In this post: Learn to talk about the various modes of transport in Spanish with a comprehensive vocabulary list, engaging books and catchy songs.

The various modes of transport are a fascinating topic for kids and it’s especially popular amongst boys when it comes to trucks, boats and planes. Always a favorite! In fact, ‘car’ is often one of the first words kids learn and one which they love pointing out once spotted.

Llamitas is rooted in thematic learning for the early years and we enjoy covering topics that we know your kids will love. That’s why our level 1 curriculum includes a unit about transport in Spanish.

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If you have kids, you’ll surely have some toy cars, planes and trucks around the house. Go grab them as a way to make today’s lesson much more interactive and let’s get into it!

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Transport Vocabulary in Spanish

One glance at the list below and you’ll notice that many of the words in Spanish look similar to their English counterparts. This can make it easier for your kids to learn and remember. 

Though this comes in handy in many instances when learning a language, remind your kids to be aware of falsos amigos – words or phrases in Spanish that look and sound similar to English words but in reality, have a very different meaning

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Spanish  English
velero sailboat
autobús bus
moto motorcycle
el globo aerostático hot-air balloon
avión plane
camión truck
camioneta van
tren train
bicicleta bicycle
carro / coche car 
transbordador ferry
submarino submarine
helicóptero helicopter 
barco boat

Spanish Worksheets about Transport

The transport unit in our Level 1 curriculum is great for beginners and perfect for Level 2 learners who need a quick revision session. 

It includes a number of activities including counting, matching, tracing, coloring, and a selection of songs for some awesome sing-along sessions (try saying that fast 5 times!). We’ve also included additional printables for practicing tracing and phonics as well as flashcards and games.

Count from 81-90, learn about the letter Vv and have fun with our crafts making your very own floating boat and fast car. 

Go to our curriculum shop to check it out. 

Spanish Books about Transport

La bicicleta de Teresa

Full of humor and important values of perseverance and grit, this cow is determined to learn to ride a bike, no matter what! Will she succeed?

Camiones en acción

book camiones

The perfect picture book for children who love trucks! Discover how trucks come in all shapes and sizes!

Este no es mi tren

esto no es mi tren

Another great series from Usborne Books. This touch-and-feel toddler book will help your child learn adjectives and practice the unit word ‘tren’.

En el avión

en el avion

Discover hidden images, learn how planes operate and get a glimpse of all the exciting things that take place at an airport! 

El camioncito azul

Can you imagine what will happen if you find a truck stuck in the mud? This classic story, “Little Blue Truck” is now available in Spanish and is full of fun and adventure!

It’s ok if your kids don’t know all the words in every book or stumble on their pronunciation from time to time. This may mean that the book is slightly ahead of their current level of understanding but have no fear. This is what we refer to as comprehensible input and it’s quite effective for language teaching and learning to help kids acquire new language naturally.

Transport picture books in Spanish

Spanish Songs about Transport

Las Ruedas Del Autobús

No road trip or school outing is complete without this famous song known in English as ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. Now you can enjoy it in both English and Spanish!

Rema, Rema, Rema Tu Bote

Sing along to this classic song with this version by Super Simple Español. Use the lyrics in the description box to practice your pronunciation and don’t forget to roll those r’s where necessary. 

Manejando En Mi Carro

Whether it’s driving, riding or rowing, you’ll learn the right set of vocabulary for the different modes of transport.

Medios de Transporte

Have fun with the actions in the video as you imitate some common modes of transport and sing along with Joy.

Spanish Homeschool Curriculum 

If you like all that you heard about our unit on transport so far then you’d love our Llamitas Spanish Level 1 Curriculum. In addition to transport, we’ve got 11 other thematic units including ocean, safari, space and more.

Llamitas Spanish curriculum mockup including the textbook and curriculum box

It’s culturally rich and presented as a structured open and go program that you can easily facilitate at home with your children. In addition to developing a higher level of fluency in the Spanish language, your kid will also develop a solid foundation in early childhood academics and stronger cognitive skills.

It’s bilingual fun, learning and interaction all wrapped up in one program! 

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