kids up to 3 years old years. A great addition to your collection of bedtime stories.

  1. Alpaca Pati’s Fancy Fleece by Tracey Kyle

Hear the story of Pati the alpaca who didn’t want to part with her beautiful fur and why she eventually decided to. This bright picture book is in English but includes Spanish terminology throughout. 

  1. La abeja de más by Andrés Pi Andreu

This book uses the entertaining story of a swarm of bees and illustrations to discuss the topics of prejudice and tolerance. It presents the perfect opportunity to practice reading while teaching your kids valuable lessons. 

  1. ¿Tu mamá es una llama? by Deborah Guarino

Join Lalo the Llama in discovering the type of animal his mother is. This book is written in Spanish and is a great one for those who love guessing games and riddles. 

  1. The Baby Chicks Are Singing by Ashley Wolff

Practice pronunciation and have fun by singing along to traditional Spanish folk songs with the baby chicks and mother hen on the farm in this book. 

  1. ¡Hola, granja! by Amy Pixton

Start teaching your kids Spanish at an early age with this bilingual farm-themed book that’s perfect for babies. You won’t have to worry as it’s chew-proof, rip-proof and nontoxic.

  1. ¡Vivamos la granja! by Jan Dobbins

Teach your kids about all the activities and chores that take place on a farm daily by following the busy life of one family and their friends. Enjoy the upbeat rhymes and learn new words. 

  1. La granja by Binibi

Use this interactive sound book to keep your little ones entertained as they learn the sounds made by cows, horses, pigs, chicks, and sheep. It includes bright illustrations and an easy-to-press button on every page. 

  1. Animales de la granja by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza

Learn the different farm animals and what they typically do. It includes bilingual text and is appropriate for children ages 2 to 4 years old.

  1. Buenas noches, granja  by Eugenie Doyle

As it gets colder and winter approaches, have you ever wondered what happens at a farm? This book gives a comprehensive explanation of all the winter preparations. 

Spanish Songs about the Farm

Warm up those vocal cords and get singing with this range of catchy, educational and upbeat songs. 

Spanish farm songs
  1. A Mi Burro: Follow the story of a sick donkey that was nursed back to health. Words don’t appear throughout the video but you can follow along using the lyrics in the description box. 
  1. La Vaca Lola: This song about Lola the cow is fun and easy to learn. Sing and clap along. 
  1. Los Pollitos Dicen: Learn this nursery rhyme about chicks as well as how they are cared for by the mother hen and enjoy the cute video by Canticos. 
  1. Cinco Patitos: This one by Super Simple Español describes the adventures of 5 ducklings. It’s also a great song to review counting in Spanish.
  1. Tengo Tengo Tengo 3 Ovejas: Learn more about why sheep are such valuable farm animals. 
  1. La Vaca Lechera: This song by Toy Cantando can easily get stuck in your head which may not be such a bad problem to have when it comes to learning a language. 
  1. El Viejo MacDonald Tenía Una Granja: You may already know this classic song in English. Now’s your chance to learn it in Spanish and sing along with your kids. 
  1. Tingalayo: This Caribbean folk song is about a donkey named Tingalayo who eats with a knife and fork, laughs, sings and also wears a diamond ring. We love the English version as well.

Spanish Curriculum for the Early Years

Nowadays there are also lots of Spanish apps you can download to leverage your child’s screen time and supplement language learning. However, for younger kids, a guided and hands-on approach is usually best. 

In that case, our Llamitas Spanish Level 1 curriculum we mentioned earlier will be the ideal choice. It’s a structured open-and-go program available in a digital-only format or with the addition of our curriculum box.

Llamitas Spanish curriculum box and textbook mockup

Along with the unit on the farm, you’d have access to 11 additional units including transport, pets, family, safari and garden to name a few. Using a wide range of tools, activities and resources to teach Spanish, your kids will also develop skills in early math, phonetic awareness and motor skills.

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