In this post: Get all the tools you need to talk about those who are nearest and dearest to your heart – tu familia (your family)!

Our Level 1 curriculum includes an entire unit on family – a core part of our lives! At this level, we stick to vocabulary on immediate family members and age-appropriate activities that are ideal for younger learners.

Family lessons in Spanish

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To make the most of every lesson and provide the best language learning experience, Llamitas is rooted in thematic learning for the early years. This method of instruction involves structuring curricula around major themes or topics and has many benefits.

Your kids will love it and you’ll enjoy seeing them happy and making progress on the way to bilingualism. With that said, let’s get into today’s lesson! 

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Family Members Vocabulary in Spanish

Being able to talk about family is a great way for your kids to spark conversation and help others  learn more about them. Get them started using the table below. 

Spanish  English
mamá mother
papá father 
bebé baby
gemelos twins
hermano brother
hermana sister
primo cousin (male)
prima cousin (female)
tío uncle
tía aunt
abuelo grandfather
abuela grandmother 

A fascinating part of learning a language is understanding the many cultural nuances. In addition to the words listed above, there are also variations for some family members according to different countries. Take a look at those below: 

Spanish  English
madre, mami, má mother 
padre, papi, pá, pai father 
nene, peque child 

Though pets aren’t included in the lists above, we know they’re also a special part of many families. Thankfully, we’ve got an entire post on the topic that you can check out. 

Spanish Worksheets about the Family

Unit 7 of our Level 1 curriculum is all about family! There’s so much to do that your kids won’t get bored but not too much for them to feel overwhelmed as we believe that learning ought to be fun and meaningful. 

While staying on the topic of family, many thematic resources will also allow your kids to count from 51-60, name 4 shapes and learn about the letter Gg. That includes hands-on activities with tracing, counting and matching as well as others such as coloring, songs, flashcards and games. 

Additionally, they will explore a number of skills as they get in touch with their creative side by making their own family frame and exploring the artist coroner of our curriculum.

Check it out by visiting our course page.

Spanish Books about Family

  1. El mago abuelo y su chango desaparecido by María Baranda 

Up for some adventure? Join a wizard and his grandchildren as they search for his busy little monkey and learn a number of valuable lessons along the way. 

  1. ¿Eres tú mi mamá? by P.D. Eastman

A sweet tale about a little bird who falls out of his nest and goes looking for his mamá. You can also find a bilingual edition for beginners.

  1. Arrorró mi niño by Lulu Delacre

A stunning collection of traditional Latino lullabies in Spanish and English. This complements the recitation of this unit beautifully!

  1. Mi familia: A Mexican American family by Ana Cristina Gluck

Explore the story of Juan’s multicultural family as a boy born in the United States to Mexican parents. It’s one that many children can relate to. 

  1. Mi abuela y yo by Erin Dealey
mi abuela y yo UBAM books Spanish

A beautifully written book with images that portray the special and wonderful relationship between grandmothers and their grandchildren all around the world. 

  1. Mi abuelo y yo by Erin Dealey

Let’s not forget the grandfathers! This book is similar to the one mentioned previously but focuses on the relationship between grandfathers and their grandchildren. 

Books about family in Spanish

Spanish Songs about Family

  1. Una tortillita para mi mamá

Sing and clap along until everyone in the family has a tortilla of their own. How many family members did you count? 

  1. La Familia

Rockalingua uses a catchy and memorable turn to explain how family trees work. This preview will leave you eager to learn more. Find the full song and other activities on their website. 

  1. Family in Spanish

Along with the Spanish words, learn the signs for your immediate family members as Johanna sings while performing the actions. Try practicing the signs the second time around. 

  1. La familia Madrigal (De “Encanto”)

This movie by Disney about the Madrigal family captured the hearts of adults and children alike. Enjoy the song in Spanish while trying to identify the words for as many family members as you can! 

Spanish Homeschool Curriculum

If you’ve been looking for a complete academic homeschool curriculum, our Llamitas Spanish Level 1 Curriculum will be perfect for your family. 

Llamitas Spanish curriculum mockup including the textbook and curriculum box

It’s the ideal program to add a foreign language to your homeschooling and expand your kids’ learning using a structured open and go program that you can facilitate even if you don’t speak Spanish. Enjoy the blend of culturally rich units, academic concepts and cognitive development.

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