In this post: A round-up of the best Spanish alphabet songs for kids in Preschool and Elementary grades.

A foundational part of teaching kids Spanish is learning the alphabet! 

One of the most engaging ways to learn ‘el abecedario’ or ‘el alfabeto’ is through music. Spanish alphabet songs for kids not only make learning fun but also help build a strong foundation for ‘sonidos y letras’ (phonics).

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Music has long been recognized as a powerful tool in education, particularly in early childhood development. 

We’re sharing our top picks on Youtube for catchy tunes and playful lyrics that make learning the Spanish alphabet a fun and interactive experience for kids.

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The Power of Music in Early Education

At Llamitas Spanish®, we teach dozens of songs throughout our thematic Spanish curriculum levels. From timeless nursery rhymes like Los pollitos dicen in our farm unit, to traditional songs like Diez deditos that support counting, music is a core part of our thematic curriculum levels.

Most families choose to begin with our Preschool Spanish Morning Binder where their children develop phonetic awareness by learning the letters and sounds of the Spanish alphabet and blending syllables. 

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The Best Spanish Alphabet Songs

The best type of Spanish alphabet songs are crafted with simplicity, and repetitive patterns that can easily be memorized.

The following songs also incorporate vibrant visuals and some also include animated characters, making the learning experience more visually stimulating.

Canción del Abecedario by 123 Andrés

We love the album Canta las letras for learning individual letters in the Spanish alphabet and this song is a great option for learning the complete alphabet.

Abecedario bilingue by José-Luis Orozco

We love this wonderful artist from Mexico and his many beautiful and traditional Hispanic nursery rhymes played on his guitar. We enjoy this bilingual version of the alphabet. 

Canción del A B C by El Reino Infantil

This is a fun and gentle option by El Reino Infantil. The letters light up to help children see the sequence of the Spanish alphabet. 

Spanish Alphabet Song by Canta Con Jess

A very sweet and more traditional melody of the Spanish alphabet. Canta Con Jess is a wonderful option for families who appreciate gentle videos, rather than over-animated options.

Sesame Street: ABCs En Español

In this version of the Spanish alphabet song for kids, actress Gina Rodriguez and Sesame Street character Elmo teach Spanish learners with a more drilling type, upbeat song.

El Abecedario by Jack Hartmann

This timeless classic is a Spanish rendition of the familiar English alphabet song. With a catchy melody and clear pronunciation, it guides children through the Spanish alphabet in an engaging way for both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Llamitas Spanish Preschool Morning Binder

Our Morning Binder includes a beautiful alphabet song along with 27 mini units for each letter of the Spanish alphabet. 

Each unit includes letter tracing and letter recognition practice along with other first Preschool concepts like counting, colors and shapes.

Ready to teach your child the Spanish alphabet? Visit our Llamitas Spanish curriculum shop.

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